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I just realized I have been blogging books for 2 years now. I feel like this is an accomplishment I want to share with all of you. I wanted to take some time to look back, set some future goals, and thank you all for reading, commenting and subscribing to me.

Looking Back…

  • I had no idea how I would read enough to post consistently.
  • I started off only reading adult romance books.
  • I got super excited when I got my first YA book ARC.
  • I wanted to review a lot of non-fiction, and I did, but now I kinda don’t much anymore.
  • I was really excited to start a review round-up and then it slowly dithered out.
  • I started a new meme in June of 2015 called Beyond the Books.
  • I had never been met an author and then I went to BTAF and I met about a dozen authors.
  • I had my daughter do a few reviews last summer.
  • I wanted to start a BookTube to do video reviews.

Here’s what KissinBlueKaren has done in the last 2 years…

  • 705 posts
  • received 4002 comments
  • 302 reviews posted
  • 46 videos posted

Goals for the future…

  • More reviews!!!
  • Keep consistently posting.
  • Finish the blogging tips series of posts (yes, still working on this one).
  • Host some guest posts.
  • Complete all my challenges.


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