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Thirteen Days of Mind Vomit

I was forced to resign from my a job that I absolutely loved. The details are not important at this time. I have been unemployed now for thirteen days. Thirteen days and I have gone through all the stages of grief (denial, bargaining, depression, anger, and finally acceptance). This must have happened for a reason, right?


I still don’t know because it has only been thirteen days.

In these thirteen days I have filled out at least fifty applications. The economy sucks and I don’t want to work nights/weekends. I love my career and I refuse to work somewhere that has a bad reputation for care or where the nurses eat their young. Nurses eat their young. They have done it forever, it is a little known fact. Any nurse will tell you, is she denies it…it is probably her doing the feasting.

~a rant~There are lots of places in the world that people eat their young. I didn’t notice it so much until I was the young. The internet is also full of places that will try to make you feel unwelcome for being new. When I first started my sex blog. I noticed how cruel some people/companies where when I asked them to work with me. I didn’t know some things would be off-limits due to being new. I learned quick! New doesn’t always mean I am trying to take over. Is this self-preservation, that makes someone tear apart something new? Nurses eat their young, but they certainly aren’t the only ones. ~and I’m back to hemostasis~

So too much time on my hands and the thought of having to run into a situation of being feasted upon…I got ambitious. I do this from time to time. This blog is the result of one of my ambitions. I cannot just sit and play computer games all day. I have too many talents that will go to waste. I need money and a way to make it. Where are my talents? HTML, obviously. Sex toys, definitely! I have this ability to see something through. I have this ability to not quit and fade out. My blog was deleted and in one day I had a fresh site full of content.

So I got this idea…


What I want is my own sex toy store. I want a store that carries like everything at low prices. I want a place that I can set up and alter to my liking. I want to be able to give discount whenever I feel like it and not wait for a damned holiday. I want a commission that is fair.


I set this up in my thirteen days at home. I am giving 20% off every order with the code SUMMER

I plan on adding some guides and recommendations to it. Please take advantage of this sale going on. This site has like….well everything. For now…it is up and I am very proud of it. Please give it a look and tell me what you think. Be nice, I am new to this. I could use some honest constructive criticism. It doesn’t have to be full of hate.

(later the same day)

I had a job interview today and I got the job. I can hardly describe the relief I am feeling, knowing I will be able to pay rent next month! I am sure some of you can relate.

I got a new store and a new job and it only took thirteen days.