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mv Hello Lovelies! Welcome to my weekly wrap up!

This week I got something resolved that has been waiting for like eight years. On Monday a judge FINALLY granted my divorce. I am elated to finally be free of my ex. We haven’t been together since the night he laid hands on me. I filed in Florida right away eight years ago but then I couldn’t find him and had to change the status. Then, two years later I re-filed an absentee divorce and wouldn’t you know it? He showed up. I had to wait a full 12 months after moving to Connecticut to file and this time I got a lawyer. I am so glad I finally got this done, I feel like I can move on with my life now.

Of course, now my Miguel and I are seriously looking to get married. I feel a bit older and wiser with him, and we have been together for over 7 years now. I think this time it is right. No rush though.

I also started my motorcycle class this week. The first class was Thursday night. I will take a full day class Saturday before being tested on Sunday. Once I pass the test (fingers crossed) I can get the motorcycle enforcement on my license. In my class I am the only girl, and all the guys have some experience riding. I feel a lot of pressure to show these guys that a girl can ride. (no pressure at all then) I did ride my Miguel’s bike a few months ago, but I could barely get it out of 1st gear and then I dropped it. (oops!) I went riding with my Miguel today and I did much better. My Miguel’s bike a 1200, so it is big, heavy, and powerful. I am hoping to do well in the class with the smaller and less powerful bike that they provide. Wish my luck, I need it!

Oh and this coming Monday I go back to court with my son. He has been doing really well this past week. It feels like I have my son back. Too bad it took this kind of thing to make that happen, thou.

This Thursday the new Beyond the Books will be posted. This week we are discussing Household items that you love and can’t live without this topic was suggested by La La in the Library.

beyond the books

I posted a video this week:

Umm, yea, so no I didn’t cuz I was busy learning to ride a motorcycle whist celebrating being divorced. Maybe next week I’ll get back on track.

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Nothing. I need to catch up anyways.

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I decided to combine my 365 Challenge with this part of my wrap up. Here are the blogs I visited and commented on this week (i commented on more than these, but these are the ones I chose for the challenge). I am gonna try to get 365 different blogs to visit, without any repeats.

What did you do this week?

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