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I started this blog to talk about our swinging adventures. I was approached by a sex toy company that asked if I would review something for them if they sent it to me for free. I realized right away that reviewing products or endorsing things had potential to help me pay for this hobby and get me some free stuff. I sometimes receive free products or compensation in exchange for my opinion about things I write about on my site. According to the FTC I must disclose that relationship to you. They have a whole policy on how bloggers can work with companies. I do a few different kinds of advertisements on my site. Everything on my site is written by me, Karen Blue. No matter who sent it to me, I promise to tell you what I really think about something.

Product Reviews

Some companies send me products to keep and I write about it on my blog. The relationship is mutually beneficial because they want real opinions about the products they carry and I get free stuff in exchange for my opinion with a product description. Some shops have given me an affiliate code and I make a small commission whenever someone shops there using my code. The links contained in most of my reviews are affiliate links. I don’t get paid directly for these posts, only small commissions from purchases made with my affiliate codes. Some of the links on my sidebar are affiliate links.

Sponsored Posts

For some companies I write posts that they pay me for. I usually get gift cards in exchange for talking about the company that I can use on their site. I always mark these posts as sponsored so you will know. Most of my sponsored posts are for EdenFantasys.

Site Sponsors

Some companies purchase links on my site and pay me for the link. These sites usually pay my in advance for a certain amount of time. These links give me just a little money and help to offset the costs of maintaining my site. Not all my links are paid for. Some are companies I really like and want to have the links available on my site.

If you ever want to know what companies I work with or which ones are sponsors just ask me.

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