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In the spirit of Halloween this week, I am going tell you about a contest Penguin is throwing on twitter, give you my thoughts on The Accident Season, and highlight some of my personal favorite wicked reads.

(don’t say i never gave you anything)

The Contest

This week on Twitter, Penguin is hosting #TwitterGhostStory This is a week-long event (taking place 10/26-10/31) in which you can write a spooky story in 140 characters or less using #TwitterGhostStory to enter for the chance to win a prize pack of the featured titles.

Here are the titles:

Covers link to Goodreads, except Blood and Salt, which I recently read and LOVED.


Wicked Read Recommendations and THE ACCIDENT SEASONThe Accident Season by Moïra Fowley-Doyle
Published by Penguin on August 18th 2015
Pages: 304
Genres: Young Adult, Family, Stepfamilies, Horror & Ghost Stories, Love & Romance
Hardcover provided by Penguin

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For fans of We Were Liars, How I Live Now, and The Ocean at the End of the Lane comes a haunting, sexy, magically realistic debut about a family caught between a violent history, a taboo romance, and the mysteries lurking in their own backyard.

Every October Cara and her family become inexplicably and unavoidably accident-prone. Some years it's bad, like the season when her father died, and some years it's just a lot of cuts and scrapes. This accident season—when Cara, her ex-stepbrother, Sam, and her best friend, Bea, are 17—is going to be a bad one. But not for the reasons they think.

Cara is about to learn that not all the scars left by the accident season are physical: There's a long-hidden family secret underneath the bumps and bruises. This is the year Cara will finally fall desperately in love, when she'll start discovering the painful truth about the adults in her life, and when she'll uncover the dark origins of the accident season—whether she's ready or not.

There was so much to love about this book. The writing style was a bit different and I wasn’t sure but then I grew to love it. By the middle of my reading of the The Accident Season I was dazzled and completely engrossed.

“Can you break your heart by accident, I wonder, like you can break your wrist? If so the accident season has me bruised and broken inside and out.”

In this story we meet a girl named Cara. Cara and her family are cursed with an accident season every October. This is the time where cuts and scrapes, broken bones, and death are precariously close. Cara is being raised by a single mother, who has purple hair. She has an older sister named Alice, a step-brother named Sam, and a best friend named Bea. This accident season Cara is distracted by a girl she thinks is stalking her.

That is really all I want to tell you about this story. Saying too much would just give everything away. The Accident Season is beautifully told. The pacing is brilliant. I felt danger throughout every scene. Also, this book uses descriptive details that allowed me to see and feel everything.

The characters are so well described and full of eccentricities. Cara starts off like a blank slate, but she comes into focus throughout the story. The best part about the characters is that they are so damned relateable. I felt like their flaws were believeable. They fight and say things they don’t mean, and they go through so much drama. Out of everyone, I think Bea was my favorite. Bea. The girl who starts every day with a tarot card reading and makes up elaborate stories to bewitch her friends. I want a friend like that in my life.

I have to talk about the fact that the main character is somewhat unreliable. This is good and bad. There were times in the story that I didn’t know what was real or imagined. While that didn’t really bother me personally I know it may turn off some readers. Also, the author was really descriptive about Cara’s dreams. I am not too fond of that (i hate hearing about dreams) but I stuck it out and when those dream elements showed up in her real life, I liked it a lot more. There was a little fantastical element which I loved.

The bottom line is that this book was really unique and I found it really addictive. I read it from start to finish in one day. Once I started getting to know the cast and the scary situation they were in, there was no way I could put this down. I would definitely recommend this book!

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About Moïra Fowley-Doyle

Moïra Fowley-Doyle is half-French, half-Irish and lives in Dublin with her husband, their young daughter and their old cat. Moïra's French half likes red wine and dark books in which everybody dies. Her Irish half likes tea and happy endings.

Moïra spent several years at university studying vampires in young adult fiction before concentrating on writing young adult fiction with no vampires in it whatsoever. She wrote her first novel at the age of eight, when she was told that if she wrote a story about spiders she wouldn't be afraid of them any more. Moïra is still afraid of spiders, but has never stopped writing stories.

Here are some other Wicked Reads I would recommend:

Have you read any books from my lists? What Wicked Reads would you recommend for Halloween?

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