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I Rub My Duckie Sweetheart -Travel Size

The Sweetheart is the most endearing I Rub My Duckie personal massager in my opinion. This travel sized novelty toy begs to be adored. It looks so good on my shelf I hated to break open the packaging….I did anyways though.

The Sweetheart travel sized is pretty small. It measures roughly 3″ x 2″ x 3″.  It has a removable feather boa, and a small crystal on it’s beak. I definitely recommend removing the boa before playing with this toy, or putting in the tub. The crystal looks like a nose stud, …too cute. The toy comes in this very nice display plastic heart. All of her documents and instructions are carefully tucked underneath the hollow black plastic base. The heart comes out easy from the base and opens like a clamshell.

I wanted to love more than the SweetHeart’s looks. This toy only takes one AAA battery, and the vibrations were pretty good, but diffuse throughout the ducks exterior. This toy might work if you are sensitive or are looking for a buzzy diffuse vibe. I felt bad sticking parts of this duck in my lady parts but… The tail and beak were obviously the best for pin-point stimulation, the sides feel nice for massage. Even then though, the toy was not strong enough to get me to orgasm before it irritated my hand. The SweetHeart could be used for massage. I found her easy to hold on to, but the vibrations were too loud for me to love. Also, it was really hard to get the battery in or to turn it on since it uses the slat turn-style button. To open it, you need to use a coin. But it won’t just pop open, I needed to pry the lid from the bottom. The top circle is the battery compartment, the bottom is the turn style button.

The SweetHeart is completely waterproof. I put it in the tub, just to see if it would float. It does float, just not upright. The SweetHeart fell right over and floated on it’s side. It would have been cute floating upright in the tub, but oh well! The toy does work well in the tub, but it is too loud for discreet bathroom play, unless it is not turned on. The SweetHeart is made of phthalate free polyvinyl chloride. To clean the SweetHeart, just use soap and water. The SweetHeart is compatible with water-based or silicone lubrication.

I thought this toy was so cute, but it serves me better as a decoration than a vibrator. It is good for massage, but too darn loud for my household. It vibrates all over and gets hard to hold after a while. The SweetHeart display heart is pretty discreet, except that whole I Rub My Duckie writing on the front of the heart clamshell. I think it would make a cute gift, just know it is not very functional as a vibrator. The whole line of I Rub My Duckie toys are collectable, for the girl that has just about everything... I Rub My Duckie toys are fun and very discreet looking. They can be left out in the bathroom and no one will think they are anything but a bit of decoration.

The SweetHeart is manufactured by Big Teaze Toys. Big Teaze Toys makes some of the most novel toys in the sex toy market. The SweetHeart retails for $29.99.

Review Summary
1 being weak, 5 being earth shattering.
The volume of the toy on it’s highest setting.
Material Safety.
Value of toy for the price.