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mv Hello Lovelies! Welcome to my weekly wrap up!

Something surprising happened this week. I kinda forgot to that my Miguel was scheduled to work in New Hampshire all week for a supervisor’s conference. Monday and Tuesday I went to work. Tuesday I got this crazy idea to play hooky on Wednesday and drive up there to see him. I already had Thursday off, so it was a like a mini-impromptu vacation. I drove out there Tuesday after work and left kinda early Thursday.

I learned two things on this trip:

  1. It can rain in New England through 3 states. It rained both there and back for me. The. Whole. Time.
  2. New Hampshire is pretty awesome and I think I want to move there.

Thursday I went to parent-teacher conferences and I learned that both of my elementary kids are pretty much awesome. I mean, I knew that already, but hearing their teachers and other specialists that work with them tell me that felt like vindication. I seriously love both their teachers this year. It was all good and I am still floating from the accolades I heard about them both. Yay!

Someone asked me what was going on with my older son and all I can say is “nothing much”. Miguel and him continue to quarrel throwing me right in the middle of “who do you love more” battles. It is as bad as it sounds. Next weekend we are cleaning out my son’s room to make space for my in-laws and setting my son up in the basement. Next week is also one year since my Miguel and I officially tied the knot. Despite that, I expect it will be a tense weekend.

My son is going to night school orientation Nov 27, so he has plenty of time to do nothing and laze around before that happens. I did get him a state ID and I am just reminding him daily to look for a job so he can be as independent as possible. OH! But my son and I had a great conversation the other night about him possibly joining the military. He wants to join the MARINES, but I want him to go ARMY. Either way I think it will be good for him.

My oldest daughter, Belle, is also talking about joining the military. Her goal is complete independence, but not in a vengeful way like my son seems to be. I worry about her. She is struggling to make her way in the world and my sister has not been a welcoming influence on her. I have told her to come home, but she is adamant about making it her own way. I hope she finds what she is looking for. Of course, I will keep you posted.


Fitness this week:

I re-started Fit Body Guide this week! I did some of the workouts last week, but this week I felt re-committed. I started off strong, but then my cardio days got all messed up. I did Lower body (Monday), Upper body/Arms (Wednesday), and Total Body (Friday). I am sad I skipped out on all 3 cardio days since cardio is what I need the most right now. I have gained 5lbs in the past 2 months and I feel like I need to get back to where I was in July.

I also started counting macros. This was not even on my radar until I realized that when I logged my food into the FitBit app it did it for me. I am seriously excited about it. I am also realizing that my diet contains WAY too much fat and not nearly enough protein. DAMN YOU DUNKIN DONUTS!

One more thing I did this week was start to track my water intake. I know water intake is important for fit bodies and that is what really got me started. Then I read this article on Bustle that someone shared on twitter.

I found more articles to inspire me to up my water intake.

So nooooow along with working out, I am going to increase my water intake. I am not hoping for miracles, but it would be nice to get rid of the bags under my eyes. Maybe I should just get more sleep. Nah! That won’t happen, who am I am kidding?


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