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Stranger Sex

Eyz Wide Shut

I have no motivation today. I am sitting here with a list of shit to do today and I can’t get out of this chair. I am a bit sore from last night, my back really. I had such a good time last night, and I can check one thing off my stupid list!

There was a line out the door when we arrived last night at Eyz Wide Shut. I have never seen that. They say it got like that on New Year’s Eve, but we missed the rush by getting there late. It was packed and I had a lot of fun. By the time we went to the lodging I had lost all my lipstick, making out with people in the club. No jealousy last night, we went to have a good time and I was flirting with everyone. I actually lost track of Miguel a few times. Everything just flowed perfectly as I shifted my focus from sex with Miguel, to flirting with everyone else. I think jealous girl is gone. Everyone loved the corset too, btw…

We lost an hour somewhere, I think it was while we were busy in one of the rooms. I don’t care. It was packed last night, even the hedo room and lover’s lane were pretty full. Luckily, a couple left a room and we claimed it after it was cleaned. I stripped off my jeans and got on all fours still wearing the corset. The mirrors in the room allowed for the perfect view everywhere I looked. Miguel got up behind me and rubbed his cock on my slit, it slid right in and he pumped it into me. Miguel fucking me from behind and I got a great view of his ass as he humped his cock into me. He pulled out of my soaked pussy and started fumbling threw my bag. He found a vibrator and handed it to me. He ordered me to play with myself and slipped a blindfold over my eyes. “I am going to get you your wish, a stranger to fuck”. I had a vibrator in my hand working my clit and I came and came in anticipation.

I heard some fumbling in the room. I reached for Miguel and he guided my hand to his cock as another hand, a stranger’s hand, worked my pussy. Miguel stood next to me as a stranger’s mouth began to lick and suck my pussy. The blindfold prevented me from seeing anything with my eyes so I let me hands see for me. This man had his head buried in my snatch and I ground my pussy into his face while jacking Miguel’s cock with my right hand. I felt lips and tongue and teeth as this man devoured my flower. I was so ready for strange cock. Miguel got so hot watching he had to pull away from me stroking his cock a few times.

The guy pulled away to sheath his cock and then he impaled me with it. The curve on his cock was profound. The feeling of his pumping was so different. I was getting my wish. A stranger was fucking me. First as I lay on my back, then I was flipped over and he fucked me from behind. Eventually, the guy lay down on the bed and I got on top. He unzipped the top of my corset and tweaked my nipples with his hands as I rode his cock. We finished like that, or should I say he finished. Every time I reached for Miguel he was right there, keeping close watch. There were no words exchanged after he came. I rolled over and waited for Miguel to see him out of the room. He served his purpose, my dildo for the night. He ordered me to keep playing with myself if I wanted more, which of course I did. I slid the vibrator all over my labia and clit, rubbing it in circles hoping to orgasm. I needed a cock to help me out. I pleaded with Miguel to fuck me so I could cum on his cock. I needed his fat cock to fill me up and pump my pussy while I worked the vibrator on my clit. I was right there when he came and pulled out. I continued to work my clit. I was insatiable last night. I still wanted more. After a quick recovery, Miguel sat and watched me struggle to reach orgasm. It was taking too long, I almost gave up. Because he knew I needed it, he finger fucked my g-spot until I cried out. Waves of orgasm washing over me and I writhed on the bed my pussy clenching his fingers as he rode my orgasm out to completion.

We left out of there and it was after 3 am. The club was closed, any after parties would take place without us. We were invited but too tired to play anymore. I think next weekend a full swap is in order. Miguel gave me what I wanted, all I had to do was ask. I want to watch Miguel next time…

That’s Not Pretty

I woke up around 9 today. We were out until after 2 am so I guess it’s no wonder really. I think I have been drinking too much lately. I have started taking shots of vodka after we get to the club along with all the beer and that has complicated everything for me. I am not exactly a nice person when I get too drunk. I feel great because the social filter comes off and my anxiety is completely gone. The next day I wake up feeling guilty or mad because last night some crazy took over. I tried expressing this to Miguel, but he didn’t understand. He bought me a shot anyways. I drank it and well, I probably shouldn’t have. Fucking hindsight is always 20/20!

I dance a bit more when I mix my liquor. I don’t seem to care if I look silly or drunk and I think dancing maybe the only thing that keeps people from realizing just exactly how drunk I really am. I am not talking enough for people to hear me slurring my words or losing track of the conversation. I managed to make it through the game last night and I genuinely had a great time, and then we went over to the lodging.

We met with a couple we had been dancing with all night. They were already naked and we joint them, shedding our clothes. I got my Life vibe out and went to work on her clit. She squirted right away with that vibe on her clit. Then she went to work on me. She had me lay back and she started licking, sucking, smacking, and rubbing my clit. I was writhing on the couch and Miguel came around and put his cock in my mouth. It went like this for a while and then she would come up and we would both be sucking his cock, until he pulled away panting and trying to keep from cuming. She was close to brutal with her manipulations on my most sensitive spot. I loved it and I wanted her to stop. She alternated between pleasure and pain until Miguel sheathed his cock in a condom and started fucking her from behind. She worked her way over to her man and sucked his cock while Miguel fucked her. She was reaching out to me, but I deflected and told her that I liked to watch. It’s true that one of my favorite things is watching Miguel fuck somebody else. I go back and forth between lust and jealousy. I know this girl, and I trust Miguel so it was really not an issue. If it had been anyone else, it might have been a bad night. I had just the right chemistry mix of alcohol to turn a sexy time into a nightmare. I need to stop mixing alcohol, and drink less on play nights, that is all. Eventually I did get Miguel and the Life, which gave me a good orgasm. I rode his cock for a short time before…well, I don’t really remember why we stopped. I just know that I was a bit upset that Miguel didn’t even cum last night.

I feel bad now thinking about how her man didn’t get as much attention as he should have. I almost had tunnel vision the whole time. Work schedules, kids and lack of good sleep has kept us from fucking at home like we used to. When we do have sex lately it is incredible, but not happening often enough. Not enough at all! The thing that is different lately, we used to go to the lodging once or twice just the two of us then we would find someone to play. We haven’t been doing that at all lately, and so my focus is on getting from Miguel what I am missing at home.

Now that everything is sort of falling into place with the new job and we got the car situation sorted out. We need to get back to having sex more often. I know some people think that is what happens in a long term relationship, the sex starts to drop off. I don’t want that for us. I deal in sex too much on a daily basis to not be getting it enough. Plus Miguel is such a great fuck, it is a shame to not make him put his skills to work. I know some of you might say a sex toy could take care of that, but no…no no no! It is not even close. I did some math and we are only having sex 30% of the time. Those stats suck! Since we have this whole commitment thing, and we are committed to swinging as well. I demand more sex! I have to have it, now let’s just see if I get it…I know I should be embarrassed to admit all of this here, but in reality secrets keep me feeling bad. So I will air out all my laundry here in the hopes that you guys will keep me honest. Honesty may be the last solitary virtue I have.

A Good Day and Sexy Night

Eyz Wide Shut

Yesterday went so well, it make all the week’s toils worth it. We took our new car for a long trip with all the kids in tow. It felt so good to not have to worry about breaking down. Those of you that have ever had car issues can probably relate. We just had a great family day and my heart was full. Last night was one of the funnest nights I have had in a while at Eyz Wide Shut. The place was packed by 11pm. Last night we headed out in very good spirits and we didn’t get home till after 3:30am. Time seemed to go really fast on the club side. We chatted with everyone we could and we almost headed over to the lodging an hour early. I had a feeling that we should wait and my hunch turned out to be exactly what we needed.

When we finally did go to the lodging side we were accompanied by two couples. We had a little bit of a problem finding a room and we had one but they were already in Lover’s lane by that time. As soon as we walked in the door there were the couples already naked and ready to play. The girls were laying next to each other on the couches with the guys on either side. Miguel and I picked a spot next to them. I was wearing a black corset top and some jeans. I ended up not even taking off the corset but i removed everything else. Miguel stripped down completely like the other couples so they were all in the buff. We were right in the doorway of the entrance to these two common rooms. Every time a new couple (or couples) walked in one of the guys would say “Oh by the way, there might be naked people in here.” It was pretty comical.

I just happened to have two clitoral toys with me, so I got to work immediately in fishing them out of my bag to put them to work. First I had my new Mia, and I worked that on the “new” couple. This is a couple we had talked to for a few Saturdays and we shared an interest in LELO toys. I knew she might like the Mia, since she was pretty impressed with the Liv her husband bought her. This Mia is one from the re-designed line and it’s vibrations are pretty impressive. Shaped like a lipstick, it is pretty and a very effective clitoral vibe. This girl was so cute with a sexy curvy shape on her small frame. Her breasts were so full and beautiful I started there and played with them a bit, and then I went to work on her clit. She was very “neutral” tasting just like the girl from the other couple. I licked and sucked her clit and I tried to work her clit manually, but my nails do not allow for rough play. I got the Mia out and made it do all the hard work. After jacking her clit for a few minutes I guided her hand over to the toy and she took over.

Moving down the line, to the other girl who I knew needed a bit of power. I brought out the Life by Leaf for her. I am pretty familiar with this sexy bitch and I know she likes it rough. I didn’t have to worry about hurting her. I licked and sucked her clit, then I put the Life on full blast and applied steady pressure on her clit. About 30 seconds after I applied the Life to her clit she squirted all over. It shot about 3 feet out and drenched the floor. I had about a five second warning when she said, “I’m gonna squirt!” It was pretty cool to watch! It would have sucked to be showered by it though. Only when I heard chuckles all around us did I realize what an audience we had. She wanted to do it again with the Life on her clit but I was pretty ready for some action myself so I guided her hand over to the toy and moved over to Miguel.

Scenes like this make me so glad we chose this lifestyle. I got fucked every which way, somehow we fucked on both sides of these two couples. Hands were outstretched and there was some cross groping going on making the sex so much hotter. As if seeing the couple next to you was not enough to turn us on, reaching out and stroking them made it feel real, and was such a fucking turn on. I was on my hands and knees getting it from behind with a great view of what the couple next to us was doing. Miguel was fucking me so hard and putting so much pressure on my ass, it was hard to fall over but I did pretty good staying up. Then Miguel would have me flip over so he could fuck me missionary style. He tried to get me to go on top, but I protested and he finished off soon after. My thighs were seriously wasted from dancing for like 4 hours with hardly any breaks. We were both completely spent afterwards.We ran into more friends on the way out, with an invitation to play some more. We just could though, I needed food!

The ride home was a big blur of lights and Taco Bell. We walked in the door to find a sick child with my Mom and it’s back to reality.

Anaconda Dildo Giveaway

Take a look at this thrusting tool SheVibe has authorized me to GIVE AWAY, The Tantus Anaconda!

Dimensions: 7″ x 1.75″ (with a 4″ handle)

Materials: Silicone

Tantus makes this ingenious dildo with 100% ultra-premium soft silicone. This is the best material on the market for dildos. It is hypoallergenic, hygienic, odorless, tasteless, boilable, dishwasher safe, and phthalate free. With proper care, this toy can last a lifetime. I do not have the Anaconda, but I know all products from Tantus are made with the utmost pride and craftsmanship. They are my favorite toy makers on the market, because they don’t cut corners.

My mind immediately thinks of thrusting when I see this tool. I really want this for myself, but I know my kinky readers could appreciate having an item like this. Here is you chance to win Anaconda for yourself (or a friend)! I’m using rafflecoptor again so hopefully you all know the drill. All entries will be verified and fraudulent entries will be disqualified. I am going to try to make this pretty easy to enter.

Have a thrusting toy at home? We have Colt the Prowler here. It was my first dildo with a handle. It is an unyielding dildo, as it is made of hard plastic. I loved it anyways due to the fact that it has a handle. I can just imagine all the fun we would have with this! There really aren’t too many toys on the market with a handle. To enter this contest, just go to the SheVibe website and find a toy with a handle that interests you. (Type handle in the search bar and tell me one you see on the first page). While you are there…check out their discounted prices and large selection.

I really do love SheVibe! They have a review program anyone can participate in, and they give $3 credit for each review (that is the highest pay I have found for a review on any website). I want to thank SheVibe for sponsoring this giveaway. If you are too impatient to try to win you could always go to the SheVibe website and get this dildo now for only $44.99. It is really a small price to pay for such an awesome tool!


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Swinging with Sex Toys

Eyz Wide Shut

Last night at Eyz Wide Shut a really cool thing happened, two people whom I have never met came up to me and said they read my blog. The world is smaller than I think. I always imagine I write this blog and I have a few readers, but they are probably too far away for me to ever meet. It is a really cool thing, to be spotted by someone that appreciates all the hard work that goes into this little sliver of the world wide web. This blog has become a very needy child in my life. I love it and labor over its behavior. I check my stats daily and approve of it comments and links. Does it influence people? Is it easy to relate to it’s content? I hope the answer is always yes.

Last night was the Valentine’s Party at Eyz Wide Shut. They had a Mr. & Mrs. Eyz Wide Shut competition and the winners got free membership for a year. This game was originally suppose to take place on Friday so I thought I missed it. I really wanted to play, but Miguel said “No Mas” to playing games. I was outside when it started and didn’t get to participate. The winner were some nice people anyways and I hope free membership will encourage them to come out more often. Why they need a monthly membership to a club that doesn’t keep track of it’s patrons, I will never understand. I am hoping at least with my new employment we will be able to go without finances stopping us. I absolutely need my downtime, and the club has become a very familiar routine to me.

After drinking and dancing, entirely too much for a white girl, we headed over to the lodging side. The place was packed with bodies, even the Hedo Room and Lover’s Lane were pretty full. There just wasn’t a quiet corner for us. All of the rooms were taken, as well. Lucky for us we knew they had another play room and they opened it when we asked. The Western room is where we ended up. I have only glimpsed this room before. It’s so named because of a horse saddle and a very well placed Hitachi wand on a low bench. Miguel suggested that I use that Hitachi with my panties on to start with. I hiked up my dress and went for a ride on the saddle.

I hate to admit this, but I do not own a Hitachi. I have played with one before, and I do reference it’s strength of vibrations quite a lot. The Hitachi is the staple of woman’s wands, nothing else really comes close to being as recognizable. Initially intended for deep tissue massage at home, it quickly became popular as a sex toy. Before I started reviewing sex toys, a Unicorn came over and brought her Hitachi with her to play. I orgasmed in less than one minute with it. I have lusted after one ever since. This toy is loud and very large. If you look at bondage pics you will eventually run into a picture of a woman tied up and a Hitachi bound to her. This is a common bondage, forced orgasms by Hitachi. I tried to trade for one on a popular toy swap site, but the box came to me open and empty. I was sorely disappointed. Then, I actually won one in a contest, but the toy store was out of stock and so I have to wait again. I will eventually have one of my very own, I can hardly wait!

After riding on the saddle for only a few minutes I came and I was really for a good fuck. Miguel was so patient waiting for me I thought I would reward him by sucking his cock. I am all about sucking his cock lately and I didn’t mind at all to help him get nice and stiff for me. He had me lay back after a few minutes and he fucked me really good missionary style. The wets sounds of his cock pumping my pussy filled the room. He fucked me until he was exhausted. Furiously fast, and then slowing down to keep from cuming. He laid down next to me and I got on top to finish him off. The mirrors in this room were perfectly laid out so I could see his cock going into me when I looked back. This sent me right over the edge of ecstasy and I rode him even harder. He grabbed my throat as he came into me. We were both completely spend after this.

The allure of going there hasn’t worn off. We both need a night out and have made many friends at Eyz. For us it is a place where we can get away and meet other swingers. Being able to have sex and get loud, or have other people join in or watch is an added perk. Some nights we have an audience, some nights we are the audience. I find my kink is fulfilled in this lifestyle. I met some other toy lovers at the club and tried to share what I have learned in the past year reviewing sex toys with them. One of the new couples we met were happy to tell me about their new Lelo Liv and what it had added to their sex life. I made a few suggestions and congratulated them on purchasing good quality sex toys. Another single guy I met was really excited to tell me about a finger vibe he loves to share with his lovers. I took the opportunity to try to educate him about safe materials. To him I probably seemed a sex toy snob. At least he seemed willing to listen. I dropped names like Tantus, Leaf, We-Vibe and Lelo and mentioned a few sex toy sites I trust. My swingers friends call me the sex toy queen. I love it. Next weekend we can’t go out at all. Our babysitter is leaving for the weekend. I guess we will have to find other ways to amuse ourselves, I am sure it won’t be difficult.

A Sleeve that Fits!

I just want to take a second and thank Tenga for creating something that my very picky lover enjoys….okay time’s up! Let’s talk about it!

This is the Module, it a 3D Male masturbation sleeve made by Tenga. These folks obviously know what they are doing since the simplicity of this design is frackin genious! Easy to use, easy to clean, and it feels good. I love the discreet look of this design and Miguel said it worked really well!

Materials: Ag Antibacterial Elastomer

Dimensions: 5.75″ x 2.75″ (vaginal depth 4.5″, but it streches very easily)

This toy came packaged exactly like you see it. It had all the little instructions and a sample of water-based “hole lube”. The Module is compatible with silicone or water-based lubrication. This toy stretches and could accomadate most any male. It seems like they have really thought this product through. It is really easy to turn inside-out and use. The square pattern goes inside for added stimulation. The interior is smooth. The product had no smell out of the package. They even included a little stand where you can put it to dry when you are done using it.

With correct use you will get about 50 uses out of this product. The insert says it may discolor from it’s brillant white with usage. However, this does not affect the quality or safety of the material. Tenga has tried to make use as easy as possible by including written instructions and pictures. What guy actually reads the direction? It is pretty self explanatory anyways. Turn it inside-out, add lube, use it, wash it with soap and water, turn it outside-in, put it on the stand to dry, cover it after it dries. It looks great sitting on his nightstand too! The clear cover keeps dust and lint away from it so it is ready to go whenever you are.¬† Here are the details from their website:

Keep this product away from direct sunlight and kids. It is so pretty they will want to touch it. It feels really fun, not as great as cyber-skin or superskin but it stetches very easily and feels like it conforms very easily.

Miguel used a water-based lubrication with this sleeve. He has owned a few sleeves and even has a fleshlight. He came up to me right after using it. He reported that the squares added to stimulation. The Module warmed up really nicely. The end is not open and the suction added to the sensation, it also added a sexy sound to the experience. The skin of the hole was thin enough to create adequate pressure to get him off much better than with just his hand alone. He said it was much easier to manuever than the fleshlight and he enjoyed it much better being that it was not so cumbersome. He gives it 5 stars.

He even cleaned it himself….bonus for me! For the record, I did ask him to wear it so I could get a picture, but he declined.

Tenga is a company out of Tokyo, Japan. Here in the states Tenga is distributed by Liberator, the people who make positioning aids. Tenga says this on their website …

TENGA is a brand of male pleasure products with the goal and desire to bring masturbation and sexual wellness to the mainstream. Eradicating the obscenities and lewd imagery attached to the act of masturbation and taboos of communicating about sexual wellness, TENGA aims to spread correct knowledge and advice regarding masturbation to fundamentally change the way things are to the way things should be. The first step in the road to making masturbation and sexual wellness an open, upfront topic for people everywhere, we present you with TENGA – pleasure items for men.

Honestly, this is the first Tenga product we have owned, but it won’t be the last. Most sleeves are made of yucky materials that smell aweful, not so with Tenga. This toy is not offensive to my nose at all. Tenga is famous for their disposable egg masturbators. They also make the Flip. 3D is their latest brain child and there are 5 different textures to choose from. They are available at SheVibe for only $34.99!

Review Summary
Material Safety.
Value of toy for the price.

I was supplied this toy free of charge from SheVibe in exchange for an un-biased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

Off to a Sexy Start…

Eyz Wide Shut

I have so much I want to tell you. Our New Year’s Eve went off splendidly! We met up with a group we usually meet at Eyz Wide Shut. One of the couple’s we party with was having a gathering at their house with food and drink. It was a pre-Eyz party for everyone. After a few hours of greeting and drinking, and a bit of playful kissing and fondling, we went like a convoy to Eyz. I was really feeling joyful. I think everyone was happy about saying goodbye to 2011.

When we got to Eyz Wide Shut we found the parking lot almost completely full. There were hundreds of people there. The place was packed. Everyone was drinking and dancing. There was alot of flirting going on….I think everyone I have ever met at Eyz was there, people I hadn’t seen in months and all the regulars. There was a slue of new people, as well. We met alot of people that Miguel had talked to online before, but never met in person. One couple we sat and talked to for a bit we ended up meeting a few days later for drinks. We technically didn’t hook-up with anyone else on New Year’s Eve. We both make out with a few people. At the end of the night though, it was just Miguel and I having sex with each other, which was fine with me. I didn’t really want to risk ringing in the New Year with bad or awkward sex. It seemed right to toast 2012′s first moments surrounded by swingers, amongst my favorite people in my favorite club.

So yea, the New Year got off to a good start. Miguel and I had some excellent sex before leaving the club. I almost drank too much, I say almost because most of the night is kind of a blur, but I didn’t over drink and wake up hungover. It all worked out, made it home safe and made some new friends.

The next day Miguel was busy answering texts from the sexy couple we met at the club. Seems a bit strange to try to make a hook-up after meeting them at a place where we could of hook-ed up right? Not really, considering the night’s importance and the fact that when the club is that full it is sometimes hard to get a room. (Flash back to Halloween weekend) It actually wasn’t over crowed when we went over but I think we got extremely lucky. We finally met up on Monday night. We me them at a pool haul. It ended up being just a vanilla date. We will be meeting them again though, I am sure. There was a lot of flirting and I think we all clicked really well. The odds of four people getting together and all of them being attracted to each other are pretty low, so every time it happens I think it is a small miracle.

Last night we had a date with a couple we have known for a few years now. We don’t see each other that often but we have a few mutual friends. They are a soft swap couple. The first time we met we played spades and got our asses handed to us….it was definitely time for a re-match! They invited us over for dinner, spades and orgasms. What a fun night we had. We ate some steaks. Mouth watering, perfectly cooked steaks. Then we played some spades, we played better this time, but we still lost. It wasn’t by much though! Then they got busy kissing and fondling. Miguel was taking pics and I was taking my clothes off… He entered her from behind and I kissed her. She had her hands all over me and brought me to orgasm with her fingers. He stopped fucking her and we tried to incorporate the Tango into play but in the end it proved too frustrating and I gave up. Besides, we had plenty of cock there and a dildo is rarely as good as the real thing, especially when it is wielded by an inexperienced fucker like myself. He pulled the lover’s couch over,(they just happened to have in their living room), and he bent her over the side. She had me lay back on the bottom of the sofa with my pussy in her face. The angle gave her man access to her and he fucked her doggy style while she ate me out. Miguel came up beside me and put his cock in my mouth. I sucked it while she brought me off with her tongue.

At some point, I knew it was too much for her to concentrate anymore, so I slid off the couch and had Miguel get my bag of toys. I really wanted her to get off good. I couldn’t get my hands at a good angle to reach her. Instead of asking them to change positions I handed her the 7 function power play bullet so she could work her clit. She climaxed good with the aide of her lover’s pounding her from behind. Miguel and I used the other end of the couch to fuck. We were missionary at first and then he had me turn around. The lover’s couch is such an awesome piece of furniture, allowing for so many positions and theirs was so comfy. Miguel came real good fucking me from behind while they moved over to the big couch. His cum mixed with mine was running down my leg when we finished. I ran to the bathroom to get cleaned up and I could still hear them fucking out there. They finished a few minutes later and everyone was halfway dressed by the time I returned. It was a hot night.

This week isn’t even over yet! I am looking forward to a very sexy 2012!

Everyone is a winner with Tingle Me!

Paul from Silky Vibrations is going to send everyone who entered the Tingle Me Giveaway a Tingle Me!

So Jodi, Amanda, Michelle, Donna, Alison, Sunnie, Julie, Chey, Shadow please “Like” Silky Vibrations on Facebook and then e-mail [email protected]

I have never seen a company do this…I hope you all will take advantage of their generousity. Don’t forget to tell them what you thought about the product on their Facebook page.

Click on the picture to go directly to the Silky Vibrations Facebook page.