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mvmHello Lovelies, welcome to my weekly wrap up! My job is going really well so far. I totally lucked out and my preceptor (whom I will be shadowing for a few weeks) only works Monday-Thursday. I am loving my schedule right now! I got tons of stuff done on my Friday off and then I did something really stupid. I went to tweak my blog header, one thing lead to another and then I BROKE MY WEBSITE! 

Panic! I am sure some of you noticed that things are looking different around here. For some reason I lost all of my images when I updated my theme. They gave me the runaround about how to get them back, so I ditched that theme and updated to this new one. I actually purchased this theme a few months ago, but I was scared of the change it would cause. I still don’t have all my images back. I lost almost all of my featured images in posts and some of my rating images. It is really random and didn’t affect every post, just most of them. So now, I get to spend my three day weekend fixing all of my featured images and posts.

I got four books read this week, but I am still a bit behind on my reading. This coming week is the last week of school, and my babysitter is unavailable all week. I will not be able to start work until after 1, when my preschooler goes to school, so I am sure I will get caught up. I hope.

I started my new feature this week. I hope you will join us next week for Beyond The Book where we talk about other stuff we do. This Thursday we will be posts “Maybe I’m Crazy” (share some “weird” traits that you may have). I think this week’s topic will be fun. I love eccentricities.


Last week I posted:

The Sunday Post #38- The Start of Something Good

WISHFUL THINKING by Kamy Wicoff ★★★★★

TOP TEN TUESDAY: Most Anticipated Releases For the Rest of 2015

BEYOND THE BOOKS- Stress Relievers

THE YEAR MY MOTHER CAME BACK by Alice Eve Cohen ★★★★★

Read This Round Up #38

THE BOOK OF SPECULATION by Erika Swyler ★★★★

THE TRUTH AND OTHER LIES by Sascha Arango ★★★★

Next week I plan to post:

Worthy by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Second Life by S.J. Watson

Eight Hundred Grapes: A Novel by Laura Dave

Currently reading:


So far, so good. I am a bit leery though. I hope this book doesn’t make me cry about any dogs, I can’t handle that right now.

My Book Haul:

I requested a bunch of interesting looking books on Edelweiss and NetGalley last week. This week I got approved for most of them. I purchased Shadow and Bone and Not a Drop to Drink.



 As you can imagine, I lost a few points on NetGalley. I am at 78% now. 🙁

Friends, I need your posts!

Tonight I put together the new Read This Round Up edition for tomorrow’s posting. If you want to have your reviews and/or giveaways added, please click this link and submit them. I am always happy to get bookish photo submission for the editions. They don’t have to be new photos, so long as you have the rights to them. In exchange for allowing us to post them you get credit and link backs on every site that plays along. Check out the photo submission page for more details.

The new edition posts on Monday, so any reviews that you want to add by Sunday will be included in the next edition.

Thanks for checking out my Sunday Post! I would love to hear about your week.

What did you get this week?

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