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mv Hello Lovelies! Welcome to my weekly wrap up!

Even with a few days off, I still can’t seem to get ahead with my blog. The truth is that this weekend has been extremely busy for me.

Thursday was my first day off and that is the day my Mother went into surgery. Thanks to everyone who wished her luck and had her in their thoughts. She made it through surgery with no problems.

Recovery for her has been a who different story. She has really been “taking it easy” and as a result the professionals working with her have recommended I send her to a rehab (read: nursing home) so professionals can continue to work with her.

Now I ask you, would you send your Mother to a nursing home if you could avoid it? I wouldn’t.

So I am going against professional advice and taking her home. Today, at 11am EST. Even if I have to carry her up the 4 steps into my home. Then I have to figure out how to not leave her here alone. I have to motivate her to walk and put weight on that knee. I have to teach my 17 year old irresponsible son how to care for her until school starts on Thursday, my next day off. I have to figure out a schedule that has someone here with her 24/7 or risk being turned in for elder abuse. I have to get her better and walking. I have to, or send her to a nursing home where I know she will loose hope and motivation.

So that is what I’ve been going through since Friday, when the professionals gave me the good news. I haven’t been reading much. I haven’t blogged anything since Thursday. I am a little overwhelmed right now with everything. I am glad she made it through surgery without any problems. I just hope she learns to walk again real soon.

I hope your weekend was better then mine.

School starts for my kids on Thursday. Monday, tomorrow, the babies have a meet-the-teacher event that they are really excited about. I am too, to be honest. My baby boy is going into 2nd grade and my baby girl is going into 4th grade. They are still babies to me.

Fitness this week:

I won the workweek challenge this week again! Other than that, nothing.

I was hoping to go to boxing, but once again it got cancelled. I bought a 100lb boxing bag for the basement (my workout zone). I am just waiting on the hardware to hang it safely. I am suppose to go to a boxing class Monday. We’ll see if it actually happens.

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Next week I plan to post:

The End of the World Running Club by Adrian J. Walker

Currently reading:

I’m still reading this. It is like over 700 pages but really good. So good.

My Book Haul:

I didn’t get anything this week.


What did you do this week?

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