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In a perfect world I would have a bad ass reading cave! I doubt I would actually call it a cave, I would call it a den or nook. It would have book shelves lining the walls, a window with nothing but trees in view, and great lighting. I would have a big comfy couch in the middle-ish of the room with a fuzzy blanket draped across it. There would at least one table on the side of the couch to set my drink.

I really liked this one…but with a more comfy couch.


This one is just awesome. I want it even though it isn’t quite what I imaged for my room. I would *settle* for something like this.

reading nook

This is really close, My room is much less organized looking though. And a bit less green…


Admittedly, my reading cave is not a cave at all, but a library/study room. I like how the last picture showed a wide open space, that is what I would want. A big-ish space, in my house, just for me and my books. A girl can dream, can’t she?

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