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Bondage Giveaway

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As you can probably guess, Miguel and I play a bit rough from time to time. We have a nice little collection of spanking and bondage toys and I really get off when Miguel ties me up. We don’t have the best furniture for bondage so a while back we invested in some bondage aids to add to our collection. Two of my favorite items are the Bed Bondage Restraint Kit and the Spread the Love Bar, both from Sportsheets. These handy items are both really easy to use.

Play Passions has generously allowed me to host a giveaway of one these items for two lucky readers. This giveaway is for both of these items one for each winner. I would highly recommend either of these items for bondage play. The nice thing about either of these items is that they can discreetly be stored.

₪ The Spread the Love Bar ₪

  spread the love bar

The total length of this bar is 15″. It is firm with a slight bit of give with a bit of muscle. This is a device aimed to keep the legs and/or arms spread during play. It has four velcro closure straps that measure 12″ total when unfolded. These cuffs will fit most players and can be adjusted (obviously). It can be used for just arms, just legs or both.

₪ Bed Bondage Restraint Kit ₪

bed bondage restraint kit

This kit contains a strap system which will fit any bed. It has 60″ polypropylene webbing strap connected to 4 straps which are all also 60″ long and adjustable for a tight fit. The four straps all have 2″ wide Velcro enclosure which will fit an extremity up to 14″ around. The straps tuck neatly under the bed for discreet play.

Enter to win one of these, just be sure to tell me which one you are most interested in. This giveaway is open worldwide and ends 3/13/13.

I have opted to use tweets as a way to enter for now to get the contest out there, but I may alter options to enter for daily entries. So check back for more chances to win!

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