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mvHello Lovelies! Welcome to my weekly wrap up!

Holy hell! What a fucking week this was for me. I cut down my schedule at work to only 3 days. That should have made things smooth but… the universe had other plans. Sometimes I feel the universe just laughing at my plans. (it’s mean spirited sometimes) My website was down a few days this week. Apparently, one (or more) of my plugins made me violate the CPU that I share on Hostgator. They shut me to down to allow for everyone to have enough to stay online. I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to get back online. I managed to find the one ASSHAT working at Hostgator who gave zero fucks that my site was down. A few tweets later, I got an apology and back online. I plan to post about CPU usage and how to monitor it, so everyone can learn from my experience. I don’t want this to happen to any one of you! (you’re welcome!)

I got a call from the high school that my son was in a fight and got suspended for 5 days. Apparently, the school policy is that kids that are attacked have the right to flee/block/play dead, basically ANYTHING but fight back. That is not my policy, and certainly not my son’s. So when a kid slapped my son, he got his ass beat. I thought it was crap that MY son got suspended, and I told them. (the other kid got suspended as well. they actually encouraged me to PRESS CHARGES against this kid. they are just kids, though. right? what the hell is wrong with these people! boys fight like pack animals to establish dominance, no policy will change that) They want another meeting to try to change my mind when he gets back to class. It will be a waste of time for everyone. I am big on fairness, and the right to defend oneself, so we will just have to agree to disagree.

I went to my library’s semi-annual book sale and made out like a bandit. I took my daughter Belle and $60.


My daughter picked most of the classics, (she is such a nerd, but i love this about her!). Also, she reminded me that I only own one book from my favorite series The Vampire Chronicles, I didn’t find any of them there. I picked up The Witching Hour instead.

We got the go ahead on the house! Everything is done and now we are just waiting for underwriting to approve the loan. We got an estimate on movers and it turns out we will be packing ourselves up to save on costs. I took my son to get some boxes. We started packing! Of course, the place everyone wants to start is the bookshelves, so I separated all the books I have already read. EXCEPT, now I suddenly can’t find two of the books I am scheduled to review this month. *headdesk*

This Thursday the new Beyond the Books will be posted. This week we are discussing Bedtime Routines (share yours)


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Currently reading:

the night clock

My Book Haul:


I won Sleeping Giants from Goodreads. Thanks to AshleighReads for the giveaway.

Thanks to Simon & Schuster and my local library for these books.

Tonight I put together the new Read This Round Up edition for tomorrow’s posting. If you want to have your reviews and/or giveaways added, please click this link and submit them. I am always happy to get bookish photo submission for the editions. They don’t have to be new photos, so long as you have the rights to them. In exchange for allowing us to post them you get credit and link backs on every site that plays along. Check out the photo submission page for more details.

The new edition posts on Monday, so any reviews that you want to add by Sunday will be included in the next edition.

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What did you do this week?

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