THE BOTANIST by L.K. Hill -review & giveaway

THE BOTANIST by L.K. Hill -review & giveawayThe Botanist by L. K. Hill
Published by Jolly Fish Press on March 1st 2015
Pages: 475
Genres: Fiction, General, Literary, Mystery & Detective, Thrillers
eARC provided by Jolly Fish Press


In the heat of summer, a previously undetected serial killer, dubbed The Botanist by the press, re-emerges in the rural, southern Utah town of Mt. Dessicate. Detective Cody Oliver becomes the lead detective in the case as Mt. Dessicate is plunged into chaos. Alexandra Thompson, a beautiful woman from the past, may be the only person who has come face to face with the killer and lived to tell the tale. There’s just one problem: the killer remembers her, too, and is determined not to let her get away this time.

A baffling case, a media circus, an unsupportive father, and too many leads for Mt. Dessicate’s tiny PD to handle alone leave Cody fighting just to catch his breath. Meanwhile, hands come out of the darkness to snatch at Alex every time Cody’s back is turned, and his desire to protect her soon becomes more than just professional. If Cody can’t piece together the mysterious past of the land of the mass grave, decipher how Alex is connected to the killer, and bring the Botanist to justice—or at least to civilization—he may lose the people in his life he’s come to value most. He must confront the Botanist on feral ground or risk being the only one left standing in a desolate, desert graveyard.

Reading time 2 mins

What a surprise this book was for me.! This surprise landed in my email, and I am so glad I was able to read it. The Botanist actually came out this week and I am so excited to share my thoughts and a chance for you to win this book! If you love a good thriller you will probably want to add this to your TBR. It is one hell of a ride!

Cody Oliver is a detective in very small town. Early in his career a woman stopped in to tell him that there was a man she believed to be impersonating a police officer who pulled her over. Years later a mass grave is discovered by a hiker in the desert, around the same place that the woman said to have encountered the mysterious stranger. Then the woman, Alexis, comes back to see if her memory of the man can help at all. Cody is hesitant to add a civilian to the case when he has cops from all over trying to help find the serial killer. He may not have a choice because Alexis and the killer may be connected somehow.

This story had me from the beginning. It starts with Alexis driving down a dark deserted highway and she gets pulled over. The person pulling her over doesn’t seem like a cop and she has done nothing to provoke being stopped. She is terrified because she is all alone and this guy is very scary. The writer is able to provoke fear and curiosity right from the beginning. The story moves at an incredibly fast pace, and yet we still get to know the characters intimately. We know their fears, we understand their strengths, and we are never allowed to forget the gravity of the case that pulls them together.

I am struggling to really come up with a negative thing to say about this book. There was much more positive things to focus on. Honestly, the story was a bit dark, and the events were brutal. But, there is much hope in this book. There are little bits of humor and honest friendships. We get to see the characters humanity in the face of terrible things. I felt a great sense of loss for the characters in this story. At the end there was still this great ending, that was totally plausible.

So yea, I really liked this story. I think readers who love thrillers books will really enjoy this book.

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About the Author

L. K. Hill is the author of Citadels of Fire and Persistence of Vision and has won numerous writing awards, including first place in the 2011 League of Utah Writer Writing Contest. She lives in Ogden, Utah.

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