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mvmHello Lovelies! Welcome to my weekly wrap up!

Big, big news this week! We qualified for the money to shop and put in an offer for a house. I don’t want to jinx it, because it is not set in stone yet. They have to accept the offer and then the house has to pass an inspection. I am just so relieved that soon we will be out of this apartment. Our lease is up in December and I was starting to sweat that maybe the money would never come through. It did though! I know no matter what we are moving out of here soon. I can’t wait to post pictures of the new house. It is massive compared to where we are now. I am so excited.

Oh course, with all that good news something bad was bound to happen, right? I firmly believe in checks and balances in the universe, so something good is immediately followed or proceeded by something bad. I had a really tough week at work. Nothing bad happened to me personally, but…

Let’s just say I am a hospice home care nurse, and this week was exactly how tough you might imagine my job to be. I went to see someone’s kid who was dying with the same diagnosis as my own child. Three of the people I visited this week died right after I went to see them, including a daughter my age who lost her mother, and a family that was coming to terms with loosing their patriarch. I worked a lot of hours and then I buried myself in music and video games when I got home. I just couldn’t focus this week enough to get much reading done. It was a rough week. I did a lot of crying in my car and then at home this week. I still love my job and I am grateful for the privilege of helping families through a difficult time, but this week was really rough.

With all this week brought me, I didn’t get much reading done. At all. I probably read 200 pages all week from two different books. It just wasn’t a productive week for me, reading wise. Oh well.

I have made no real progress toward Blog Ahead. I feel the pressure and I got posts scheduled for this past week but nothing moving forward. Hopefully this week will be better.

This Thursday the new Beyond the Books will be posted. This week we are discussing 5 things you just can’t handle (gross things like ugly toes, teeth scraping on silverware, etc). Can’t wait to see your list!


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I finally got them!

Tonight I put together the new Read This Round Up edition for tomorrow’s posting. If you want to have your reviews and/or giveaways added, please click this link and submit them. I am always happy to get bookish photo submission for the editions. They don’t have to be new photos, so long as you have the rights to them. In exchange for allowing us to post them you get credit and link backs on every site that plays along. Check out the photo submission page for more details.

The new edition posts on Monday, so any reviews that you want to add by Sunday will be included in the next edition.

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What did you do this week?

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