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The Double Standard


One of the greatest perks about being a swinger is getting two girls and one guy together. A FMF mix is almost every guys dream. This is not always so easy to accomplish. The single female in the swinger lifestyle is called a “unicorn” for a reason. They are so rare, they are almost a myth. The single male on the other hand, they are very common. Dime a dozen, take your pick. I know this is every guys dream, and almost every female in the lifestyle has had a liason that was just the girls playing and the guys watching. I call this the girl/girl. This is a newbie play and it used to irritate me to no end.
Why, you ask?
I’ll tell you…
There is alot of pressure to perform when people are watching. Since this is something requested/fantasized about almost exclusively by newbies there is even more pressure to make it perfect. In this situation it almost always becomes about giving that newbie female pleasure and she is almost always not going to reciprocate. I am not a paid performer, I do this because I enjoy it. I want to get off too. I really enjoy a women who has a neutral taste. If you spend anytime with your face in pussy, you may understand this. If not, well. Some women have a non-neutral taste. It lingers and can be smelled on everything that touches it. There is really nothing she can do about it. I am neutral. The rare times I have not been neutral there was something out of whack with my body….pregnancy, yeast infection. Miguel was able to tell me right away. There is no way for me to know if the girl is going to be neutral unless Miguel asks the guy outright. This is not always something that comes up, but boy it does cross my mind. I swing both ways but I really am a lover of cock. There I said it!

Plus, women are so fucking weird. The single females we have played with almost always have a secret agenda. They either just want me, just want him, or want us to be exclusively with them. Our lives are too hectic to have an exclusive relationship with any one person outside of each other. I am so over the single female with the secret agenda that I have given up trying to find a normal one. I don’t even look. There is got to be something rotten in Denmark if I see a single female on a website or at a club. There is always something “wrong” with that person. I dare you to argue with me on this point!

The single guy, on the other hand… He is probably just tired of trying to deal with crazy chicks. Most guys have no problem hooking up with a couple. He just has to be polite and know his place. They don’t mind being used for the night. I have never had a single guy get “jealous” that we were hooking up with another couple. They don’t care! The do always try to get me to hook them up with a friend, but that really doesn’t bother me as much as a crazy chick stalking Miguel. I always tell them that we keep the unicorns for ourselves, if we had any we would.

Maybe I am the selfish one? When we hook-up with a single guy, it is mostly all about me. I am a bit narcissistic and selfish. I fully admit that. But there was a few times, well….When we first started we never tried to hook-up with guys that swing both ways. I think we even had a bit of a stigma about it. But now, well we don’t mind it so much. Miguel has always had an open mind and even though it is not really his preference, sometimes he does things because he knows I like to watch. It is all just sex right? I know most guys would never consider it, out loud.

Why is this such a double standard?

I don’t think it is a big deal if guys perform sex acts on each other. It turns me on actually. Does that make me weird? Don’t answer that, actually I don’t care! I think most girls would want to watch two guys. I never got to see real penetration, but it is on my list…

Really, cause I want to know. This poll is anonymous I promise.

6-Some Fun!

Miguel and I headed out to Eyz Wide Shut on Saturday for their Halloween Party. Swingers have the best Halloween parties. The place was packed with sexy people, most were in costume. Miguel and I were dressed up as well.

We both agreed that we needed a full swap for tonight. We don’t usually head out with an agenda other than to have a great time, this night was different. Last week we met a couple at the castle, this week they showed up at Eyz to meet us a again. As soon as I saw the guy I knew we had our play couple for the night. I really like this couple. She is a blond super fun and very sexy, a bit on the wild side but not overly aggressive. She almost reminds me of a porn star, or what I think they would be like anyways. He is very handsome as well and he has a devilish smile, very sexy. I wanted him bad and I told him as much. I made sure to keep tabs on where they were all night, no way we were going to miss playing with them!

A funny thing happened though, another couple that we had previously soft swapped with were there. She is a brunette. They are a very sexy couple, (read all about our last hook-up with them here). We have had much fun playing with this couple, but they were only soft swap. They obviously wanted to play with us as well, so we had a bit of a dilemma. We danced all together to get everyone a bit acquainted. I knew the first couple was down to play. I spoke to the man in the soft swap couple and he said they had never full swapped but that she was very interested in a full swap with us. Okay we had our players, so we headed over to the lodging play.

The details are very clear to me. The place was packed so we had to wait a few minutes in the hall for a room. The room we got had a bed and a lover’s couch in it. I had Miguel bring my bag of toys but we didn’t use any of them. After a few awkward moments everyone stripped down and the fuck fest began. The blond and I were still wearing our stockings, her in white thigh highs and me in lace top fishnets. I can only really tell you my part here, there was so much swapping going on it was hard to keep up with everyone…

I started out by sucking the blond’s man off. I really wanted him. I laid down to give someone better access to me and then I was laying back and I had the guy eating me out and fingering me to orgasm. I looked over and Miguel was playing with the blond -fingering, eating and then fucking her. The brunette and I were making out and her man was eating her out. I laid there for a long time while the players moved around me. Despite Miguel’s best efforts to get over to her, the other guy got to fuck the brunette first. The girls came up each one to me kissing sucking, eating, fingering. I was in heaven! At one point I had four people on me. The brunette found her way down to eat me out, she has such great oral skills and I tried to suck her man off at the same time but I could barely concentrate on it. Yes, She is that good! I fucked the blond’s guy first, then the brunettes man. He is so sexy but he seemed a bit distracted by his chick. I had to remember that this was their first full swap. Although the brunette was a bit used to playing with others with him in the room, he was not. I really didn’t wanna take anything away from him getting to watch her, and I got a feeling we will get to play with them again.

Miguel fucked me after that. I could tell where Miguel was at all the time because he really fucks hard and with him there is always the sound of bodies slapping at a furious pace. The brunette and I played and kissed for a long while, then she went to fuck her man. At this point, Miguel was laying on the lover’s couch with the blond sucking his cock and her man was fucking her from behind. That was such an awesome sight with the big mirror behind them. The brunette was riding her man in a slow orgasmic fuck. The blond had to stop for some reason and I got on the edge of the couch and laid back so he could fuck me. Miguel watched and cheered me on. Then he had me flip over so he could get me doggie style. I sat up and looked at myself in the mirror. Damn, I am turned on just thinking about how hot it looked. I love getting fucked from behind.

There were used condoms and wrappers all over the room. I am pretty sure everyone sucked and fucked each player. This was our first full swap with two couples at the same time. It was hard to pay attention to everyone and I would really like to play with each of these couples again, individually. A 6-some is something I didn’t even know was on our list of things to do, but I can cross it off now anyways! This Halloween party was pretty with legendary, I can’t wait for another chance to play! Yesterday I was still so turned on thinking about the 6-some I couldn’t stop playing with Miguel. This resulted in impromptu mid-day sex and a blow job. (I really love sucking his cock!)

Happy Halloween Lovelies!


Last Saturday we went to Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa. I was feeling pretty frisky. We were a bit short on funds, so for the very first time we did not get full access. This was undeniably a big mistake that we won’t be making again. It was not a very busy night at first, but they had a whole lot of new faces I had never seen before. It ended up being a very good night there. Every time we go we have fun. Miguel asked me, like he usually does, if I saw any with potential. I had been thinking that I didn’t want any of the guys in the room. None of them held my attention. I had a taste for something different. It has been alot of cock lately and I had a taste for something sweet and soft. There were some very sexy women in the crowd and I looked around and noticed the allure and draw to almost every one of them. I wanted a female for the night. I spotted the girl that I wanted most. I could have had her, if only we had purchased full access! I think the disappointment was double for Miguel. We always have each other, but Miguel really enjoys watching me. I was so turned on by my thoughts that we left soon after they went next door. We got in the car and I slid my pants off one leg. Miguel successfully drove us home despite the distraction of me playing with toys and alternating attention to his cock. He stayed hard the whole way home thanks to my oral affections.

I could almost picture the events that occurred after that. They went next door with the other couple we were talking to. I doubt she would have done the things that I wanted to do to her. The other couple was new and so this would have been more about awkwardness. More about the swap. I would have put on a very long display of affection for that girl. I would have seduced her and pleased her till she opened up for me like the flower she was. I am usually shy in my affections with women. I felt very aggressive that night. I would have made all the first moves and put her at ease. I would have explored her body with my hands and undressed her slowly and teasingly. I would have licked and kissed her all over.

This is almost never my real objective. I always look at the male counterpart and that is what draws me to a couple. Saturday I only wanted a female. I have been thinking about this all week, (it is only Tuesday but the days have been long for me). Actually, a conversation with a couple on the phone recently triggered this thought. The girl was saying to me that she wasn’t that “into” girls and would be more interested in Miguel. Normally, this would have been fine. In fact, I was all ready to go meet the couple, but Miguel was too tired. He said it was almost too late to play. The next day when I thought about it, I was glad we didn’t go meet them. I don’t want another cock right now. I want the soft lips of a girl. I want to get tangled in the long hair and bury my face in her chest. I want the feel and touch only a woman can give. I want to taste the parts that please her and feel the cream of a woman on my face. This is something I need right now.

Right now, I am left wanting.

It does not help that Miguel and I have very little opportunity for sex these days. The planets must be misaligned or something. It is not for lack of wanting. I will always want Miguel. He knows every inch of my body and he pleases me every time. We have aspirations of sharing our lust here for you to enjoy. Miguel has a new video idea almost everyday. Our problems with accomplishing this are 20 months and 3 years old, respectively. Apparently, our bed is the only one that is comfy enough for these choosey sleepers. It wouldn’t be so bad if we could sleep in, but we gotta work.  I am posting a new gallery of pictures on my members only side. These are the pics too racy for the website. My plans of carving a niche in the adult market are not enough to pay all our bills…yet! I am left wanting for that as well.

Sexy Swap

This weekend we only went out on Saturday night. The crowd at the club was pretty thin for a while and then it slowly picked up. Here is what I remember: A lecture on the way there about not leaving Miguel hanging with a couple. Apparently, I have a bad habit of meeting a couple, taking them over to meet Miguel, and then disappearing. Miguel saying we should talk to a sexy couple across the room. We have talked to them before and I left him hanging. Oh, and I did that with another couple last weekend (I vaguely remember that). Here’s the thing, I really hate cling-on couples. We are at a swinger club, I shouldn’t have to hold your hand all night and introduce you to everybody. I drop a hint to let you know I am interested. If you are ready to go when we are, great! If not call us…here’s our card. I know a lot of people and I love talking to everyone. Plus, I am a smoker, so if I disappear, I am probably engaged in conversation outside.

I don’t know, maybe I am no good at this thing.

Anyways, there was a couple we have tried to hook-up with a month or so ago there at the club. They choose us, and they were very sexy in their pursuit. I really liked this couple. We tried to hook up but mother nature reared her ugly fucking head right in the middle of everything, so I backed out. Awkward! I was pretty lit and probably didn’t handle it so well. Miguel was kinda pissed, he said it seemed like I didn’t like them. A few weeks ago I saw them at the club and I apologized. I didn’t expect to be forgiven right away so we didn’t even try to hook-up that night. They said it was cool and they figured as much, so I left it alone.

Fast forward to Saturday night. We see the couple, they smoke so we have lots of chances to chat. They seem like they are still interested. When it comes time to go play, we can’t find them. So we head over to the lodging without them. We went to “Lover’s Lane” which is also known as the orgy room. I have never witnessed an orgy there. It has enough space for about 20 or more couples to play and watch, or be watched. Mostly it hosts couples getting it on in the presence of strangers. Single men are not allowed. We head into the room and there is the couple…on a four post bed already fucking. We walk over to watch. Miguel is rubbing my pussy threw my jeans. They see us standing there. She gets on her knees and starts to suck his cock. She mumbles something about us still being dressed so we both take off our clothes. There is plenty of room, but we ask to share the bed with them. They oblige us some space….

Let me just say here that the girl has some awesome oral skills! Miguel almost busted a nut in her mouth. I came a few times with her eating my pussy and fingering my g-spot. She had some good oral skills. I wanna give you the play-by-play of everything that happened. Miguel went down on me, while she sucked her man off. She came over and took over what Miguel was doing. Miguel fucked my face as it dangled from the bed while she ate me out. Her man played with her pussy till she told him to stop because it was distracting. They sucked and fucked, we did the same. At one point, her and I both sucked her man off. She had her hands on my clit and g-spot while Miguel tongue fucked her. She decided to suck Miguel off and I kept working on her man. She took her time and seemed to really enjoy her work. She looked so sexy sucking Miguel cock. We did not exchange partners for penetration, it was more of a soft swap. The playing went on for a long time, then Miguel came….. Miguel is so careful to rub my clit to orgasm as he fucks me. I came like gangbusters that night and I didn’t even have a toy. I was exhausted when it was over and very well spent! I wrapped a towel around myself and grabbed my clothes to go get dressed in the bathroom. I looked a hot mess. We went back to the club to have another drink and eat before heading home. Porn stars could have approached us at this point and we still would have turned them down, we were done for the night.

I fell asleep on the way home. When I did get home I merely stripped off my clothes and passed out. It was a fucking hot night. After nights like this, I am so happy to have joined the lifestyle. It is just sex. When four people come together for a common purpose and it works, it is fanominal! There just isn’t anything better!

Till next time, keep it sexy!


Swapping Fun Minus One

We went out to the beach bar to meet a couple. I was of course over-dressed because I misunderstood where we were going. I had on my sexy little black dress with stilettos, and no panties. This dress is almost too short for that, but I wasn’t planning on wearing it that long.

We arrived at the little bar and the couple was sitting at a table on the porch/deck. The table was bar height so I had to fight the whole time to keep my dress from sliding up too much, lest I share my kittykat with the whole vanilla crowd. I eventually just kicked my shoes off and resigned to crossing my legs to keep some discretion.

The couple was very casual and we shared a few drinks and a few stories. At some point I got up to use the bathroom, and wouldn’t you know it? My monthly friend paid me a visit. Damn it! It was not full-on but just enough to create a spotting nuisance! I confessed to everyone that I was now out of the game. They were great hosts thou, and invited us back to their hotel anyways. This hotel was more like a motel with separate little bungalows and a big courtyard with chairs for enjoying the Florida sun. They had drinks on hand and we all got pretty lit. As luck would have it, they had the motel pretty much to themselves. We got pretty loud and no one complained. Just talking and telling stories with us girls outside chain-smoking and the guys inside mixing the drinks. We talked for hours and really got comfortable with each other. Eventually it came time for us to leave, but then we didn’t. We almost left again and then we all decided not to waste the night and let the playing begin, even if we were one person short. This was fueled by the fact that I had brought toys. One to share and one for my own pleasure, so we were guaranteed to have some fun!

I think she got naked first. I went to licking her clit and labia and she was “neutral” tasting for an added bonus! She tasted so good and rewarded my efforts by moaning and twisting to meet my hungry tongue. Then I got a toy out and worked her clit. She didn’t seem so into this until I finger fucked her and stroked her g-spot. The result was awesome as her juice spilled onto my hand. The guys were taking turns fucking her open mouth. She made the sexiest sounds as she sucked each of them in turn. Each of the guys took turns fucking her and she responded with moans and milking their cocks till they came. I love to watch a live fuck and I got my toy out and played with my clit as I sucked whichever cock was not busy in her cunt. I love to watch couples fuck. It is so much more intimate than you can imagine seeing two people who love each other sweating and grinding into each other. The sounds of bodies slapping together and hot breathe as they please their desires in familiar body language and positions. Watching a foursome I can always pick out the couples vs. the strangers. I know this is true when Miguel and I are getting it on and he knows all my favorite things that will send me over the edge. The best part of this night was when Miguel got to fuck her last as she sucked her man’s cock. I got their camera out and took pictures. I haven’t seen them yet; I hope I got a good shot of how sexy it was. This couple is fast becoming one of my favorites and I do hope for more swapping fun in the future.

Until next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!

Birthday Spankings and a Full Swap

We went out to Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa last night to meet a couple.

This couple drove from over 2 hours away to meet us.  I hope we met their every expectation and blew it out of the water.

It was a pretty fun night.  I started out early drinking rum and pepsi before we even left the house,  (I have decided it is better than rum and coke, lol!). I decided to wear a risque little outfit that is mostly see threw black nylon with a g-string.  I also wore my fishnet stockings and my black high heels.  I am usually a bit more conservative, but last night I felt a bit frisky!  When we got there the couple was also pulling up and so we met them in the parking lot.

He was very handsome and tall, with a nice fit frame.  She was a sexy brunette, with a nice ass.  She seemed a bit conservative in her appearance.  She was wearing jeans and a nice dress shirt.  I felt really under dressed!  It turns out that she was just a bit shy, so the fact that we met her criteria  was awesome.  She was such a hot number!!!  We had a few drinks and gave them the tour of the club and the lodging.  The DJ did a great job and he played all our favorite songs so we got to dance quite a bit.  She did something really cool and danced with Miguel.  I knew we were going to have a whole lot of fun with them once we got them next door…..and I was right!


We picked out a room after a few hours of partying at the club.  As soon as we got in we all got down to naked and swapped partners.  She really liked the lovers couch they had in the room and I chose the bed with mirrors strategically placed above and beside it.  The guy and I started off kissing  (he was pretty good at that)  and fondling each other before he planted his face in between my legs to taste my pussy and flick his tongue over my clit.  The view of him in between my legs might have been enough to get me off,  but he had great oral skills so I came all over his face a few times.  When I glimpsed over at Miguel he had his face buried in her pussy too.  She had her labia pierced but was not ultra sensitive there and Miguel really looked like he was enjoying himself.  The next time I looked over she was on him and sucking his cock like a champ.  About the same time my guy was pulling his face out of my pussy and he stood up, so I could have access to his cock.  After a few minutes the guy started fumbling around for a condom.  At this point, I got to watch Miguel and her get into a more accommodating position,  side ways on the couch,  and him begin to fuck her with gusto.  I laid back and the guy had his now condom-ed cock ready for entrance.  He was a bit longer than Miguel but his cock was thinner.  I told him to go easy on me since I was not quite used-to something so long in my pussy.  I am sure this stroked his ego and he did go easy on me,  at first anyways.


At some point Miguel and her stopped fucking and she came over to the bed.  I think she went down on me first.  She was damned good at licking clit!  I learned later that I she normally doesn’t do that,  but she wanted to for me.  *blushes*  Miguel had brought my pink paddle along and he had me lay on my stomach so I could get my birthday spankings in.  He gave me few nice swats before he gave the paddle to her.  She went really easy on my and lightly caressed my back and buttocks with the paddle before giving me a light swat.  Then she kissed and licked my back and butt, it was very sensual and a huge turn-on.  She was really fucking hot!!  When the spankings were over I got her to sit on my face a bit before turning her over so that I could finger fuck her and lick her clit at the same time.  She was shaved clean and smooth and her pussy tasted neutral.  I could have licked her clit all night,  but I know Miguel wanted to finish fucking her,  and I wanted to watch!  Afterward we learned that she likes her labia ring to be pulled,  a missed opportunity to please her!!  She was too shy to tell us, and he didn’t say anything until after the fact.   Anyways,  Miguel went back to fucking her on the bed and the guy went to fucking me doggie style…my favorite.  I had a nice view of Miguel slamming his cock into her drenched pussy.  I wish you all could of heard the sounds, it was so fucking sexy!   Miguel didn’t last long fucking her,  she was pretty vocal and such a hot chick!  The guy licked my asshole and pussy from behind then he put his cock in and he fucked me doggie style.  I had Miguel get my little vibe out of my purse and give it to me.  I rubbed that vibe on my clit and had a really awesome orgasm as he fucked me.


It was a really awesome night with a really sexy couple!  I know that Miguel and I had a great time!

Today is my birthday and we are suppose to go out to Eyz Wide Shut again.  My favorite party host is bringing in a cake for me and I think the rumor is that I might get a sexy lap dance….?  We’ll see in a few hours!!

Until next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!


Poppin Newbie Cherry

Friday we went to meet a couple we have been talking to for almost a year.  This couple Miguel and I have both chatted with on yahoo and they are super friendly people.  I had actually gave up on an actual meeting with them for a date, thinking we would eventually run into them at some point.

Miguel set up the date, he is the scheduler after all.  I had no idea who we were going to meet, but I trust Miguel completely.  We headed out around 9:30 for a vanilla bar,  for a no-expectations meeting.  We met them at a pool-haul type bar and as soon as I glimpsed them I knew who they were.  I was relived not to have to go threw the whole thing about how many kids we have, etc.  She admitted she was a bit nervous.  Despite the fact that we had been talking for so long, they had never “played’ with another couple.   So they still had rules and everything to work out.  We sat at the bar talking for a little more than an hour,  the date was going so well.  She expressed that we ad put her at ease.  She excused herself to the ladies’ room and texted him she wanted to take us home.  This was so slick and a smart un-intrusive way to let her partner know she approved of us, really, and was not just trying to be polite….take mental notes people!

Okay, so we headed to their place.  We chatted for about another hour or so and ackwardly got to the naked part….

At this point, they pulled a “rule” out of their butts and said there would be no exchange of kissing, from the neck up.

I gotta stop at this point and mention that we did say that we go with the flow and pretty much let the mood dictate how much partner involvement will be included.  I was very disappointed that kissing would not be involved.  Yes, Miguel is a great kisser.  Yes, sex is more than just kissing.  I think it is a cornerstone to lust thou …just look at the title to my website, (kissinbluekaren)!

Other than that,  I have NO complaints about how this evening progressed!  We went into the bedroom and we each played with our own partners to set the mood.  We cautiously touch and kissed the other couple.  We did not want to overstep our bounds or make them uncomfortable.  She was so sexy, grunting and moaning as he ate her out.  She was a very vocal woman and I find that to be such a turn-on.  She was a bit petite, with nice full curves and plump breasts.  Not by any means BBW,  just the right amount of full-ness to make her seem deliciously sexy!   He was almost a foot taller than her and in great shape.   He had a really sexy smile and his cock had a nice curve to it.  It almost pointed up towards him, which made sucking a bit of a challenge,  but I bet it would have hit a g-spot without even trying!  We did not actually get to fuck them, but I am confident we will get a re-match with this couple.   In fact,  I didn’t even get to taste her puss.  I could tell by the flavor of Miguel’s mouth after some oral that her pussy was good.  This was pretty much a soft swap, with some oral play.

I take back my no complaints comment and I want to say that I wish I would have gotten a chance to do that for her.   I am so thinking about licking her pussy and clit,  just to hear her sexy noises and to get a taste of her.  Whether or not she would want to reciprocate,  I wanna do that with this sexy chic!  I know we both will enjoy it,  not to mention the guys would get a sexy show!

The next day they texted us that they had a great time and have decided to dismiss the silly “no kissing” rule.  I respect what-ever rules a couple puts into play,  but I was really looking forward to some passionate kissing, it just helps to get the ball rolling…  This makes me especially eager to meet up with them again!!

I think what happened on this night is that we smitten this couple by surprise. *patting myself on the back for putting them at ease*  They had no intention of taking us home and panicked with the kissing rule.  Really, no big deal.  I was very glad to have popped their newbie cherry!!!  We gave them a nice certification on SwingLifeStyle and I think they are gonna be so glad that they have chosen the lifestyle for their relationship. Even if they never full swap, they are so in love I know that this will only add to their passion for each other!

My Little Secret

I got one out of the archives for you to enjoy….We got a little something planned for this evening, I hope! I will give you all the juicy details, of course…..


A funny thing happened a few months back. We had a couple over our place, they were pretty young and we had mostly of girl on girl action. Miguel was taking photos and the guy from the other couple was also taking photos. This guy was playing director, asking us to try different angles. It was different and a little uncomfortable but I think it was his first experience with taking pictures. After a few hints from Miguel he finally put away the camera and we got down to business. It was a soft swap, so I paired with Miguel and she with her man. We parted and agreed that we should meet again.

A few days later, Miguel and I were looking on craig’s list and there is an ad for a sexy young couple with a bi-curious female, that wants to do a soft swap. We open the ad the, and it is a pic of a girl straddling another girl and her face is blacked out. I recognized the sheets, and some of the bedroom furniture in the picture. Wouldn’t you know it? It is that same young couple and the naked girl on the bottom is me! The picture was takin in my room.

Sometimes when I go out, I think people recognize me. When a person stares too long, or gets a mischievous grin. We are on multiple adult sites, and it seems our pics are everywhere on the internet. We even have a few videos with me playing the starring role. It is a kinda funny because I never know, did they recognize me? I used to work retail and I was a little horrified to think of someone calling me out to my co-workers. Exposing my secret….I am a swinger. Miguel and I fuck other people, and we like it. My vanilla friends,(as I like to call them), don’t have a clue. I hear them tell all their exciting stories about how their weekend went, and I bite my tongue. Some of them would even say I am uptight cause I don’t kiss and tell about my weekends, and I never tell them what clubs I frequent. Can you imagine their surprise?
When I see people sometimes I size them up. We never know the real truth about people and their sex lives. Almost everyone of my ex’s wanted to invite someone else in the bedroom, but openly swing, no never! The thought of sharing on a regular basis is taboo. Right now, I really don’t care if people know who I am. I am a bit of a slut, you mine as well know the truth. I like to have sex.

Check out these other sexy people on Wanton Wednesday.

Until next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!