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Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted over at TheBrokeandBrookish.

Today we are talking about books that need movies or TV shows. I have read quite a few books that I think would be perfect for television. Here are the top ten I would love to watch:

1) The Deep by Nick Cutter

This would have to be carefully done. It would be a riveting horror, but it would need a good soundtrack to go with it. This book mostly takes place eight miles down in the ocean, just that would be terrifying enough, but the physiological effects of the atmosphere and the strange events that occur to the characters would be the thing of nightmares. This would be a great movie.

2) The Ice Twins by S.K. Tremayne

This story had an awesome location and creepy twins. I know this would translate well into a movie. I would love to see the mother’s reaction to her living twin daughter taking on the dead twins personality. I would love to see more of the house on the island and the island itself.

3) The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice

Because I wasn’t happy with Interview with a Vampire. Tom Cruise cannot be Lestat. The Queen of the Damned‘s movie adaptation Lestat was pretty damned close, but I want to see Lestat’s story. I don’t know how they could condense it into 2 hours, maybe it could be a two part movie. I am sure Anne Rice is scared to make this into a movie. I would be if I was the author. He is the most beloved vampire, so his story would have to be perfect.

4) Outlier: Rebellion by Daryl Banner

I want to see this world. Daryl Banner has created a dystopian society that would look awesome on the big screen. The upper class literally live above everyone else. The characters are all really richly written and their loves are complex. This is part of a long running series. I am not even sure if everything from this book would fit into a three hour movie, but I still would love to see the world he created in this book.

5) Paradigm by Ceri A. Lowe

I just loved this apocalyptic story. Paradigm showed us the end of the world, and the end of living underground. The world for this adaptation would take a ton of work, but it would be pretty fantastic to see it. I loved the idea of the first survivors and then how future society lives. They try to overcome the evil that ended everything, but it just shows up in a different way.

6) The Secret Wisdom of the Earth by Christopher Scotten

This is a story about a small town and a grand adventure. This was about as real as a story can get. This book featured small town prejudices, old family rules, tragedy, and the losing/finding of oneself. This book was very engrossing and encompassed every thing I love about a good book. I am such a fan for it, I know it would translate well for movie audiences.

7) Lacy Eye by Jessica Treadway

This book is about a woman who’s husband died at the hands of her daughter’s boyfriend. This book follows her when he is about to be released, her daughter has been acquitted but everyone still thinks she did it. Everyone except her mother, who can’t remember the attack. I think this into movie would have people talking about how far/blind a mother’s love can be.

8) Cinder by Marissa Meyer

This whole series should be made into movies. I would love to see what Cinder’s arm and leg look like, the technology would probably be a lot of fun in the movies. The Lunar Chronicles are already very popular, but they would be even more incredible as movies.

9) Little Black Lies by Sharon Bolton

Location plays a key role in this mystery. Set in the Falkland Islands this could be a beautiful movie. the characters are richly drawn and very complex. The author was careful to not use dirty tactics to shock the reader. The focus is on the left behind more than the horror of what could happen to a child in the wrong hands. I just know this would keep people on the edge of their seat until the very end.

10) The Botanist by L.K. Hill

This book was scary and suspenseful, so I know it would be well received. It was a great thriller. In the face of adversity, there are little bits of humor and honest friendships. We get to see the characters humanity in the face of terrible things. I would love to see this book on the big screen.


So that’s my list. I was going to add The Martian (that is already cast and probably in production now),  and Red Queen but I see on this list put together by Novel Heartbeat, (thank you so much), that these are already in the works.

What books would you want to see in the movies or TV?

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