The Delicious Torment- A Story of SubmissionThe Delicious Torment by Alison Tyler
Series: A Story of Submission #2
Also in this series: Dark Secret Love, Wrapped Around Your Finger
Published by Cleis Press on December 16, 2013
Pages: 240
Genres: Erotica, Fiction, General, Romance
Also by this author: Dark Secret Love, Never Say Never, Flying High: Sexy Stories from the Mile High Club , Those Girls, Those Boys
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‘With every affair of the heart there are twists and turns. Boundaries to overcome. Safe words to spill...’ In a penthouse apartment overlooking Sunset Boulevard, a dark affair entwined in a dominant-submissive relationship blossoms. Based on the author’s personal diaries, The Delicious Torment is a coming-of-age story fuelled by love, lust and longing.

The second in a series of novels by bondage connoisseur Alison Tyler features heroine Samantha progressing with her predilections and exploring the deepest recesses of her master's dungeon and her heart. The Delicious Torment is a Story of O meets 9 1/2 Weeks coming-of-age tale fueled by lust, longing, and based on the author's personal diaries. The Delicious Torment takes readers to Sunset Strip, way up in the sky in a penthouse apartment overlooking Los Angeles with a love affair ensconced in an S&M relationship filled with corsets, crops, and plenty of kink. In the introduction Tyler notes, "This is a novel with me at the center. That is, my heroine is based on me. I’ve sketched her with broad strokes, but at our core we are the same. She’s gotten herself entwined with an older man — nothing new there. But now she has to learn how to maneuver a 24/7 relationship."

Reading time 8 mins

Alison Tyler has done it again. What she started in Dark Secret Love continues in The Delicious Torment  as Samantha and Jack get more familiar with each other in book two of her personal trilogy. Enter a new player in Jack’s right hand man, Alex, and the power-play mind games begin!

I absolutely loved Dark Secret Love. I have to admit I was a little afraid that the sequel would not be as good. This book is on par with her first and may even be better. I devoured this book in one day. Now I have to wait….for the final installation. This book is brilliant enough to stand on its own, but it flows really well with the first book as well. The ending is not quite a cliff hanger, like I said it the book could stand alone as a complete story. Much like Dark Secret Love it ends at a good stopping point. Knowing there is more to this tale, and Samantha and Jack, I can hardly wait to read the net one.

Samantha is put through a series of tests in this book. Her own boundaries are stretched as she and Jack include his right hand man, Alex, into the dynamic. Alex is a key player right from the start, but where are his boundaries? Samantha and Alex have some things to work out. They both fall right into Jack’s plan as they spar for his attentions. Samantha’s imagination as a writer bleeds right into her love affair as she and Jack, and Alex, figure out how to make this livable for the three of them.

This book goes right into the discipline of BDSM with a canning in the middle of the night. The impact scenes in this book really took me there. I was biting my nails as I read. I wondered right along with Samantha, what does Jack have planned? I am surprised at how much pain and discipline Samantha can endure. I don’t think I would have made the same choices as her to go along with it. At some point I even rooted for her to leave Jack. But just as I went to ponder the reality of the story for the author, Alison drew back and explained how the scenes were not necessarily right after the other. She also reminded the reader of just how “in love” Samantha and Jack really are with snippets of their affections for each other that had nothing to do with their power exchange, and it changed everything  for me.This may not be a familiar form of love to me, but that is what it made it even more interesting.

The idea that this book, the whole trilogy actually, is laced with reality really made me feel all the more a voyeur for reading every scene. Or maybe it is just that Alison is such a great exhibitionist that she is an expert at holding attention. It was so bold of her to pen it out for us. It is worthy of admiration, if even some of it is true. Hey jealousy, what a charming life you must be living Mrs. Tyler! I felt exhilarated by the end of the book. This book had my attention all day, and the day was not wasted at all.

An excerpt, because I loved this part…

Jack left the room, and I could hear the front door open and shut. He’d left the apartment, as well. I sat down on the bed with my notebook, and I stared at the blank page.


That was the perfect description of how I felt. I didn’t have any idea of what I should tell Jack to do to me. I didn’t have any idea what the standard punishment was for things like this in Jack’s world. For inspiration, I crossed the room and opened the closet door, then started to paw through the contents. There were a variety of costume-style outfits: naughty nurse, prisoner of love, 1920s flapper girl. All sexy, sheer, short, and tight. And then I looked at the shelf on top of the closet—the rows of boots, and high heels, and marabou-tipped slippers, and…

At the end of the row was a bag I hadn’t noticed before. A doctor’s bag. I stood on tiptoe to take it down. Jack had never pulled this out before, and it had been tucked in such a way that I had thought it was simply another one of my many purses.

Inside the bag were various real-looking medical devices. I knew what to write about. I didn’t know if I could handle what I was saying. Didn’t know if Jack would even be into what I was writing. But the shame that filled me as I penned the words made me sure that I would at least get credit for effort. I wasn’t going to stick to the same old style of punishment we’d played with in the past. Not a whipping—public or private. Not a session in his hateful puppy cage in Malibu. I spread out the various frightening-looking items and started to work. The stainless-steel speculums. The rectal thermometer. The rubber gloves, the old-fashioned enema syringe…

“She must be unwell,” Alex, the assistant, murmured to the doctor.

“Yes, definitely. When she’s feeling herself, she’d never act in such a naughty fashion.” A deep sigh. “We’ll need to do a thorough exam to determine the cause. It would be against my judgment to punish her until we know the cause for her malfunction.”

“What are you planning?” Alex asked, fingering the different items on the sterile tray.

“You’ll take care of the preparations. The enema. The shower. Record her temperature in her chart. And then I want her spread out on the table and readied for me.”

“Yes, Doctor.”

My heart was pounding. I’d written stories that skirted this issue before, but never really delved. Naughty patient, strict doctor. That’s nothing new. But the thought of Alex assisting Jack made me wet. And the knowledge that Jack had been waiting to play with me like this—that bag up there, where I could find it at any moment—that let me know I must be on the right track. I crossed my legs tight and tried to continue. But in my head, I could already see Alex stripping me of my clothes, handing me some flimsy little tie-in-the-back nightie. Caring for me intimately at the instruction of—and I had to say it, at least in my mind—his Master. Because Alex was as much a slave as I was.

That thought stopped me. Just because I said the words didn’t make them true. I had to consider the concept. But it made sense. Alex didn’t simply punch a clock. No normal job required an assistant to spank a boss’s girlfriend. My head swam, and I tried my best to return to my story. One that I knew would be less fiction and more reality in a matter of minutes. Could I handle that?

I realized that there was no “me” in the piece. Not yet, anyway.

“Call her in.”

The patient entered the room, head down, cheeks flushed pink.

“You know the rules,” the doctor said, his voice stern, but calm. “Lying is a serious offense. But before you’re properly caned, we’ll need to make sure that you’re fully capable of withstanding the punishment.”

Oh shit. Properly caned? Where the fuck had that come from? I crumpled the page and tossed it on the floor, then repacked all of the devices in that black medical bag and tucked it away once more at the back of the closet. I had to work a little to make the top shelf appear undisturbed, and I was sheened with sweat by the time I sat down on the bed and started again.

What happens next is so delicious, excuse the pun. You’ll have to get the book for yourself to find out.

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About the Author

This book was written (and mostly lived through) by the Queen of Kink, ALISON TYLER. Alison Tyler draws on twenty-five years of penning sultry stories to create a scorchingly hot work of fiction, a memoir-inspired novel with reality at its core. She is the trollop with a laptop that has penned twenty-five explicit novels including Banging Rebecca, Dark Secret Love, Wrapped Around Your Finger (soon to be released), and has edited about 50 collections. Her stories appear in over 100 anthologies, including this one. She knows kink. She speaks submission. I highly recommend this book, and almost everything this Alison Tyler touches, wholeheartedly.

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