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The Posh Pocket Toyfriend is a small discreet clitoral vibe. I had high hopes for the Posh Pocket Toyfriend. I really liked the shape of this vibe and thought it would be as fun for me as the Foxy Toyfriend was. Hello shallow buzzy clitoral vibrations in a pocket sized toy…

Materials: Silicone and ABS Plastic

Dimensions: 3.5″ x .75″




I wanted to like this toy. The shape is nice for holding flat on the clitoris (or other body part) or turning on it’s side for more pin point vibrations. The Posh Pocket Toyfriend is not a powerhouse toy. Pushing it hard where I want the vibrations does not really help, unfortunately. It really only results in smashed buzzy vibrations, but not stronger. Lightly placing it were I want vibrations makes me want more. Then I am all like, I want more! Where are my other clitoral toys? My clit is so spoiled. Using this during sex is do-able because it is small and fits nice between bodies. Regrettably, I get so distracted with other sensations that the Posh Toyfriend fades into the background and I am left using the shape to strum my clit with it’s hook-like lip.

Posh is a discreet pocket clitoral vibrator. I think the extra silicone around the head of the tip, the hook type lip, does this toy an injustice. Silicone is not the best vibration conductor and thick hard-ish silicone like on the Posh is even worse. That coupled with the AAA battery for power and we get a vibe that isn’t quite strong enough. I liked the Foxy Toyfriend, it was adequate, but the Posh doesn’t work the same way for me. It is quiet, waterproof, easy to use and has a great shape. I am not sure what else I could ask for…oh wait, a bit more power? Ya, just a bit (or a lot) more power and I would love this toy, instead of just kinda liking it. As it is, I think is an okay toy. But not quite enough for me to make this my go to. This toy frustrated me with it’s almost enough vibrations. Just like the Foxy, it is a tickler and meant to get you started, not really finish you off. It even says so on the side!




So the Posh is made of body safe silicone and plastic. It is easy to clean with soap and water or a sex toy cleaner. It is submersible, so feel free to take it in the shower, bath, or pool. The silicone is smooth and hard. Really no give at all in the material. The base is made of shiny, smooth plastic. The base screws off to reveal the battery compartment. The Posh is so quiet I can barely hear it at all. It is quieter than a cell phone on vibrate. Oh yea, and it takes 1 AAA battery for power. The battery slides in easy. The battery is loose in the compartment but does not vibrate noisily against the plastic. I am not sure how this is possible.  I sure wish Toyfriend would tell some other companies how they did this.




The Posh has a slide lock for the battery which also serves as the turn on/off function. The unfortunate thing about that is that I can never remember which way to turn the base to turn it on and half the time I turn it and the base comes loose instead of turning on. Also, if you put it on with the arrow on the other side of the cap, not where the on/off words are, it will not turn on at all. Making you think that the battery is dead. Sending you on a battery hunt when all you wanna do is play with your toy. Then come to find out you had the cap on backwards… oops! More idiot proof please.

In this picture the arrow is not on the black silicone top, letting you know I had the cap on backwards.



It only has one speed. I would rate it as a 2.5/5. It is not really strong, but some woman may find this is quite enough…a few…like a small percentage of woman probably…the ones who get off on a cell phone vibrations…the ones who don’t know the difference between AA battery power and AAA battery vibrations. Anyways, it is buzzy. Quiet and buzzy.

Also, the box is kinda cute. It is a bit informative and not discreet. The box is a bit playful and fun looking. It comes with the toy nestles in plastic and a small leaflet about care and maintenance. No storage pouch. This toy could probably use one too since it is small enough to loose if you drop it in your big ass luggage sized purse, or your draw full of un-metionables.




I think this toy would be nice as a first time sex toy. The price is nice and it has some good features. If you hate it you won’t be out a whole lot of money, and if you like it it is a steal at less than $20. If you like light vibrations then this might work for you. Those of you with a clit-o-steel better steer clear of this vibe. The Posh Pocket Toyfriend is available at Lovehoney, the sexual happiness people.


Review Summary
1 being weak, 5 being earth shattering.
The volume of the toy on it’s highest setting.
Material Safety.
Value of toy for the price.

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  1. Raine says:

    Too bad it wasn’t great-it’s cute-I like the size, but I don’t like buzzy toys. TY for the review in case I saw it and thought it would make a nice little quickie ‘go-to’ vibe.

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