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What Inspires You? This is such a tough question, or is it? If I sit quietly inspiration is all around me.

Here are the top three things inspiring me right now:

The Past

My story isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but it led me here. Here isn’t so bad. My past motivates me to keep moving forward. Because I know I can. Also, it has motivated me out of situations, because I know I can do better. I also love thinking about how far we have come as a society, as a species. We have come so far and done so many wonderful, amazing, and inspiring things.


My children make me glad to be alive and inspire me to do more, be better, and try again. Actually all children inspire me. They are like little sponges soaking up the world. When I think about how the world must look to a child, I am almost jealous. I want a child like wonder about my world instead of getting caught in the rat race that is my reality.


Passion is all around us. I am passionate about my job and helping people. I have a passion for reading and for blogging. I am passionate about my family. Passion is an awesome thing to witness. When people have passion for something they rarely let barriers stand in their way. That inspires me to stick to my passion and pursue it.

What is inspiring you right now?

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