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This is a listing of all my reviews by type and information about advertising on my site. Reviewing has been a lot of fun and I hope you learn something about new products by reading my reviews. I don’t ever want to seem unapproachable or like a sex toy snob. If you have a question about a product I reviewed, just ask me. If you had a different experience with a toy, feel free to leave a comment. I don’t think this is an exact science. My opinion of a toy is just that, an opinion. I always try to imagine what a toy would be good for, while telling you how it worked (or didn’t) for me. My bottom line recommendation is something I will stand behind. Some products are worth it and some really aren’t.

I started my collection before the internet was popular, a long time ago, with just a silver bullet I picked up at a sex toy party. Then I tried shopping at brick and mortar shops. I remember how intimidating it was to not know how to pick a damned dildo that wasn’t sticky or had that yucky smell. Shopping online was a little less intimidating, but not being able to handle the toy was still a problem.

“Before you click that babe, make sure that is not one of those smelly toys”

“How am I suppose to know that from here?”

“Umm, I think Jelly may be that stuff that smells awful. Plus it is cheaper, that means low quality, don’t get that one.”

A conversation snippet Miguel and I had early on trying to pick out toys off the internet.>> When I review a product I try to remember my experience as a newbie and what it felt like talking about sex toys. I hope I save you some aggravation and embarrassment. Most of these products cannot be returned so know before you buy. (Unless you shop at Lovehoney where you get 100 days to return an item)

If you are interested in advertising on my site and/or having me review an adult product, e-mail me at [email protected] I am honest and fair in my reviews. I am open to advertising with you, if you think my readers will have use for your products or services. This is a collection of the products I have reviewed for my website. I was approached a while ago by an online retailer to write an honest review of a sex toy on my blog. So began my recommendations and reviews of adult products. I have done 75 reviews for that company since then, (most of them are located on that site). I love reviewing new products and if I review for your company on a regular basis, you will get a link on my homepage.







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Novelty Items




Miscellaneous Adult Products




~reviews with a * include a video


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