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Friday Night at the Club

Eyz Wide Shut

So we went out on Friday night to Eyz Wide Shut and we went as a soft swap couple. We drank and danced and had a great time. Fridays at the club are sort of hit or miss and the club was not packed with people we knew. I gave the DJ my preference for songs and hit the dance floor. Sad to say that most of the club had voyeurs and not too many people were bold enough to dance. I didn’t really care if I was the only one out there at times. I love to dance. After a few really good songs a sexy chic in a black dress came out and danced with me for a bit. She danced close and we kissed a few times. Miguel did what he does best and went over to talk to the guy. This couple was very sexy. I think this was really fate, they were soft swap only as well.

This couple was alot of fun. They sat and chatted with us for quite a while. We did go outside with them a few times. She bummed a cigarette and we talked about quitting and how sometimes it just sucks. I am still vaping, but I must admit that I bummed a cigarette too. I just needed a reminder, cigarette smoking is part of this routine I have at the club. Hopefully not anymore. The cigarette tasted awful honestly. I don’t think I will have another.

Eventually, we finished our drinks and headed over to the lodging side together. We ended up in a private room, just the four of us. Some how we have never been in this room. I swear I thought we had been in every room. Anyways, it was a small room with two beds side by side and lots of well placed mirrors. We got in the room and all took our clothes off. She started out by sucking her man’s cock, and I sucked Miguel off. She had an amazing body. This girl was pretty amazing. She was so sexy and sensual.

We had some great girl/girl play. She licked and sucked my pussy so well. She had a neutral taste and I enjoyed playing with her and eating her pussy as well. I could have swore that they said they were “newbies” but she had no shyness about her. She explored every bit of my pussy with her tongue and then she went back to fuck her man. Miguel ate out my pussy while she kissed me and played with my tits. There was alot of touching and stroking while we all had sex. She even ate me out while her man fucked her from behind, Miguel had a nice view of that. Miguel fucked me so good. I got on top of Miguel at one point and I was going to use a toy on my clit. It ended up that the toy was completely dead. How the fuck? Oh well! I was so mad about the toy that I threw it across the room. (I didn’t break it, thankfully) I got off plenty when Miguel used his finger to rub my clit while he fucked me. I reached over and rubbed hers while her man fucked her. I think her man ended up coming on her beautiful tits, but the details of that are a bit foggy. We both came home exhausted and I fell right to sleep. I know we all had a great time.

That’s Not Pretty

I woke up around 9 today. We were out until after 2 am so I guess it’s no wonder really. I think I have been drinking too much lately. I have started taking shots of vodka after we get to the club along with all the beer and that has complicated everything for me. I am not exactly a nice person when I get too drunk. I feel great because the social filter comes off and my anxiety is completely gone. The next day I wake up feeling guilty or mad because last night some crazy took over. I tried expressing this to Miguel, but he didn’t understand. He bought me a shot anyways. I drank it and well, I probably shouldn’t have. Fucking hindsight is always 20/20!

I dance a bit more when I mix my liquor. I don’t seem to care if I look silly or drunk and I think dancing maybe the only thing that keeps people from realizing just exactly how drunk I really am. I am not talking enough for people to hear me slurring my words or losing track of the conversation. I managed to make it through the game last night and I genuinely had a great time, and then we went over to the lodging.

We met with a couple we had been dancing with all night. They were already naked and we joint them, shedding our clothes. I got my Life vibe out and went to work on her clit. She squirted right away with that vibe on her clit. Then she went to work on me. She had me lay back and she started licking, sucking, smacking, and rubbing my clit. I was writhing on the couch and Miguel came around and put his cock in my mouth. It went like this for a while and then she would come up and we would both be sucking his cock, until he pulled away panting and trying to keep from cuming. She was close to brutal with her manipulations on my most sensitive spot. I loved it and I wanted her to stop. She alternated between pleasure and pain until Miguel sheathed his cock in a condom and started fucking her from behind. She worked her way over to her man and sucked his cock while Miguel fucked her. She was reaching out to me, but I deflected and told her that I liked to watch. It’s true that one of my favorite things is watching Miguel fuck somebody else. I go back and forth between lust and jealousy. I know this girl, and I trust Miguel so it was really not an issue. If it had been anyone else, it might have been a bad night. I had just the right chemistry mix of alcohol to turn a sexy time into a nightmare. I need to stop mixing alcohol, and drink less on play nights, that is all. Eventually I did get Miguel and the Life, which gave me a good orgasm. I rode his cock for a short time before…well, I don’t really remember why we stopped. I just know that I was a bit upset that Miguel didn’t even cum last night.

I feel bad now thinking about how her man didn’t get as much attention as he should have. I almost had tunnel vision the whole time. Work schedules, kids and lack of good sleep has kept us from fucking at home like we used to. When we do have sex lately it is incredible, but not happening often enough. Not enough at all! The thing that is different lately, we used to go to the lodging once or twice just the two of us then we would find someone to play. We haven’t been doing that at all lately, and so my focus is on getting from Miguel what I am missing at home.

Now that everything is sort of falling into place with the new job and we got the car situation sorted out. We need to get back to having sex more often. I know some people think that is what happens in a long term relationship, the sex starts to drop off. I don’t want that for us. I deal in sex too much on a daily basis to not be getting it enough. Plus Miguel is such a great fuck, it is a shame to not make him put his skills to work. I know some of you might say a sex toy could take care of that, but no…no no no! It is not even close. I did some math and we are only having sex 30% of the time. Those stats suck! Since we have this whole commitment thing, and we are committed to swinging as well. I demand more sex! I have to have it, now let’s just see if I get it…I know I should be embarrassed to admit all of this here, but in reality secrets keep me feeling bad. So I will air out all my laundry here in the hopes that you guys will keep me honest. Honesty may be the last solitary virtue I have.

A Great Fuck

Eyz Wide Shut

I got a new job! I am so elated to have found a job I like and pays well. It will be nice to have some of our money stress removed. We went out last night. First we went to a place so lame I won’t even bother to mention the name here. We had one drink at this club. It wasn’t really a club, though, more of a bar that is suppose to be swinger friendly. There were some swingers there but it was a rinky-dink bar and the people were not typical friendly swingers….plus the drinks were too expensive. We each had one $4 beer, opting not to have the $6 rum runner “special”. What the fuck is so special about a $6 drink? We had one drink each and high-tailed it outta there! We went to Eyz Wide Shut since we were kind of in the neighborhood.

We had a great night at Eyz even though it was a little bit slow. We are a bit spoiled by Eyz, we have high standards for a club I guess. Fridays are not as busy as Saturday night there, but we met some sexy new people. Things are a little weird right now, for me, we didn’t hook-up with anyone. I don’t know what to say about it, really. I think maybe stress and not really spending quality time together lately. It seems like we do but, eh…I always feel so scattered. Who cares about all that shit? I just need to get my mind back in the game and focus.

We go out to clubs to meet new people, and that is exactly what we did last night. It was fun! Then we went to the lodging side and put on a show in Lovers Lane. God! Miguel is such a good lover, I am wet just thinking about last night. All this week really since Sunday night the sex has been incredible. We used toys all week, but last night, we didn’t need any toys. First I had Miguel lay down on one of the beds, I pulled up a cushion for my knees and sucked his cock. There were about 5 other couples in the room. I know most of them were enjoying the show. I love to suck his cock, it takes everything in me to stop when he asks me to, so he doesn’t cum in my mouth. I licked his shaft and sucked his balls before engulfing the head in my mouth. I like to suck just the head and use my hands on the shaft. I stopped when he asked me to this time and he had me lay back so he could lick me.

I was so wet from sucking him, I am sure he got a mouth full of my juice. Miguel sucks and moans on my clit, the vibrations are amazing. Then he starts to finger fuck me while he sucks my clit at the same time. Miguel knows right where to thrust to hit my g-spot. The combinations of sensations had me writhing and grinding my snatch into his face. He had at least three fingers going furiously fast, fucking my g-spot while he flicked my clit with his tongue. I lost all sense of where we were and I closed my eyes. When I opened them I saw people watching and walking back and forth to get a better view. Then Miguel stopped and crawled up to put his cock in my mouth, his hand still working my pussy. A few seconds later and he re-positioned himself to fuck me missionary style.

His cock slid right in and he held me real close using my body for leverage. I tried to match his tempo fucking back as best I could. Every stroke made a wet sound, sounding sex as hell. Miguel wanted to fuck me doggy style, so he had me turn around for him. The height of the bed was just right for him. Our bed at home is too soft, but this bed was nice and firm and perfect for me on my hands and knees. I am sure he was thinking he would be able to watch us fuck in a mirror, there are usually mirrors everywhere, but there wasn’t one where we needed it. He fucked me doggy style and alternated between fast strokes and slow. On the slow strokes he pulled out almost all the way and commented on how fucking hot it looked to see his cock enveloped in my pussy. On the slow strokes he almost stopped a few times, but I pushed back and made him continue. He smacked my ass a few times, only making me hotter for the fuck he was giving me. I sat up and turned to him and he kissed me alot while he fucked me. He would then push me forward and grab my hair, it was an incredible fuck. I sure wish I could have watched it. He flipped me over again and fucked me missionary. A few times he sat straight up and worked my clit with his hands while he hammered his cock in me. I came over and over again as he did this. Miguel stopped just short of cumming and I was shaking as I tried to get dressed.

We went back to the club and ate. I had to have a smoke after a fuck like that. Miguel wanted to chat a bit more before finishing our fuck, so we sat outside and made small talk with some people we know. We ended up back at the lodging side about 30 mins later. We got a private room this time. Miguel had me lay down so he could suck my clit and finger fuck me again. I had my eyes closed at first but when I opened them I had the perfect view of him eating me out in the ceiling mirror. I came a few more times in his mouth and then Miguel put his cock into me. I came a few more times as Miguel fucked me missionary style. The second time didn’t last quite as long, but it was still incredible.

I don’t understand how sex keeps getting better between us, but here we are having even better sex almost every time. I am so in love and lust with Miguel it is no wonder jealousy rears it’s ugly head once in a while. I would be crazy to not have any fear of losing him.

Sexy Entertainment

Miguel and I went out Monday night. So we actually met this couple a few months ago, when the band he is in played at a local club. The band was actually really good and we enjoyed her company (and his between sets). That was a get-to-know you meeting. Miguel found their ad on Craig’s List Monday night, looking for some naughty exhibitionism, so we answered.

We arrived at their place a little after 9. They are a very laid back couple. They showed us their dungeon, that was kind of tore down on account of being the holidays. They had family staying over and didn’t quite know how to explain the hooks from the ceiling, so we couldn’t actually play there. They had a nice collection of kinky whips and crops, we didn’t get to play with any of it though. We talked mostly and from there you can guess that the conversation led to my website and a little show and tell about my bag of toys. We didn’t end up using any of it. They really wanted someone to watch….and watch we did.

They started making out in the chair they were sharing and he stood up so she could suck his cock. She got him nice and hard and seemed to really enjoy her work. There is nothing like watching two people who love each other…..I really enjoyed the show. When Miguel stood in front of me I knew it was my turn so I sucked him good. He was wearing his C-Sling which made his cock stick out even more giving me easy access. I love the taste of him. I know just how to suck him to full hardness. I deep throating his cock and gagged a bit, until he stopped me so he could take his clothes off.

We moved to the bedroom for some parallel play. Miguel had me lay back and buried his face in my pussy. He licked my clit and finger fucked my g-spot. I cum every time he does this. Right next to us, she was laying on her back with her man’s face buried in her muff.  Miguel sat up and rubbed his cock my wet slit. Then he buried his cock balls deep into me. Next to us they started fucking as well. I closed my eyes to concentrate on the feeling of his cock sliding in and out, the sexy scene of this couple fucking right next to us. When I opened my eyes the couple next to us was doing it doggy style. She was such a petite girl, he was pushing her hips down to meet his thrusts. It was so sexy to watch him fuck her. Miguel had me flip around too so he could fuck me from behind. It was then that I noticed the mirrors on the headboard and the wall. The mirrors gave a great view of the couple next to us, and I could watch Miguel’s face as he fucked me and smacked my ass.

Miguel had me get on my back again and he fucked me till he came. A few minutes later the guy pulled out and moved up the bedside to cum on her face. It was so fucking hot. He was talking some sexy shit to her as his cum covered her face and she loved it. What a hot couple! I am wet right now just thinking about it. This couple had been together 11 years and knew how to please each other and put on a hot show.

I had a great time with that couple. It has been a while since we had a soft swap go so fucking well. There was no awkwardness, it was not a competition, just two couples fucking in the same room. It was live porn, minus the silicone and freaky angles. I wanna do it again….soon!


Late, I know, but I wanna tell you what happened last Saturday night. We went out to to Eyz Wide Shut, no big surprise there. This time we remembered to pack the flogger….

I’m gonna skip right over the dancing, drinking, games and potential hook-ups that didn’t happen to tell you about the sexy stuff that actually went down. We went over to the lodging side. I was sure we were gonna head straight over to the dungeon—but no! Miguel wanted an audience. We went into the “Hedo” room, which is full of beds covered in black leather and bondage furniture. The bondage furniture is not really a big attracting feature. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone play on the furniture. I had to admit I had not even noticed it really, (but you have to consider how much I usually drink). Miguel remembered seeing the benches there, though. He even remembered which one of the two benches had straps.

So he pulls the blindfold out of his pocket and puts it on me. There are at least eight other couples in the room. He helps me out of my skirt, shirt and bra. Then he leads me over to the bench and he straps me in. I am now strapped onto the bench wearing only my panties, my thigh high lace top fishnets and my high heels. I am blindfolded and he brushes the flogger over my back and ass. I am totally relaxed knowing what is coming next. I am finally going to get the flogging I deserve. He alternates hitting my left and right side as he flogs my ass, thighs and back. I would be in heaven at this point except for the stupid fucking girls giggling in the corner with their hook-ups. It gets quiet finally and all I have to listen to is the door opening and closing behind me, Miguel’s footsteps as he circles around me and the slap of the flogger on my skin. Now I can go to that place, the white sting of bliss. I am butter.

Miguel undoes my straps and helps me to stand up and guide me over to a bed. I lay back and open up for him. How long did I entertain, I don’t know. Miguel later tells me we had an audience of at least twenty people. This makes me happy. I know spanking is sexual, but it is also so much more than that. It is a quick release for all the shit I carry around. For countless minutes I let go, I gave him control. I blindly trusted him to deliver the sting of my redemption.

We had mad crazy sex after this. I was so ready for a good fucking. I was still blindfolded as he guided his cock in. I came on contact. He pulls the blindfold off of me so I can see how close we are to a couple engrossed in passionate sex right next to us, they are still fucking well after we are done. A stranger approaches and touches my leg, but Miguel pushes him away. It is just us tonight. Another man is 6 feet away jacking off while he watches us. Single men are not allowed in this room and I can only assume that he was invited by a couple and stayed after to enjoy the show. I don’t care if he watches. He asks if I will suck his dick after we get done, but I decline. He was uninvited. He gets dressed and so do we. This is the end to a great night.

It is nice to have a place so close by that we can play at. We are looking to purchase another flogger. Miguel really wants to florentine. I can hardly wait! It is Friday already, so we might have to go to Phoenix. Phoenix is another club, it is even closer to home. It is a true private club in every sense and they do not allow alcohol or sex on premises. I guess we’ll just wait and see where we end up tonight!

Till next time Lovelies, Keep it Sexy!

Yes to BDSM!

Okay Lovelies, it is no big secret that I have been wanting to explore the BDSM lifestyle for a while now. I have my reasons…. starting with a whetting of my appetite by our friends at Blissful Lotus. The problem is that most swingers only dabble into the fetish lifestyle so we haven’t found a nice crossover couple to introduce us around. Something about letting go and letting someone else take control. I get everything I need when I submit. I have come to grips with the fact that a good spanking can take me there. This is pretty delicate, though. After some of our not so great experiences when we started at swinging, I knew we needed some good mentors.

Miguel has been really busy trying to find us a hot spot to “play” (when he isn’t too busy looking for that mythical unicorn, that is!). He found us a club a few weeks ago and we choose last night to go try it out. This place has everything we need to get us going in the right direction. The website was nicely laid out. We still didn’t know exactly what to expect. Honestly, after what happened at the last BDSM club we had very low expectations.

We arrived at the club sober, aware that they didn’t allow drinking on premise. Normally this would have been a deal-breaker but I think we needed to be sober for this. We were greeted at the door by a very friendly sexy couple. There were various displays of whips, floggers and other BDSM gear for aesthetic pleasure and some for sale. The couple seemed totally taken aback that we didn’t have a “sponsor” to the club. Ummm oops! We didn’t know we needed a sponsor! Oh well, then meet with one of the owners and see if you can charm your way into membership. We did, we are now members of a local BDSM club. Details about the club name and location….. (I wanna respect the privacy of the club and its members I wanna talk to the owner before I do this.)

The club itself is like a big dungeon. Half of the club was for play, with various “scene” furniture, (scenes are what they call playtime, I am trying to use the right lingo). The other half of the club had tables and chair and a small kitchen. There was an upstairs loft as well for those that desire a bit of privacy. There were quite a bit of rules, most of them for safety and to keep stupid at bay. These members have a lot of respect for others peoples play, so we felt very safe and welcome. Most of the Subs make food and bring it in to serve their Doms. There was alot of symbolism rules that I was made aware of including what color my cup should be. I guess at a place like this you will want to know right away if you are talking to the Sub or the Dom, so that makes sense.  As luck would have it, it was the owners birthday. We made some small talk and when we met the owner he agreed to do a “scene” with me. The owner, (like everyone except us) had a bit of luggage full of tools. He whipped out two bags and proceeded to tell me all about the variations. I stripped down to my panties and bent over a table (not sure what to call it, it wasn’t a bench it was a 2 tiered table) I was eager to have everything tried out on me! He did a great job of explaining which toys/tools gave me the best pleasure. It is all about sensation and allowing me to go there, to my happy place, while enjoying a great spanking. He had some wonderful tools, and some that were too stingy for me. He rubbed and talked me through everything, I was able to go there. I was so lucky to have this Master working on me, I really enjoyed his techniques. The owner and his Sub had to leave right after that though. Hopefully we will see them again soon!

Another couple was talking to us and they really seemed to enjoy taking us under their wing, if only for the night. They weren’t really a sub/dom couple so much as they were a power play couple. The Dom definitely was not Sub about anything, but she was much too outspoken to be meek in her demeanor. She allows him to play the Dom. That is the best way I could describe this. Totally not like from the owner and his slave. His Sub was owned and meek, a perfect sub type. The whole time he talked to us, she sat quietly by his side. Only when the conversation intentionally shifted to her did she talk. I don’t know if I will ever be that way, I am a Gemini so the urge to take-over the conversation would probably kill me! Right okay moving on…..they agreed to take us upstairs so Miguel could get a feel for the tools. They volunteered me to use them on….yes! I got down to my panties and go strapped to a St. Andrew’s Cross. The cross was not as comfortable as the table. They did alot of talking too. The most surprising thing about the whole experience was how lightly Miguel used the tools on me. He loves me alot and did not want to make it a bad experience. I love him for that. When we came home it was different though, we had rough sex. Miguel grabbed my hair and really took control, I loved it.

We learned so much about the tools.

  1. In the BDSM community limp is a good thing. (referring to the flogger folks!)
  2. A little refers to a grown up. (cuz they like their bigs alot!)
  3. A Dungeon Master has nothing to do with the game Dungeons and Dragons.
  4. Leather is something you earn.
  5. A dragon’s whip can take me there in 3 smacks.
  6. Thud is better than sting.
  7. All cats have nine tails.
  8. The more surface area the better.
  9. A “wrap” is not just a sandwich.

I think the night was a success! I am so glad we became members, so we can go back again soon. I have been trying to find all the people we met on fetlife so I can get more involved in the community. The members there were eager to tell us about all the local events so we can learn more. there is so much we didn’t know. They said there is so much going on in this area….I am sure our weekends will be full of sexy events.