About the Size of It

Humble apologies as I know I will not be blogging much this week. We are moving next weekend. I got the keys this weekend so we will be making daily trips after work trying to get as much done by moving day. Gah! I don’t really know what else to say about that, it is what it is. I promise to be posting more after next weekend.

We had a different kind of weekend. Friday we went to a couple’s house and had a full swap. They were great hosts, and very sexy. We played strip poker, it was fun. I even mixed beer and vodka and managed to not get sick. We had fun, well kinda… She was really cute and sexy. He was not bad looking but I initially had some reservations. They seemed like alot of fun so I went with it. I should have trusted my instinct.

We started off playing strip poker. Miguel won, as he still had clothes long after we all lost ours. We got a bit uninhibited as we got to know each other better. She tried to share her toys with me, since we were at her place. Oh man! I just said no thanks when I realized they were all jelly and/or TPE. I bring my own toys, thankfully, so nothing was shared. We moved into the bedroom after the game. Miguel and the chic and me with the guy. I didn’t look at his size, and I guess I should have. Really though, you can’t know for sure until it is hard. I hate to sound shallow, but cock size is a bit important. I am not the type that asks, but I may just make it a policy in the future. The guy was small, like too small to enjoy. I gotta give him credit for trying to work it, though. His chic was pretty hot and she seemed to be really happy with Miguel’s equipment. No wonder, really. Miguel isn’t the biggest guy, but his is thick and long enough to get me off. Gah! I am talking about cock size! I never wanted to be that chic that calls for big cock. The best thing you can do, if your cock is really too small for enjoyment, is to try to get off faster. Believe me when I say, nothing is worse than prolonging something I am not enjoying anyways. Don’t fucking give me some shit about not knowing if I am enjoying it, you have to know. Guy obsess about cock size, much more than any woman I have ever met. You know your dick is small, like I know my tits are small. Having to apply lube every 8-10 mins should give you a clue. I realize that some of the longevity can be attributed to condom use. Maybe it was me, my body type or smallish tits, whatever. I don’t know. I walked away from that experience and I wonder why I even bothered. I did get some great glimpses of Miguel enjoying himself. There was even some talk of double penetration, but it just didn’t happen. That would have been cool to watch.

So the hook up wasn’t that great.

Moving on…

Yesterday we had a birthday in my family. These parties are mandatory fun if I want to not be disowned. 120 miles to go to a birthday party! Miguel and I managed to get through it, but by the time we came home we were too tired to do anything and we just fell asleep. Major suckage as I haven’t been laid properly at all this weekend. There is still tonight, and I mean to make it count. We spent most of today taking trips over to the new house. I am exhausted, and the day is not over yet. I am looking forward to a hot shower and a cold beer and some sexy time with Miguel. It is my turn for a good time.

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  1. Joyce C says:

    May you get fucked properly tonight!! Enjoy!!

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