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toppsTop Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted over at TheBrokeandtheBookish.

I have some bad book habits. It has gotten worse lately. Although I hope none of you suffers from these things, I would love to hear that I am NOT alone.

Going after all the books.

wantI blame every single blogger I read for this.

Getting green with envy when I see a friend get an ARC I really want.

Why-are-you-so-jealous-gifI have no idea why. I need to be happy for my blogger friends. Hopefully one day that will be me.

Waiting until the 50% mark to DNF a book that obviously sucks.


Overbooking my reading week, weeks in advance.


Forgetting to post my ARC reviews to Amazon once they go on sale.


Sneaking a peek at the end of the book.


Reading too many books at a time.

moreI am currently reading 3 books. No wonder I can’t finish anything. I know I am not the only polygamous reader out there.

Skipping over text to get back to the dialogue.

lostjackcrygif_0(see what i did there?)

Putting reading off until right before bed on busy days.


Not does this make me more tired, I almost never retain what I am reading.

Buying/borrowing books that I don’t have time to read.


Do you have any of these bad bookish habits?

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