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Vampire Gloves Review

One day Miguel and I were in a local sex shop looking for an outfit to fit the “theme” of the night. The sales lady was incredibly helpful, she tried to sell me on a few new toys she had in stock even though I assured her I didn’t need anything. She then pulled out a set of Vampire Gloves she had just gotten in stock. I was entranced with them. The feeling of these gloves on my skin was incredible. They were over $50 and make of leather, a bit out of my price range for an impulse item. I have thought about owning a pair ever since.

What are they, you ask? They are gloves with teeth, each of the fingers has little metal spikes that can be used for sensation play. I think they are genius. These gloves are the perfect addition to a night of BDSM. The studs are sharp but will not pierce the skin under “normal” use, according to the website. I found they feel delicious especially on the back, buttocks, nipples, inner thigh, inside of arms…any where you want to goosebumps! Leather can be a bit tricky to clean though. Don’t imagine for one minute that you would want to use these and then just stow them away. They will need to be cleaned. Along comes SereneSin with a solution….These gloves are not only washable, but they are available in lots of sexy colors. Also, they are only $25 a pair with 10% of sales going to charity!

The secret to these gloves is the rivets carefully placed inside.

Now the bad news…..the gloves are small. Probably too small for most man hands. I wore them and played with them all over Miguel, much to his delight, with no problems. They felt good on my hands and were easy to use. Miguel put them on and instantly the glove ripped as he tried to get his fingers in. The rip happened at the base of the the middle and ring finger. Really, I could still play with these gloves, but I would not take them out to an event. The rip doesn’t interfere with any of the spikes, but it looks ghetto.

I am torn, excuse the pun, on how to review these. Good for $25, bad if you have big hands, good if you don’t want to invest a bunch of money, bad if you play hard. I want to recommend them to you, since I would buy a pair myself. Just make sure the wearer has small hands.These gloves can be purchased at VampireGloves.info for $25.

I was supplied this item free of charge from SereneSin in exchange for an un-biased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

The Fetish Party

We were so excited to go a fetish party last night! We went down to Central Ybor city and met our friends for a fun filled night of fetish fun! I had never been to The Castle Club there, but it totally reminded me of clubs I used to frequent in Orlando. It was full of long lines and weird folks walking around. As it turns out, I am not too old for this shit, I just wished I had worn more comfortable shoes!

They were 4″ heels. This looked fantastic with two exceptions….the boots were not made for walking long distances and that outfit really needed a collar! I had already walked almost a mile around central Ybor by the time we got in the club. First from the car to the bar we met out frinds at, then I got lost trying to buy cigarettes, then to the club itself.

(A funny thing happened when I went to the store. Miguel stayed at the bar since I forgot my cigs and so I walked to the store. Not only did I get all lost trying to find the store we passed, that was only one block away, but I tripped and I fell on the way in. You gotta picture me in the whole get-up, I was already a fucking spectical so people were watching me…then I tripped in pure Dena fashion on the way in to the store. I felt like it happened in slow motion! How fucking embarassing!!! The people in the store were quick to tell me that the step gets alot of people on the way in, a bit late for that now though. )

Okay so we were actually the first people in line to the club and we got in around 10pm. The club was really full soon after we got in. Wall to wall people walking around in crazy looking fetish gear and costumes. It was great except the only real seating they had was for VIP folks only. We did talk one of the VIP’s into letting us go sit with them, but by that time the show was starting upstairs. Upstairs they had professional Doms working. I volunteered myself, almost accidentally, just by playing with the equipment. Curiosity killed the cat, or maybe just whipped it to ecstasy.






Shortly after this “scene” (yup, I am picking up the fetish lingo!), the show started with some guy hanging by 2 hooks in his skin on his back downstairs. We went back upstairs to watch another show that turned out to be pretty interesting. The players in the show were nothing short of sex and the stuff they did was incredible. I would give you more details but umm the alcohol has hazed my memory. I did end up getting a collar at this event it is so nice and leather. I wore it all night and it felt really nice around my neck. It has a big ring on the front and Miguel was dragging me around by it. Unfortunatly, the only picture I have of me in it from the night was also hazed by the smoke in the room. I had to cut out the other folks in it to protect the innocent, especially the guy next to me known only as the “Senator” who was only wearing his see though short gown with his cock showing for the club to see…


It was a great night! I did end up carrying my shoes back to the car, my feet had just had enough. I passed out in the car and then again when we got home, it was a sex-less night for us. I am glad we went, I am sure we will be going to other fetish events, it just keeps feeling more like home to us. These people are just as accepting as swingers of really anything except sex. If only we could find a group that knew how to incorporate both aspects, we may have to invent it ourselves!

It didn’t feel the same without going to to Eyz Wide Shut this weekend. They had a costume contest, but the Halloween party is happening this Saturday. Coincidentally, the fetish event at Eyz is next weekend as well. We will definitely be there. Eyz Wide Shut is doing something really awesome this year in that they are not jacking up their prices for their Halloween party. It seems like everywhere else is charging more, at Eyz the price is the same as any other night. it should be a great fucking time. I can’t wait to wear my costume, thankfully, it has more comfortable shoes!

Until next time lovelies, keep it sexy!