WORTHY by Catherine Ryan Hyde

WORTHY by Catherine Ryan HydeWorthy by Catherine Ryan Hyde
Published by Lake Union Publishing on June 2nd 2015
Pages: 321
Genres: Contemporary Women, Family Life, Fiction, Literary
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They might ve been a family.Virginia finally had the chance to explore a relationship with Aaron when he asked her on a date. She had been waiting, hoping that the widower and his young son, Buddy, would welcome her into their lives. But a terrible tragedy strikes on the night of their first kiss, crushing their hopes for a future together.Nineteen years later, Virginia is engaged, though she has not forgotten Aaron or Buddy. When her dog goes missing and it comes to light that her fiance set him loose, a distraught Virginia breaks off the engagement and is alone once again. A shy young man has found the missing pet, and although he s bonded with the animal, he answers his conscience and returns the dog. Before long, Virginia and the young man discover a connection from their pasts that will help them let go of painful memories and change their lives forever.

Reading time 2 mins

Worthy was such a simple heartwarming story. I am happy to report that no animals made me cry in the reading of this story. Worthy was a happy tale about second chances and family.

Virginia is a waitress in a small town. She has fallen for a recently widowed single father. The night that he finally manages the courage to ask her out is the same night he looses his life. Nineteen years later, Virginia and her best friend are now owners of the diner and the orphaned boy is grown and gone. When she comes home to find her dog is gone and her fiance is less than sympathetic, she calls the marriage off. On the other side of town a lonely boy rescues a dog from abandonment. His bond with the animal couldn’t have come at a better time. When he goes to return the dog he and Virginia find that they share a past and are closer than they think.

This was a really easy read. Circumstances that seem impossible bring these two lonely souls together and this dog is the catapult. It all sounds wonderful. I found this book to be a bit too simple though. It tries to cover some very tough subjects: abuse, abandonment, loneliness, animal cruelty, mental disabilities, and social anxiety. It just barely grazes the surface and makes it all sound so easy to fix.

I have to admit that I did like the dog in this story. Who doesn’t want a dog like Worthy to come along and make everything better? I just would have liked a bit more maturity in this read. It seems almost juvenile in it’s simplicity.

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About the Author

Catherine Ryan Hyde is the bestselling author of twenty-seven published and forthcoming books. Some of her recent books include The Language of Hoofbeats, Take Me with You, Where We Belong, and Don’t Let Me Go. Her short stories have been published in Antioch Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, Ploughshares, Glimmer Train, and the Sun. She has received numerous awards, including the Rainbow Award and the British Book Award.

Her bestselling 1999 novel Pay It Forward was adapted into a major motion picture and translated into twenty-three languages. Hyde is the founder of the Pay It Forward Foundation.

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