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mv Hello Lovelies! Welcome to my weekly wrap up!

I can’t tell you how relieved I am right now. If you follow me on snapchat, you already know. The phone call I have been waiting for, for like 2 months, finally came.

That’s right, I finally have a start date for my new job! *does happy dance*

I will be starting back to work January 23rd. I am nervous/excited. I just can’t wait to get back to nursing with my favorite population group! (and i sound like such a dork) The other thing that is motivating me is that my bills (dreaded credit cards) have started to pile up, so I am really excited to get back to paying them and having some extra money. Did I mention this new job is one hour away from my home? Hello real need for subscription to audible! I kinda like being out of my neighborhood to work, but this is going to be a challenge. It’s snow season and this job is in middle Massachusetts. NO, I am not going to think about the negatives, just focus on the excitement of getting out of debt and back to nursing.

Once again, I didn’t get much read this week. Do I have a special reason for that? No, not really. All I can say is that I did catch up on comments and clear out my email a bit this week. You would think with no work I would be able to post everyday and read more, but that just isn’t the way my life works. If I have too much idle time, I become even more idle. So that’s all I can say.

Fitness this week

I got 43,000 steps in last week, which sounds like a lot. It is actually only about 19 miles. Not as far as last week. I did increase my step goal, because I know I can do better. I also increased my water intake. In goal and actual intake. I should be drinking like 3 liters a day, but I am only up to 2 consitently right now. Drinking that much water is harder then you would think.

I worked out 6 days this week, again!

I have been jotting notes down in my bullet journal after every workout. I record how I felt about the workout and what gave me trouble. I wish I would have started doing this last week. Based on the notes I kept, and how I feel during the workouts, I am actually starting to improve my overall fitness.

The big test will be when I get back to work. Will I still make time for this all important commitment? I hope so.

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What did you do this week?

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