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Stranger Sex

Eyz Wide Shut

I have no motivation today. I am sitting here with a list of shit to do today and I can’t get out of this chair. I am a bit sore from last night, my back really. I had such a good time last night, and I can check one thing off my stupid list!

There was a line out the door when we arrived last night at Eyz Wide Shut. I have never seen that. They say it got like that on New Year’s Eve, but we missed the rush by getting there late. It was packed and I had a lot of fun. By the time we went to the lodging I had lost all my lipstick, making out with people in the club. No jealousy last night, we went to have a good time and I was flirting with everyone. I actually lost track of Miguel a few times. Everything just flowed perfectly as I shifted my focus from sex with Miguel, to flirting with everyone else. I think jealous girl is gone. Everyone loved the corset too, btw…

We lost an hour somewhere, I think it was while we were busy in one of the rooms. I don’t care. It was packed last night, even the hedo room and lover’s lane were pretty full. Luckily, a couple left a room and we claimed it after it was cleaned. I stripped off my jeans and got on all fours still wearing the corset. The mirrors in the room allowed for the perfect view everywhere I looked. Miguel got up behind me and rubbed his cock on my slit, it slid right in and he pumped it into me. Miguel fucking me from behind and I got a great view of his ass as he humped his cock into me. He pulled out of my soaked pussy and started fumbling threw my bag. He found a vibrator and handed it to me. He ordered me to play with myself and slipped a blindfold over my eyes. “I am going to get you your wish, a stranger to fuck”. I had a vibrator in my hand working my clit and I came and came in anticipation.

I heard some fumbling in the room. I reached for Miguel and he guided my hand to his cock as another hand, a stranger’s hand, worked my pussy. Miguel stood next to me as a stranger’s mouth began to lick and suck my pussy. The blindfold prevented me from seeing anything with my eyes so I let me hands see for me. This man had his head buried in my snatch and I ground my pussy into his face while jacking Miguel’s cock with my right hand. I felt lips and tongue and teeth as this man devoured my flower. I was so ready for strange cock. Miguel got so hot watching he had to pull away from me stroking his cock a few times.

The guy pulled away to sheath his cock and then he impaled me with it. The curve on his cock was profound. The feeling of his pumping was so different. I was getting my wish. A stranger was fucking me. First as I lay on my back, then I was flipped over and he fucked me from behind. Eventually, the guy lay down on the bed and I got on top. He unzipped the top of my corset and tweaked my nipples with his hands as I rode his cock. We finished like that, or should I say he finished. Every time I reached for Miguel he was right there, keeping close watch. There were no words exchanged after he came. I rolled over and waited for Miguel to see him out of the room. He served his purpose, my dildo for the night. He ordered me to keep playing with myself if I wanted more, which of course I did. I slid the vibrator all over my labia and clit, rubbing it in circles hoping to orgasm. I needed a cock to help me out. I pleaded with Miguel to fuck me so I could cum on his cock. I needed his fat cock to fill me up and pump my pussy while I worked the vibrator on my clit. I was right there when he came and pulled out. I continued to work my clit. I was insatiable last night. I still wanted more. After a quick recovery, Miguel sat and watched me struggle to reach orgasm. It was taking too long, I almost gave up. Because he knew I needed it, he finger fucked my g-spot until I cried out. Waves of orgasm washing over me and I writhed on the bed my pussy clenching his fingers as he rode my orgasm out to completion.

We left out of there and it was after 3 am. The club was closed, any after parties would take place without us. We were invited but too tired to play anymore. I think next weekend a full swap is in order. Miguel gave me what I wanted, all I had to do was ask. I want to watch Miguel next time…

Saturday, smoke free

Saturday went really well.  I had an excellent time and yesterday I spent the day recovering.  We entered a competition at the club, but we didn’t win.  We had to demonstrate as many sexual positions as we could on this “cubid’s couch” in 1 minute.  Only three couples had the nerve to compete.  We did like 8 hot positions!  You guys saw what I was wearing right?   My ass was all over that couch, everyone got a good show.  We went first so the next couples had some form of reference.  The next couple did pretty good, they were hot.  The last couple included a position we forgot and they won…….the 69!
Man, what kind of swingers are we that we forgot to demonstrate a 69???
That sux!
We did get some lovely consolation prize, tee shirts.
Of course all the judges got them too.
Oh well, we had fun!
We fucked so much Saturday night my woo was sore.  Not to mention that I am sore everywhere from the gym.  I think I have been overdoing it.  Anything to keep me from smoking.






I am on day 5 smoke free.

Anyways, back to Saturday night.  We went back and forth from the club to the lodging.  It made the time go by so fast.  At one point we went into the common room.  Miguel had me bent over a cupid’s couch right in the doorway of the common room.  There were like three couples in there and lots of traffic in the halls ways.  He fucked me senseless,  till I felt the numbness of my orgasm wash over me and my knees were weak.  All of a sudden it was 2:30 am.  Our last play session, when we got our own room, Miguel took out the blindfold.  Then he smacked me a bit and told me what a bad girl I was.  I was a bad girl.  He was gonna punish me by letting a strange guy use my pussy.  I was so wet and ready for my punishment.  I heard Miguel tell the guy how I needed to be punished.
Miguel fucked me first to get me ready for another cock.
Then Miguel fed his cock into my mouth.  I sucked and licked his tasty cock.  I massaged his balls with my tongue and stroked him with both my hands.
I was laying on my back,  I felt body weight between my legs.  He put his hands on my upper thighs then used his hands to spread my pussy. I felt the heat of his breath on my clit followed by the insane pressure of his pulsing tongue.  His tongue pulsed on my pussy.  I screamed as I orgasmed the first time with this stranger.
It was that good.
I had a hard time concentrating since the pulsing tongue kept at it.  His hands were steady on my labia as I trashed with pleasure.
Miguel saw my struggle and pulled his cock out of grasp.  Then he whispered in my ear for me to come on his face, and I did. Over and over again.  His tongue was so good.
At least he had that going for him.
When it came time for him to fuck me, he had performance problems.
He tried to get me to suck it to get it hard. It was smallish, and not responding to my mouth.
It was not gonna happen.
Oh well!
After he left the room,  Miguel fucked me real good.
He always does….

Fun with Handcuffs

Last blog I promised I would tell you about our handcuffs…
Our first night at a local club was through an invitation to meet a really sexy couple we had wanted play with for a while. After a few hours of heavy drinking, the guy had to take his wife home early caused she was so sauced and basically too drunk to fuck. We felt really comfortable there so we stayed after they left. This club would become one of our favorite places to meet new people. We really like the place cause it had 9 play rooms. One of the rooms had a dungeon theme complete with a St. Anthony cross, a swing, and a blindfold. The blindfold inspired Miguel and he had me get undressed and lay down. He then handcuffed me and put the blindfold on. He started to play with me and spank me and then he opened the door. Obviously since I had the blindfold on I couldn’t see, but from how he tells this story the room filled up quick with people watching. I felt strange hands on me, kissing, sucking, caressing. It was really erotic. I couldn’t reciprocate anything, just lay there and let it happen. I was totally relaxed knowing Miguel was right there. At some point Miguel told everyone to leave, except a sexy Spanish couple, that he had been talking to. He told the guy to fuck me, that it was okay. I didn’t know this guy, I had never seen him, I just knew it wasn’t Miguel. This was such a fucking turn on! Fucking a total stranger, with Miguel in control of the situation, I felt totally safe and was able to get off. After he came, him and the girl left the room, I kept the cuffs and blindfold on and Miguel and I had crazy, orgasmic, mind-blowing sex! Afterward, he explained to me about the couple. I never really did get a good look at the guy. If I saw him on the street I wouldn’t recognize him. Something about being totally helpless really turns me on. I like to get spanked and told what to do, I guess I am a submissive. The handcuffs were definitely a bonus.
We have used them quite a few times. Miguel takes them with him when we go out, cause we never know when they may come in to play.
We were invited to a Halloween party tonight in Sarasota. I get to wear my costume, yea! I will give you all the juicy details…..