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In a recent effort to clear books from my to be read pile, I recently tried to listen to audio-books that I received. I am usually a physical or eBook reader. To be quiet honest, eBooks are my favorite. I use the text-to-speech option 75% of the time and then I can seamlessly go from listening to reading when I can’t hear. Anyways, I started to listen to the books and I realized I don’t enjoy this, at all.

It got me thinking about why I don’t like audio books.

There is no option to “read” an audio book. At all. I might want to read-a-long, but I don’t get that option with audible. I sometimes like need to see the words as they are read to me. So let me get this straight, I pay more and I get less.


I think faster than I listen. I read faster than I listen, too. I can read a book much faster than listening to someone read it to me. It is commonly known that the average person can speak approximately 150 words per minute. I can think about 4x that. So can you! Do you ever find your mind wondering when you listen to someone, or have some words trigger a thought process that makes you almost stop listening? That is exactly what I encounter every time I try to listen to an audio book. I know my mind wanders, so I generally try to speed up the speech to about 2x the normal rate. Anything faster than that and I have a hard time understanding what is being said.


My household. I can’t just check out all the time and listen to a book. My life requires me to pay attention and put the books down from time to time to engage with other people who live with me. I am not going to say I have never just put head phones in, but usually I am interrupted.


What if I don’t like the narrator? I feel like it could also be a huge turn off to have a book read by the wrong person, in the wrong voice, at the wrong rate of speech.


The price. Audio books are, on average, 1 1/2- 2 times the price of just buying the book. I get that they have to pay those narrators, but I don’t necessarily want to pay for that. Especially since I am going to listen to it at 2x the speed. Somethings get lost at that speed, so why should I pay for a nice voice?


Sometimes I need to hear it again. Maybe I missed something. They make it almost impossible to go back a few sentences. I have to go back to the beginning of the chapter or just move forward and hope it doesn’t matter. This is so frustrating to me.



That’s what I really think about audio books.

What say you?

Noticed any of my reasons when you listen to audio books? Wanna tell me some of the advantages, right now I don’t see any.

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