YOUNGER by Suzanne MunshowerYounger by Suzanne Munshower
Published by Thomas & Mercer on March 1st 2015
Pages: 316
Genres: Fiction, International Mystery & Crime, Medical, Mystery & Detective, Women Sleuths
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When PR pro Anna Wallingham gets dumped by her last client, she finds herself running out of options in LA, where looks trump experience. Desperate to prove she is still relevant, the fiftysomething accepts a shady job offer from Pierre Barton, secretive billionaire owner of Barton Pharmaceuticals. Isolated in a facility outside London, she agrees to test a new top-secret product guaranteed to make her look thirty years younger. Anna is starting to look on the outside the way she feels on the inside: ageless. But she soon discovers that her predecessor died under mysterious circumstances, leading her to research just who stands to gain--and lose--with this miraculous product. When Pierre drops dead in front of her, she takes off on a dangerous journey across Europe hoping to stay alive long enough to uncover the truth. With the hard-won knowledge that younger isn't always better, Anna is determined to escape and reclaim her life before it's too late.

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This book had me hooked. Younger is a bold book about looking young and the lengths we go to get there. Anna is a woman I felt sorry for and was jealous of, all at the same time.

Anna has just been laid off. At 57 years old, finding new work is not easy. With very little options, she finishes out her contract. At her very last presentation the owner of the company offers her a unique job opportunity. It is all very suspicious, but she doesn’t have other options. She agrees to do some marketing and be a human guinea pig for a revolutionary product for women. A product that makes them look 30 years younger. When strange things start happening she is left to wonder who is on her side. Locked into a contract and sworn to secrecy she doesn’t know who she can trust, or if she will even get out alive.

This was a fast paced story. Anna is very likeable character. I felt bad for the fact that what happened to her is no doubt something to happens to women all the time when they pass their prime. She is replaced by a cheaper, younger model. He friends are all at the same stage, if living at different angles, in their lives. Anna is given the unique opportunity to go back and relive her youth. She really looks the part of a 20 year old and she finds people’s reactions to her quite different then when she looked her actual age. She actually gets to spend some time as a 30ish year old and a 20ish year old. Her transformation isn’t overnight, but still happens really fast.

When she started getting fake identities I was immediately suspicious. Anna is so brave to blindly go off and become the face of this product. Getting to look younger is something a lot of older women wish for, so a product like this would be highly successful, no matter what the cost. The temptation to control this product becomes so great for some that Anna ends up the hunted. She actually puts her life in jeopardy to look younger. I loved the idea of going back, knowing what you know now. She has some trendy catching up to do, but I think she pulled it off great.

I really enjoyed this story. I read the whole thing in one day, not that it is a short read, just highly addictive. This was part sci-fi, part romance, part suspense, part adventure and all parts interesting. I would recommend this read.

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About the Author

Suzanne Munshower is a former waitress, short-order cook, go-go girl, movie extra, celebrity interviewer, journalist, fashion columnist, advertising copywriter, and beauty industry publicist. The author of numerous fiction and nonfiction books, she’s lived in New York, Los Angeles, San Juan, St. Thomas, London, Berlin, and Città di Castello, Italy. She currently resides in Las Vegas.

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