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Cheeky Spanking Stories

cleis press

Spanking is something I enjoy. The sting of pain followed by the realization that I really needed that. The pain brings immediate release. This book explores spanking and some of the relationships it takes place in. It is cheeky and isn’t afraid of sexuality. It dominates and submits for the reader. It is a wild ride.

The book Cheeky Spanking Stories is a collection of 23 erotic spanking tales. It is edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. The authors in this book include: Lucy Felthouse, Cecilia Duvalle, Craig J. Sorensen, Donna George Storey, Kiki DeLovely, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Giselle Renarde, J. Sinclaire, Elizabeth Silver, Kate Dominic, Elizabeth Coldwell, Maggie Morton, Evan Mora, Jade Melisande, Andrea Dale, Dorothy Freed, Cynthia Rayne, Shanna Germain, Thomas S. Roche, Adele Haze, Lucy Hughes, Isabelle Gray, and Rachel Kramer Bussel.


This book describes exactly why spanking is my kink. Starting with the story The Perfect Domme by Lucy Felthouse. Mia forgot her roommate had her brother stay with them. Wearing her SPANK ME hot pants opens the door for him to prove his skills. The stories follow the curve and keeps it sexy all the way to the last story Marks by Rachel Kramer Bussel about a couple of spanking kinksters at an adult resort trying to be discreet.

This book explores hot spanking with no regard to sexual orientation. There are a few hot stories about men submitting to their lovers (both male and female), and women dominating other women. My absolute favorite story was about anonymous spanking. Butch Girls Don’t Cry by Giselle Renarde was steamy hot. Used, abused, and absolutely willing, this girl gets more than she set out for when she ventures out of her apartment. The Assignment by Donna George Storey is another hot number. A freelance author digs into interviewing a pay-for-play spank daddy for an article. She discovers why spanking isn’t such a bad thing, especially when the Dom is an expert.

This book was hot I highly recommend it! Cheeky Spanking Stories can be purchased here and here.

I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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Why I sub

What I really need is a good spanking.

I won’t delve out all the reasons why this is necessary for me right now. It is so boring and monotonous, my reasoning. My life is wearing me down.

I will tell you what I think it will do for me…

I need order to the chaos in my head. I am sick of the demands of everything I loathe being in control of everything. I need the reins of control taken from me.

I need the white sharp pain right now. The bliss of space exploding over me as I get my punishment. This is what I really need. I feel I cannot truly relax until I get it. The pain allows me to refocus my energy. Being bound and helpless is a concrete thing I need to draw me back to center. I have never been so sure about something in my life. I need it. I need to be controlled and smacked. I need the pain. I need the pain from someone who dominates me in love and life. I need something I cannot get right now. I am aching for it.

Maybe all subs feel this way. I don’t sub full time, but it appeals to me. Maybe you, like me, have wondered what about pain would appeal to someone. Something about the feel of straps on my wrists and ankles, the tight stretch of submission that I must yield to. He is in control, this is exactly where I should be. The deliberation of holding still when I should, of submitting to him. I wore my collar this weekend, but it went unused. Sometimes I try to top from the bottom, but my attempts fail to get the desired results. I don’t need an audience. I only need him to see me take it.

The real truth about submission is that it allows me the freedom to choose to loose control. I need that. Now that I know how good it can be for me, I crave it. It isn’t always about sex, although it is a sexual act. That isn’t bad, just not entirely true for me. Submitting is sexual, but it is also something that can be enjoyed apart from sex. This is one of those times where sex could be part of it or not. I am a scattered mess and I need a spanking.

Dungeon Play

Saturday night found us at the club. It felt good to be there on a Saturday night. I have really missed going there. I have to say that now that I have my weekends back, it feels more like when we first started going. I looked around the club and saw lots of possibilities. I seem to be remembering why we go to a swinger’s club….and it is not just to dance. I noticed more than a handful of interracial couples. It is nice not be the only ones for once.

We ran into people I almost forgot about playing with. We don’t play with any one couple for too long. Playing with one couple or single only for any length of time would probably feel more like a relationship. We have enough trouble managing each other. It is not uncommon to run into people that we have played with and I can’t remember their name(s). It happens so often and it is something we can joke about. I remember the dynamics most of the time (she had a red dress on, we danced slowly then made out, he fucked me doggie-style) but not their damned names. I am worse at this than most people, just ask Miguel.


We had a great time at the club and met some new people. When it came time to play we headed straight to the dungeon. It was just me and Miguel at first. He placed the blindfold over my eyes and strapped my arms into the St.Andrew’s cross. He hiked up my skirt and pulled off my panties. I love this moment and the anticipation of my punishment. Miguel moved my feet apart and then started smacking my ass. Miguel was especially rough with me smacking more me more than usual. I heard other voices and the equipment in the room being shifted, someone else was getting strapped into the suspension cuffs. Then the creaking of the beds as people moved about throughout the room. Miguel didn’t let the audience deter him. He used his bare hands and smacked my ass really hard. He finger fucked me between smacks. His fingers jammed into my g-spot as his body held me firmly to the cross. Miguel told me over and over to cum for him as his fingers reamed me. I did. Then he smacked me some more. He released my hands from the cross after about 20 minutes. I started to pull my skirt down, but Miguel scolded me and led me backwards with my hands behind my back and directed me to sit on the couch. He then unbuckled his belt and pulled his cock out. He ordered me to keep my hands behind my back as he fed his cock into my mouth.

I sucked his cock with my eyes closed. He encouraged me to suck it good before he fucked me. He pulled his cock out and I submitted as he pushed me back on the bed. I moved my hands around to his cock to help guide him in as he moved into position. He hiked my legs up over his shoulders and held my hands together over my head as he fucked me. His eyes closed slightly after a few minutes. He looked like he was going to cum so I told him to stop. I told him I wanted finish in a private room. As I got up off the couch I got my first good look around the room. This room that had been completely empty when we started now help no less than 10 people. There was a scene going on with a bound woman getting fucked. Behind me on the same couch was another couple with the woman on all fours and the guy fucking her. There were people standing all around the entrance enjoying the show. I know I wasn’t the last girl strapped to the cross that night.

Miguel and I found a private room down the hall. I got my Mia vibe out and turned it on the highest setting. I used it on my clit and Miguel took his clothes off. Miguel laid down across the bed positioned his body under my legs and fed his cock into me. I love this position with Miguel laying sideways so I can look him in the eye as I cum all over his cock. I didn’t last very long before I came. The orgasm was still washing over me as he moved into a missionary position to fuck me. His eyes were closing as he told me how wet I was, how good it felt to fuck me. He came with a grunt and it seemed I could feel his cum shooting into me. We both laid there for a while before we cleaned up and got dressed. We left the lodging after that and went back over to the club. The crowd was much thinner at this time and we got something to eat before we made the drive back home. I know we both had a great time. The best part was that the weekend wasn’t over yet…


Eyz Wide Shut

We went out to Eyz Wide Shut last night. It was so nice getting out. I really look forward to Saturdays to cut loose have a few drinks and dance. I found a little black dress and some fishnets. I was feeling very good about myself as we headed out in our new car. Miguel was looking really hot as usual. He accompanied me to the mall yesterday. I am sure this is about his most un-favorite task in the world. I am not always an easy shopper and yesterday we went to more than 4 shops in the mall, each of which had stuff I had to try on. Yea, I tried his patience. I thanked him for his time with some head before we left the house. Then again in the car on the way to the club, verbally. His reply was “Oh yea no problem, but can we actually try swinging tonight?”

My immediate internal response was very defensive, but then I realized he was right. I really don’t try to meet new people and hook-up. I don’t do any of the shopping, so I have no idea how much time and effort he puts into meeting people just for me to go “Nah!” How frustrating it must be for my lover! Last night I did make a conscious effort be friendly, to be provocative, to make suggestions. The club has become a place where we meet a bunch of friends and fuck none of them. Why is that? I imagine it has something to do with play-timing. We are early players and all of our friends are not. I think we need to make dates with some of these people outside of the club.

Anyways, it ended up just being Miguel and I when we went next door. Every room was full, so we went to the dungeon. I had already lost my panties earlier in the night due to a provacative game that left them drenched. Miguel placed the blindfold on me and strapped me into the St.Andrew’s Cross. He hiked up my skirt around my hips, and rubbed his hand over my ass. Then the smacking started. Smacking is so much more personally than the flogger in my opinion. Anticipation, followed by sharp white pain, followed by anticipation. He surprised me with the timing and was gently when I least expected it. I always thought, ouch it’s too much, but it seemed just enough. I took my licks without complaint, and was grateful. At some point he had one hand on my wet slit and the other one working my reddened ass. He was rubbing lightly on my clit, kinda flicking it. And then it happened. I felt warmth and extreme wetness. I immediately felt like I was done. I asked him to stop right after he commented on how wet I was. “Babe, I just squirted!”

I know it was not pee, it didn’t smell and it was completely clear. I squirted, I know I did. I felt an immediate release, like cumming but not quite the same. I definitely felt like I had finished something. Some of you may know I had this debate forever about squirting. (See Squirting Mystery) I had all but decided it was pee until a friend of mine showed me how she did it. When I saw her squirt I was convinced it was something that could really happen, but I never thought it could happen to me.

So maybe we didn’t swing last Saturday, instead we squirted. Then we had awesome sex in Lover’s Lane with an audience. It is still freaken’ freaky great! So now I am going to be a very busy person trying to figure out exactly how to make that happen again. ~smirk~

As always, I would love to hear your stories. Have you ever squirted? Have you ever seen it?

Halloween Spanking

Eyz Wide Shut

I couldn’t wait to get started partying this Halloween weekend! At Eyz Wide Shut they had parties wed-sat this week. We usually only attend the Saturday party, but I wanted to get out Friday too. Miguel had to get up and work on Saturday and I had a full day of events for the kids planned. So this was a bit of a sleep sacrifice, but it was so worth it!

The club was a bit slow at first, no wonder since the big party was Halloween night. Our plans were to hook-up with another couple, *spoiler alert*, it didn’t happen. We participated in the costume/popularity contests. I wore last year’s costume. I was beat out by a sexy cat and her animal trainer, they were hot. I won 2nd place, but I ended up giving my prize to another sex couple, (The prize was a high quality silicone sex toy, I really do have enough toys). We mingled with everyone and made some new friends. Miguel and I went over to the lodging twice to play.

Since our lusts have wandered over to domination and submission, Miguel was happy to oblige me. We fucked twice that night. The first was more of a teaser. I was so hot for him, so he had to put his cock in me. He didn’t cum just then so we could go party some more, but I did. We were still really turned on when we went back to the club and it resulted in some naughty play on the club side, but I won’t go into detail about that. We were flirting, drinking and dancing and all of a sudden it was after 12:30! So we rushed back to the lodging side to finish what we had started. We went over to the dungeon this time. Miguel strapped me in to the St. Andrew’s cross. He pulled off the my panties and pulled up my skirt over my ass. He pushed my face into the cross and told me to keep it there. I closed my eyes and waited…

He rubbed on my ass a bit before smacking me. He smacked my ass full-on alternating sides, then he rubbed my pussy. I was so wet from the excitement of pain and sensation. I became aware of someone else watching and it turned me on even more. I was arching my back to meet his thrusts. Miguel rubbed his hard cock on my ass through his pants keeping me flush with the cross. He smacked my ass and then he undid one of hands. While keeping me pinned to the cross he pulled my arm down and directed my hand over to another man’s cock. I gave that stranger a hand job while Miguel rubbed my pussy. I was pinned with Miguel’s hand forcing my head in the other direction. We had no blindfold, but I kept my eyes shut most of the time anyways. It helps me to focus on the sensations on my skin. He kept commenting on how wet I was getting. I was drenched. After about 10 minutes of this. He undid my other hand and the stranger pulled away. The man commented to Miguel that I was so obedient. I was being such a good girl, Miguel was going to give me the cock I deserved. I got myself dressed enough to walk down the hall and the stranger thanked me and Miguel for allowing him to play a little. The stranger did not join us as we walked down the hall and got a room.

Once we got in the room I stripped down immediately. I was still in a very submissive mood and I got down on my knees and licked all the pre-cum off of Miguel’s cock. After a few minutes he ordered me to stand and to get on the bed. He told me to get on my back so he could fuck me. I followed orders and lay spread eagle on the bed in anticipation. His cock slid in easily and we fucked. I came so many times I lost count as he pumped his cock into me. He kept threatening to fuck my ass but in the end he did not. In the end he pulled out and came all over my stomach.

We left the club after we were done but by this time it was already 2:30 am. I slept the whole ride home. When we got home I striped down and passed out right away. The next day was really rough as we were both so tired. I was so horny all day thinking about the night before. We definitely made up for Thursday’s disappointment. Miguel did something really awesome while he had my strapped to that cross, he whispered that he owned me. He made me tell him that he was my master. He made me tell him that I was his sub. I loved that part the most. I submitted to him and it turned me on so much to be dominated. He is so good at dominating me. I love that he is willing to be that for me. We talked about it and I think you will be seeing more and more posts like this one. I am looking forward to the next time I get my ass punished.

The best part was that the weekend wasn’t over yet! I promise full details about our sexy Saturday night tomorrow. Saturday night was the best swapping night we have had swinging so far!

Until next time Lovelies, Keep it sexy!

Oh my weekend fun!

I am so exhausted Lovelies! Our weekend kicked ass!. Friday we went out to a club. Fridays are hit and miss and this time it was definitely miss! There were only about 25 people there. It ended up being a great night though! Miguel and I went over to the lodging and got our freak on twice. At first we went to the dungeon, where Miguel tied me up and blindfolded me. I had on my tight blue jeans and a strapless black top. I looked pretty hot, too hot for the lame crowd, but anyways…. I slid my jeans off and Miguel strapped me to the cross. First I was facing him. He played with my tits and then put his fingers on my pussy. He rubbed my slit and fingered me to orgasm. Then he had me turn around so he could smack my ass. He continued to play with my clit with one hand while he smacked my ass with the other. I came so hard all over his hand. I kept thinking that we must purchase a good flogger soon. He dominates me so good, a flogger would just add to the pleasure!

He took me off the cross after some great play and pushed me to my knees. I know we had an audience when he put his cock near my mouth and I engulfed it as deep as I could. I covered his cock with my saliva and stroked it between sucks. He pushed my head deep as he could and remarked at how I wanted him to fuck me face. I did and he pulled me hair so I would go at his pace. He took the blindfold off and told me to wrap the towel around me so we could get a room. He said he wanted to lick my pussy.

We got in a room and I helped him undress so I could suck his cock some more. He positioned himself next to me so I could suck his cock as he played with my clit. He had me stop after a few minutes and then he lowered himself to the floor so he could lick my pussy and finger my g-spot. He licked me furiously and fingered me so well I came all over his hand. Then he fucked me so I could cum on his cock. He didn’t finish, he said he wanted to drink some more and hopefully find another cock to satisfy me. We got dressed and headed back to the bar for a while. Unfortunately, there was no one that really got my attention. I was really focused on Miguel and finishing what we started!

We went back for more, we even got the same room. He and I stripped down and then he handed me some of my toys. “Did you bring the glass ones?” Mmmm, I knew exactly what he meant when he said that. He loves to fuck me with the glass toys in both holes. he told me to get ready so he could fuck my ass. He put one in my pussy and I rubbed my clit with the MiMi. I came so fucking hard that lubrication was not a problem. He pulled the glass toy out of my pussy and then he worked it into my ass. Then he positioned himself on top of me and shoved his cock all the way into my slippery pussy. I was so wet and each of his thrusts sent the glass toy into my ass a bit deeper. I was so lubed up that when he said he wanted to fuck my ass it was no problem. My cum coated his cock and it slid in so easy. He used the other glass toy in my pussy and I got all my holes filled while I rubbed the vibrator on my clit. He finished up by having me get on all fours and he fucked me from behind. His cock thrusting into my ass while I thrust the glass toy in my pussy. I abandoned the vibrator because I was cumming and cumming at this point. It was an awesome fuck.

I’ll have to tell you about last night at another time. I am so wet thinking about this, I need to go take care of business. Till next time lovelies, keep it sexy!