The Double Standard


One of the greatest perks about being a swinger is getting two girls and one guy together. A FMF mix is almost every guys dream. This is not always so easy to accomplish. The single female in the swinger lifestyle is called a “unicorn” for a reason. They are so rare, they are almost a myth. The single male on the other hand, they are very common. Dime a dozen, take your pick. I know this is every guys dream, and almost every female in the lifestyle has had a liason that was just the girls playing and the guys watching. I call this the girl/girl. This is a newbie play and it used to irritate me to no end.
Why, you ask?
I’ll tell you…
There is alot of pressure to perform when people are watching. Since this is something requested/fantasized about almost exclusively by newbies there is even more pressure to make it perfect. In this situation it almost always becomes about giving that newbie female pleasure and she is almost always not going to reciprocate. I am not a paid performer, I do this because I enjoy it. I want to get off too. I really enjoy a women who has a neutral taste. If you spend anytime with your face in pussy, you may understand this. If not, well. Some women have a non-neutral taste. It lingers and can be smelled on everything that touches it. There is really nothing she can do about it. I am neutral. The rare times I have not been neutral there was something out of whack with my body….pregnancy, yeast infection. Miguel was able to tell me right away. There is no way for me to know if the girl is going to be neutral unless Miguel asks the guy outright. This is not always something that comes up, but boy it does cross my mind. I swing both ways but I really am a lover of cock. There I said it!

Plus, women are so fucking weird. The single females we have played with almost always have a secret agenda. They either just want me, just want him, or want us to be exclusively with them. Our lives are too hectic to have an exclusive relationship with any one person outside of each other. I am so over the single female with the secret agenda that I have given up trying to find a normal one. I don’t even look. There is got to be something rotten in Denmark if I see a single female on a website or at a club. There is always something “wrong” with that person. I dare you to argue with me on this point!

The single guy, on the other hand… He is probably just tired of trying to deal with crazy chicks. Most guys have no problem hooking up with a couple. He just has to be polite and know his place. They don’t mind being used for the night. I have never had a single guy get “jealous” that we were hooking up with another couple. They don’t care! The do always try to get me to hook them up with a friend, but that really doesn’t bother me as much as a crazy chick stalking Miguel. I always tell them that we keep the unicorns for ourselves, if we had any we would.

Maybe I am the selfish one? When we hook-up with a single guy, it is mostly all about me. I am a bit narcissistic and selfish. I fully admit that. But there was a few times, well….When we first started we never tried to hook-up with guys that swing both ways. I think we even had a bit of a stigma about it. But now, well we don’t mind it so much. Miguel has always had an open mind and even though it is not really his preference, sometimes he does things because he knows I like to watch. It is all just sex right? I know most guys would never consider it, out loud.

Why is this such a double standard?

I don’t think it is a big deal if guys perform sex acts on each other. It turns me on actually. Does that make me weird? Don’t answer that, actually I don’t care! I think most girls would want to watch two guys. I never got to see real penetration, but it is on my list…

Really, cause I want to know. This poll is anonymous I promise.


  1. Megan says:

    Interesting! I’m not into the swinger lifestyle, but I find the double standard a relevant topic regardless of how open your relationship(s) is/are.

  2. I think more and more guys are admitting to being interested or willing to do bi stuff as girls are starting to admit they like it. For the longest time even the girls seemed uninterested so they guys repressed their curiosity. It’s happening slowly, so girls, keep asking!

  3. Ella says:

    When it comes to girl/girl, the closest I have got was a kiss and a quick suck on my tits. I have always wanted to try going further.

    To watch guy/guy has been a fantasy of mine for the last 9 years. The thought excites me. To watch my hubby swallow another man’s ejaculation would keep me hot for days.

    I have never had a problem with single guys, though I have met married ones and they are far less clingy ;-)

    • BlueKaren says:

      I don’t wanna see my lover swallow cum. I want to see him cum in another guys mouth. The idea of him dominating another man, mmmm…now that gets me wet!

  4. Newmoswinger says:

    Wife and I have been discussing this and actually got to try a little guy on guy bi this past weekend. I’m still thinking about it, but I promise I want to do it again.

    Mrs. Swinger felt like it was just something she hadn’t had any exposure to and so did not know how she would feel until we tried it. It was a great experience all around.

  5. padmeamidala says:

    I can totally relate to this blog post! I’ve had a hell of a time finding a woman to play with. You are right. Women ARE weird!! I’ve had many bad experiences with women. I prefer to date single guys and most of my poly relationships/play partners have been that.

    Anakin is not bi but I would love to watch two guys together. I’ve had a hard time finding a bisexual guy to date though. I’ve dated a lot and only found one guy who went both ways. I think it would be hot to watch. :)

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