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Sometimes I miss things about being a kid. Don’t misunderstand me, I love my life at this stage. I am a mother to four great kids, I got the man I always hoped for, and I have a well paying fulfilling career. I get to blog books here and write on occasion. I even get to scream “I run this house” to the people that live here, (they sometimes believe me too, shhhhh). I would not want to rewind a single second of my life and live it over. Things are great now, but they were a bit simpler when I was a kid.

10 Things I Miss About Being a Kid

  • Not having anything to worry about, except school

  • Climbing trees

  • Playing basketball every night until the lights went off in the park across the street

  • Taking a sick day, and spending the whole day in bed without guilt

  • Being able to make friends just by playing near people my own age

  • Getting 20+ valentine’s on February 14th

  • Getting presents on major holidays (b-day, xmas, easter….)

  • My Grandmother

  • Not worrying about “what’s for dinner?”

  • Getting a toy with my meal

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