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Today we are talking about Thanksgiving.

I am so sorry that I didn’t even consider my blogger friends overseas when I picked this topic. Today in the states we are celebrating Thanksgiving. It is suppose to be a day a big feast happened with the Pilgrims and the Indians. They put aside their differences and got together to give thanks for all they had. Today it seems more like a religious holiday. A lot of people would agree that today is a day to thank God(s) for the things we have in life. As most of you know, I don’t participate in religion, so I will thank fate, luck, and the figgin universe. Karma has been good to me this year, I’ll thank that.

We usually put up the tree and decorate for Christmas this weekend. We have to wait this year til we get moved into the new house. It’s kinda sad, but I can wait. We are set to close on the house December 10th.

Every year my whole family fights over which female gets to host dinner. We usually taken turns at each others houses. I usually work, because I am a nurse and people don’t get a day off from being sick. Also, Thanksgiving saves me from working on Christmas Day. This year there is none of that. They are there, and I am here. 3000 miles between us. I am still working but this year, but I am having my 17 year old daughter Belle make dinner. This will be her first big dinner, but I am sure she will pull it off.

So, Happy Thanksgiving!

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