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topTop Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted over at TheBrokeandBrookish.

This week we are talking about diverse books. As much as I hate labeling something as being diverse (i mean isn’t it a good thing, to read something different from your life?) I think I read diverse books, but then again it depends on what you interpret as diverse. Do you mean different from the “normal” books that make the bestseller list? Or do you mean different than me (white, female, 30something, American)? Does reading many genres count, or is diversity mixing genres?

I actually have no idea what people mean by reading diverse books until I see the book itself they are saying is a diverse read. In some cases, the protagonist will be a minority or of a different ethic group and that is their interpretation of diverse reading. In other cases, reading books with characters that have a different sexual orientation than the person reading the book, means reading diverse. Do any or all of that criteria have to be there? I mean, I have zero in common with most of the protagonists in the fantasy books I read, but I don’t see anyone labeling them as being diverse. Does reading male and/or different ethnicity authors count, or is it just if they are writing about a culture that is not my own?

So this list may be way different than yours. I am not even going to try to throw in non-fiction books I think help me actually think about diversity more. (i am sure it would be cheating because most non-fiction is so diverse because it is interesting enough to be written about. also, i know a lot of bloggers don’t even read non-fiction) I kept it at only 10 because choosing these was confusing enough.

Books I have read that I think are Diverse:

Feel free to correct me if you think I got it wrong. Does diversity confuse you too, or is it just me?

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