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Killing Kittens is coming to America


Killing Kittens is an elite membership site that boasts over 18,000 like-minded members, mostly women. They are very picky in their elite membership. They have a screening process that keep their members from potential hook-ups with “undesirables”. Killing Kittens is all about fulfilling fantasies. Killing Kittens is the next generation of online dating. You may become a member of the “litter box” on this website for free. I have to admit the membership base of this club is very sexy. Who wouldn’t want to mingle with the sophisticated, beautiful & rich members who have already passed the screening? The thing that really sets this site apart is that only woman can join, (well that…and their screening process). No single males. Men can only be part of the club by being part of a couple. This is a site where woman have all the control.


Populist myth has it that every time a woman ‘sins by pleasuring herself

God, in retribution, kills a kitten.

According to the website “Killing Kittens” has become a colloquialism for female masturbation. I have never heard this, maybe it is well known in Europe? In America we don’t even admit that women do those thing in most circles, except maybe here on the net where we just call it like it is.

Killing Kittens is at the forefront of a movement where women make the decisions and own their sexuality. This is something unheard of in Europe.The brains behind Killing Kittens is Emma Sayle. Emma made a name for herself when she brought the now infamous New York Cake parties to London. Emma has become a tabloid darling who’s known for her provocative endeavors and is said to have ties to royalty like Kate Middleton, (Duchess of Cambridge).

What would it be like to attend a Killing Kittens party? Killing Kittens touts some of the most kinky parties on the planet. It is one part A list party, one part Eyes Wide Shut. The events organized by Killing Kittens are by invite only. “I organize orgies,” said the British “sex-trepreneur” and mind behind Killing Kittens. What red-blooded American swinger wouldn’t want to be a part of this? Three rules for the party:

  • Men can only speak when spoken to (by a woman).
  • “No” means no.
  • Girls make the rules, and only girls can break the rules.



You can view the Killing Kittens site here. Their first party in America is scheduled this month in beautiful Miami, FL.

Is America ready for Killing Kittens? More and more the question I have in mind is, Is Killing Kittens ready for Miami?

Sex Toy Society Edition 5


Welcome to Edition 5 of the Sex Toy Society review round-up. This weeks edition we have 43 newly written sex toy reviews by bloggers from around the world.

Do you want to be included in next weeks edition and get a chance to win a $100 EdenFantasys gift card? All you need to do is visit this page and submit your latest reviews and photographs before 11:59pm BST on Thursday 5th July 2012. Our authors of the week are selected by the number of reviews published, comments posted and photographs added to the Society so get adding!

You can also find us on Twitter for all the latest news on the society.

Sex Toy Society Review Directory

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Thirteen Days of Mind Vomit

I was forced to resign from my a job that I absolutely loved. The details are not important at this time. I have been unemployed now for thirteen days. Thirteen days and I have gone through all the stages of grief (denial, bargaining, depression, anger, and finally acceptance). This must have happened for a reason, right?


I still don’t know because it has only been thirteen days.

In these thirteen days I have filled out at least fifty applications. The economy sucks and I don’t want to work nights/weekends. I love my career and I refuse to work somewhere that has a bad reputation for care or where the nurses eat their young. Nurses eat their young. They have done it forever, it is a little known fact. Any nurse will tell you, is she denies it…it is probably her doing the feasting.

~a rant~There are lots of places in the world that people eat their young. I didn’t notice it so much until I was the young. The internet is also full of places that will try to make you feel unwelcome for being new. When I first started my sex blog. I noticed how cruel some people/companies where when I asked them to work with me. I didn’t know some things would be off-limits due to being new. I learned quick! New doesn’t always mean I am trying to take over. Is this self-preservation, that makes someone tear apart something new? Nurses eat their young, but they certainly aren’t the only ones. ~and I’m back to hemostasis~

So too much time on my hands and the thought of having to run into a situation of being feasted upon…I got ambitious. I do this from time to time. This blog is the result of one of my ambitions. I cannot just sit and play computer games all day. I have too many talents that will go to waste. I need money and a way to make it. Where are my talents? HTML, obviously. Sex toys, definitely! I have this ability to see something through. I have this ability to not quit and fade out. My blog was deleted and in one day I had a fresh site full of content.

So I got this idea…


What I want is my own sex toy store. I want a store that carries like everything at low prices. I want a place that I can set up and alter to my liking. I want to be able to give discount whenever I feel like it and not wait for a damned holiday. I want a commission that is fair.


I set this up in my thirteen days at home. I am giving 20% off every order with the code SUMMER

I plan on adding some guides and recommendations to it. Please take advantage of this sale going on. This site has like….well everything. For now…it is up and I am very proud of it. Please give it a look and tell me what you think. Be nice, I am new to this. I could use some honest constructive criticism. It doesn’t have to be full of hate.

(later the same day)

I had a job interview today and I got the job. I can hardly describe the relief I am feeling, knowing I will be able to pay rent next month! I am sure some of you can relate.

I got a new store and a new job and it only took thirteen days.


I found this website a few weeks ago. It is a human sexuality map with all things sexual on it. The idea is that you can click it and save it to share and show off. I hate that it doesn’t save anything for later so I only listed things I want to try (purple pins) and things I tried and I liked (green pins). I think it would be pretty cool to have this map just hanging on the wall. It just wouldn’t match my Mattel decor though.


I would love to see your map, so feel free to leave the link as a comment.

Find out where I’ve journeyed
on the Map of Human Sexuality!
Or get your own here!


Sale at Eden Fantasys

Eden Fantasys is an online adult retailer. The first products I ever reviewed I received from Eden Fantasys. I now have over seventy-five reviews on their website, and quite a few postings here as well of products they have sent me for FREE to review. When people ask me how they can review adult products I recommend Eden Fantasys. They have a very organized review “program”. Click on the banner to learn more about becoming a reviewer for Eden Fantasys.

Review Program Guidelines - Review Program - Support


They have a very large selection of sex toys, lingerie, book and movies. Eden Fantasys has easy to use “points program”. They reward you just for navigating the site. The points program is easy to sign up for and each point translates into savings when you cash them in! I have used Eden Fantasys points to purchase a lot of the toys in my collection. I racked up the points just for being active in the community. There are forums in the community for just about every taste in kink. They also have quite a few “clubs” for things like cooking and photography (so not just for kinksters). I have made more than a few online friends at Eden Fantasys and I learned a lot about toys and other bloggers just by being active on the site.

Eden Fantasys is having a huge summer clearance sale. 30-70% off 1000+ items. Click on the above banner to check them out. They are also running a 20% off discount site wide with the code CELEBRATE (good til 6/22 at 2pm EST). Eden Fantasys runs sales all the time.

♥ I always get a 15% discount by using the code SYM, (feel free to try it yourself it does not expire!). ♥

This post is sponsored by Eden Fantasys. For more about that click here.

Eden Fantasys Sales

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

May 1st marks the beginning of Masturbation Month. Coincidentally it is also my birthday month (yes, I celebrate the whole month!) and mother’s day. Since I am a mother, have a birthday and enjoy masturbating….I wanna talk about it. Some of my favorite things are on sale right now at Eden Fantasys! Eden Fantasys is an online sex toy shop with some pretty sweet perks…

As if that wasn’t enough they also have a large community of sex toy reviewers and enthusiasts. The community has hundreds of forums where you can ask questions, get advice and learn what other people think of toys. They also have lots of forums about sex, relationships, and life.

Right now they have 20% off site wide with the code XOXO. Eden Fantasys has a large selection of sex toys, adult gifts, lingerie and adult media. All the products on the site have product reviews from real people, so you can see what other people really think of something before you buy it. I have been on Eden Fantasys for over a year now and I love the community.I am really excited about their current promotion of 25% off select rechargeable toys since it includes some of my currents lusts…the Minna Ola, Extase Elegance, and Zini Hua!


This post is sponsored by Eden Fantasys.

Save a Tree Sale!


At Eden Fantasys Get 25% off 133 evolved novelty toys and donate one tree for each toy!

What an excellent way to celebrate Earth Day and get your groove on!

Evolved makes some fun toys and has the best packaging for their goods. These are a few that I own.

Bendable Touch $47.99 now $35.99.

Silky G $24.99 now $18.74

Love Handle $36.99 now $27.74

Express your love with Vroom! Sex toys from EdenFantasys. Shop now!

Swinger Sites

If you are looking to meet local couple’s to play with, a swinger website is a good place to start. There are a few unspoken rules. I haven’t met a couple in the lifestyle yet that wasn’t outraged at a profile full of tricks. Miguel and I have a few horror stories trying to meet people online. I would think most of this is common sense. Let me list the major offenses.

  • Not posting recent picture. When I say recent, let me be specific: your current age and weigh showing. Don’t try to sell anyone online on what you and your partner looked like 4 years and 2 kids ago. That is just being dishonest.
  • Saying you are “athletic” when you are clearly not. Don’t be ashamed to say “a little extra padding” if that actually describes you. Athletic means height and weight proportionate, not a person whose BMI is over 30!
  • Having unreasonable expectations about privacy. Don’t expect people to approach you when all you have is the picture of an ass or tits for your profile. Exchanging pictures is part of the process, expect to have to show your face in them. Do be wary of picture collectors and people that don’t reciprocate right away. Most swingers we have met respect the need for discretion, but we will never go meet anyone without seeing their face.
  • Not updating your profile, ever. Please tell me about what you are looking for.
  • Not reading other people’s profiles before trying to make contact. If we say “up to age 50″ then respect our limits, no I don’t really care if one of you was in our age range. If a profile says “no single males” and that is what you are, move on. You are more likely to have a chance with someone that is already open to you.
  • Having unreasonable expectations about a hook-up. Have a fantasy, but don’t expect strangers to play it out exactly as you fantasize. No hook-up goes exactly as planned. Having unrealistic expectations means you are sure to be disappointed. Case and point: I talked to a girl on twitter not too long ago that went to another state to act out a fantasy gang-bang. The girl’s female friend got sick, some of the guys couldn’t perform and her man got jealous. Think she will want to re-create this night anytime soon? Probably not.
  • Bringing “drama” to a hook-up. Swinging will not save your relationship. Fighting is bad etiquette, please don’t do it. Please work out your limits with your partner before heading out. Being in the lifestyle a while I know couple’s that show up and fight at almost every event. I go out to have fun, not to choose sides.
  • Thinking a “wave” or a “smile” means we want to hook-up. It doesn’t. I am trying to be friendly, don’t read anything but the obvious here.
  • Not being honest about your partner. I don’t ever want to be in this situation again. We met a guy just recently that wanted us to pretend we just met him at the club, then talk his chic into swinging. This guy isn’t honest with his own girlfriend, do you think I would trust him. Nope, not as far as I could throw him. This is the kind of douche bag that would “say” he put a condom on, but not really do it. His trustworthiness was already displayed by how he treat his partner. We were tricked into even meeting this guy. Now we always talk to the female by phone before we head out.

There are some sites that are better than others. Some sites say they have lots of swingers, but they you find out they are all in another state.

We really like SwingLifeStyle because it shows us local events and gives lots of options for “free” members.

Kasidie is alot of fun, especially if you travel alot. They have lots of vacations for swingers.

Kasidie.com... Plays Well With Others.

AdultFriendFinder is probably the most popular. Be specific on what you are looking for on this site though, since it is open to any kind of hook-up. We have met a few fun couples on this site.

Click here for more.

That is all I got for now. Happy Shopping!