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This week we are talking about that almost non-existent “ME” time and what we do with it.

Okay, I know this will come as a BIG surprise to everyone, but I really like to lay in bed and read when I get a spare moment.

If I know I got the day to myself, I usually spend it…

A)  just reading
B) cleaning the house, while I listen to my kindle read to me
C) playing on the internet
D) binge watching movies I have already seen a dozen times

Actually, I hate making decisions, so when I am off work and the babies are school I try to do..
E) ALL of these in one day

(and slide a nap in there, because i have children and discovered how awesome they are)

I KNOW, I am so crazy and unpredictable!

I don’t watch TV much.

I mean, Miguel watches television all the time. Sometimes I watch it too. I LOVE The Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory, Shahs of Sunset, Below Deck, Million Dollar Listing, Alaskan Bush People, and/or a few others. Mostly I lay in bed close to him with a book in my hand or sit on the edge of the bed and blog while he watches television.

I love to watch movies.

I prefer movies to shows, tbh. Last Saturday I spent the whole day watching the Harry Potter movies back-to-back on Freeform. Is it just me, or are the first 5 HP movies SO much better the the last 3? I love watching The Hunger Games, Mystery Alaska, Far and Away, Cinderella Man, Hidalgo, So We Bought a Zoo, and some other really random stuff. Obviously, I have excellent taste in movies. Just kidding, I know I am strange when it comes to movies. I can watch the same one over and over. I used to fall asleep to my favorite movies. I like that I could picture the scene in my head and fall asleep without feeling like I was going to miss anything. (my Miguel doesn’t like it when i leave the tv on all night, so i had to learn to fall asleep without it.)

Eventually, I would love to add working out to this list of awesome stuff.

My Miguel actually ordered a bunch of equipment which should be coming soon, so I should really get off my ass and take the hint. Maybe I could start looking forward to stationary bike and reading, and/or walking the 2 mile trail in the park RIGHT ACROSS THE DAMN STREET. Some days I just want to hit all those do-good runners and/or walkers across the street with my sling shot. (does that make me a bad person?) I am so lazy lately. Lucky for some people, I haven’t found the sling-shot since we moved into this house.

What do you do with your “ME” time?

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