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Today I am talking about Wethersfield, CT

I know it looks like I misspelled that, but Wethersfield is right. Wethersfield is a small town just south of Hartford in Connecticut. The town website says

“Wethersfield, founded in 1633–34, has its niche in history, being “Ye Most Ancient Towne” in Connecticut. Over one hundred fifty of our old, beautiful and distinctive Colonial homes stand as a symbol of the rich heritage which has been Wethersfield’s since the early days of its founding more than 375 years ago.”


The town is dived into Old Wethersfield and Wethersfield. Old Wethersfield is full of historical homes that are very picturesque. There is a cove park with a big lake in Old Wethersfield. They also have a house that George Washington is said to have stayed in and actually signed some historical document in it. A lot of the homes have placards on them denoting the age of the home. It is nothing to see homes with 1804 or 1740 on them. (how haunted are THOSE homes, i wonder)

There is a field in Old Wethersfield called “The Green” where all the seniors from the local high school go to take pictures for prom. My daughter actually told me about that, we will be taking photos at The Green at the end of the month.

There is a lot of $$ in Wetherfield. Even on the not “Old” side the homes average about $350,000 but some here go for over a million. That’s a home without any acreage y’all. We have a moderate home in Wethersfield. Actually, our street is full of starter homes that are all identical. They were built for WWII veterans to move into and start families after the war. They are all ranch style 2 bedroom 1 bath homes. Ours was expanded with an additional floor and a deck making it 4 bedrooms 2 baths.

This whole town shuts down at 8 pm. Everyone goes to sleep, I guess, (not us, cuz we are still on Florida time). This is the first town I have ever lived in in CT.

Everything I wanted to show you is in the video really. The music for it sucks, so maybe watch it on mute…

If the video doesn’t show up it is not my fault, wordpress just updated and shit is broken now. Just click here if you really want to see the video.

Tell me about your town.

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