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I have been blogging one way or another since 2009. I am by no means an expert, but I have seen a whole lot happen to the blogging world. Today I found a few new blogs to read by reading reviews on Goodreads. I found one blog, that shall not be named, that was doing all sorts of weird things on their site. It got me thinking about all the weird things I have noticed in the blogging world.

Weird Things Some Bloggers Do:

Close comments- I don’t understand, why would you do this? Are you afraid of backlash or that someone will disagree with you? Is spam that hard to control? Why publish something and then not want people to chime in? I obviously have a lot of questions about this.

Make subscribing to their blog hard to do- It is not that hard to add that widget somewhere. It should be on the first page, near the top. You shouldn’t have to do a secret handshake to find the page where you hide the subscribe button. You would be surprised at all the sites out there with absolutely no way for people to subscribe. I found two awesome blogs lately that didn’t have a subscription button that I could find.

Not posting original content- why would you bother to have a whole site dedicated to cover reveals and book blitzes? I also dislike seeing a lot of sponsored content, I see this more in other types of blogs.

Quit as soon as it gets hard-  You won’t get awesome overnight, or if you do realize you are one of the very, very fortunate ones. Every blogger with any kind of time in can tell you a horror story about something breaking, or running out of things to say. Blogging is not a sprint, it is a marathon.

Not read other bloggers content- That sounds silly, but if your don’t have time to read other blogs how can you expect people to find time to read yours? While you are there leave a comment so they know you visited. Coincidentally, this is also the number one way to attract more readers. I don’t know why this works but it does,. Every. Single. Time.

Never comment back- I have rarely seen this but there are still bloggers out there not commenting back. There was once this really BIG blogger I found when I started out. I left comments all the time. I even left a nice complimentary comment on their about me page and they never even once commented back. I no longer visit them. On the flip side, I had a blogger just recently leave a comment, and reply to my comment from 10 months ago. I am not sure why it took so long, but better late then never.

Weird things almost all bloggers do:

Come up with pet names for real people in our lives- Oh no don’t tell me that you have never seen a blogger do this! The hubs, my partner, little people, tornado (i especially loved that one). Most bloggers that blog about their people do this. I use a combination of real names and pet names for people in my life. Bloggers are so weird!

Comparing their blog to other blogs-I will never be good enough. That blogger gets all the ARCs and has over 1,000,000 subscribers. I must be doing something wrong.” The fact is that with all the other blogs out there, someone is going to be doing it better. You do you and you will not fail. There really is no way to fail at blogging, since someone out there is bound to like you.

Apologize for being absent and having a life outside of their blog- I have done this and it is so stupid. I took a break, no apology necessary. It’s not like my blog is making or breaking someone’s day. Right? Seriously, do we really think people are holding their breath until our next post? That’s just silly.

Wake up one day and consider quitting the blog- (and/or wake up and think about changing niche) Every blogger does this at some point. Knowing everyone goes through this should make it easier, but everyone does it for different reasons. Love of blogging is what brings us back to what we know.

Buy and/or make props for pictures- Instagram has made taking a great picture almost impossible for me personally. All I have to do is scroll through my feed to realize I am not cut out for that shit. I tried though, I think everyone does at some point. I seriously suggest we do a 3 minute challenge and see what kind of pics we can come up with in 3 mins or less, lighting and props be damned.

Bloggers are just weird.

It is just me? Weird things I do:

I find myself doing some weird stuff and I know it is ONLY because I am a blogger. Is it just me, or do all bloggers carry around a notebook just in case a blog idea comes up? I use the excuse that it is my bullet journal and I need to have my calendar handy, but I know sometimes my lists have less to do with events and more to do with brainstorming how to make my blog more interesting.

I also choose my books more carefully knowing I will most definitely review them. I want to review more self-help but then I wonder what people will think of me when I review them on my blog (why are those titles so stupid!).

I pre-order the hardcover, but then buy the eBook so I can listen to it on my kindle. This is probably just me due to all the driving I do. Honestly, I have multiple formats of a lot of books, more than just since I started this job. Some started off in my collection as audible books but then I need the eBook too so I can read it. Do other people do this, or just me because I am in a sweat to talk about that book on my blog. I should just stick to digital copies of books but then they don’t look as good on Instagram. Ugh! I need to stop but I could go on and on about how weird I am.

Have you ever seen these things? Are you guilty of doing some of them? Let’s celebrate our weirdness.

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