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Loose Ends in the Lifestyle

Eyz Wide Shut

Last night we went out to the club. Due to a series of unfortunate events I will be working the next few weekends. Working weekends=no Saturday night out fun. Bummer, I know! I was promised this is just temporary. Don’t even get me started about what happened. Let’s just say I like my job a lot less these days. Moving on…

So we go out to the club last night, Thursday night. I had very low expectations for the crowd and I was right. The crowd was really small but surprisingly we met some new people and had a few established friends in the crowd. When we first got there Miguel headed straight to the bar to get us some drinks. I went to harass the DJ and when I met up with him I was mauled by a familiar female. This girl is never that touchy so right away I knew something was rotten in Denmark. As soon as she spoke I heard the slur and smelled the alcohol. This chic was wasted. Not only that, but her eyes were puffy meaning she had been crying. This was a complete surprise. I have seen people get drunk at the club, hell even I have gotten a bit sloppy drunk, but this was waaaaasssted drunk.

Miguel and I tried to be polite. “Ooh my, what happened?” But I really shouldn’t have asked. It was a bad break-up. Hey! We have all been there, right? I have been that chic, but I don’t have to like seeing it. Painful to watch, really. The worst part was that in the middle of everything she invited us to a party she is hosting tonight. We couldn’t go even if we wanted to. I am sure today will be another drunk, crying party delaying the inevitable sober reality check. Fuck! I have so been there and it totally sucks, but there is a time and a place for that kind of drama. It is not at the club on my night out. Gah! Anyways, she verified she had my correct phone number. Then at like 1:30 am, we were at home and just about asleep, my phone rings. It was her and I let it go to voice-mail. WTF could motivate someone to call at that time and at that stage of drunken night out? I already know because, well, let’s just say I have family like that. Nothing good comes of those phone calls. I loose my cool and usually just end up telling them to go ahead and slit their wrists so I can get some fucking sleep. (I am not going to be getting any prizes for patience anytime soon, but I just have no room in my head for anyone’s pity party, grow the fuck up!)

It is almost a joke when we go out to the club. People that know me, know about my blog. They always joke about stuff that is “blog-worthy”. Some people are sure I am going to run home and type up a report of their stuff, and some really hope I do. Not that I am even anything major, but I put it out there on the net for anyone with a computer to see. I am discreet to a point, I never blast anyone’s name. I am even careful about describing people, lest everyone who follows me be able to connect the dots. I kiss and tell, and I tell I tell. That being said, my blog is mine. If you want me to write nice things about you, then just behave better.

This morning I check my messages and I am hoping that call was not intentional and more like a butt-dial. It was just a bit ridiculous.

Now that I have that off my plate, let me tell you about something cool that happened last night. A chic we have seen there a few times, a Unicorn, answered a few questions for me. I am always curious about the motivations of a Unicorn. (BTW a Unicorn is a single female in the “lifestyle”, they are so rare they are almost a myth) We have had three types of unicorns and none of them were that great. One Unicorn was really only interested in me, another was only interested in Miguel, and the other wanted us to be exclusively with her. So I had to ask her what being a unicorn is like. This chic is living the life, I’m telling you. If Miguel ever dies, (cause ya, he will have to be dead to be rid of me) I am gonna become a Unicorn. She said whenever she is not in a relationship, she swings. Inside of a relationship, she is exclusive. I asked her about jealousy and she said that she doesn’t get exclusive with couples, she doesn’t want the baggage. She also said that she gets to know the couple for a while before she plays with them. Her playmates are her good friends. That is an excellent policy. She just cuts ties with people that want her all to themselves. I am very curious about a person that controls themselves like that. I bet she is enjoying the best of both by keeping them separate. But I wonder….if she had to choose either swinger or exclusivity, which would it be? Swinging for a Unicorn is different. I have even seen single males who have been playing for years, drop completely out of the lifestyle for the right woman. I don’t think, well, I actually don’t ever want to find out. Being part of a couple in the lifestyle is hard and requires work, but I think I would prefer it to any other set up.

Good Night Gone Bad

So we went to the Hard Rock Casino Hotel last night. I was very excited, there was suppose to be 3 couples including us. It was suppose to be a real sexy time. It wasn’t. We jumped through a lot of hoops just to be able to go out last night. We drove all the way out there and we waited in lobby for the guy to meet us and take us upstairs….but wait! This guy did not look like his pics at all! It was a much older guy. On top of that, the guy claimed to be 42! Younger than Miguel? I don’t think so! Okay but so there was still suppose to be another couple there and possibly another that we had met before for a total of 4 couples including us, so we followed him up to his room.

We get up to the room and we are greeted by a very sexy blond. This is the unicorn that was suppose to be there. Yeah! She is really cute.  Then a brunette little hottie comes up and gives me a great big hug. She pulls me over to the bed before the introductions are even over and begins to kiss me. I like aggressive hotties so I just let it happen. She feels on my breasts and pulls them out of my shirt. I look around to see everyone is doing something else. Miguel is watching us, her boyfriend is looking very grumpy on the bed next to us and the sexy blond and our guy host are trying to get the radio to work. A bit awkward when I start talking to her and realize she is just blitzed out of her mind. Who fed her all this alcohol?

I finally get her to release me and we sit and talk so we can get to know everyone. Little hottie comes and sits on my chair with me. She is sweet at first, then drunk crazy comes out. I know she is just drunk, but saying “Fuck you, you fucking bitch!” is never gonna go over well. I just met the girl 10 minutes ago…. While our host runs down to get pizza for everyone sexy blond comes up and tells me that our host is a 2-min fuck. She is only seeing him short term until her real boyfriend can fly her out of state so they can be together. Ya, TMI. Then she tells me that they had to drive out to St.Pete to pick this couple up and she is really not looking forward to being stuck with them all night.The pizza doesn’t seem to help little hottie sober up at all and her boyfriend is as grumpy as ever at this point.

I am still trying to make the best of the situation, but it doesn’t look good. One more couple is suppose to come out. We met them previously, but didn’t get he chance to hook-up. I talk everyone into going down to the casino to pass the time while we are waiting for them. Long story short, (too late I know), they don’t show up and we make an excuse to leave.

At least now I know there is nothing special about the Hard Rock Hotel. It is the same as every other hotel, just getting to the casino is much quicker from there. I thought the rooms would be something special. They have nicer furniture, but they are actually smaller than most hotel rooms.

So anyways, last night kinda sucked! To top it off we get home and the little guy is still awake. In case you haven’t heard, my son is the most efficient cock blocker in my house. If he had been the first kid, he would have been the only kid. He only allows us, maybe, 2 nights a week alone for sex. We try to squeeze another one in by going out. I guess he knows we already had sex twice this week, damn it! Some day I will tell you the whole story about our son, he is really something special.

On to other stuff…

Digging deeper in my fetish fantasies, we ordered a leash to go with my collar. I’ve noticed lately that a dominating male is what really turns me on. The way Miguel looks at me when we are fucking, he is in control. All my fantasies lately include domination. We are going to the Halloween party at Eyz Wide Shut tomorrow night. I already have my costume all picked out. They are having the Fetish Party in the backroom on the same night. I am almost torn, wanting to wear all my fetish gear. That’s okay, I will wear my fetish gear next time. I think the costume I have picked out is really hot.

Until next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!

I’m Afraid She’ll Go Behind My Back!

Karen, we love your blog.    Your blog is responsible for some really hot
sex around here.    My wife wants to be a swinger so bad….and so do I but
here is what happened….and I am wondering if you can help us out…

She and I started to think the idea of swinging was hot.

She was a little nervous.

To get her past this I found a profile on Swingular of a local single guy
with a crazy fit body (Mr X).   I emailed him my wife’s cell # and told him
to start to flirt with her to get her going.

Well, it worked.   She started texting back to him every 15 minutes.   She
went crazy with it and it started bothering me how much she liked it.

We were about to meet the guy and then the day before it was to happen at a
hotel we had a close family member die.   So that obviously put the brakes
on everything.

I was actually glad because she was having fantasies of just her and him and
then coming home to talk to me about it.    I never intended it to be that
way.   It was always just supposed to be something we do together.

Anyway, I told her we should hold off until sometime in the future.    Well
she couldn’t hold off.   She started texting him and deleting the messages so
I wouldn’t find out.    She then left the messages in her phone after a
while….she says so I would look in her phone sometime and find them.   I
actually do believe her on this one.    Anyway, this was all in January and
since then she has fantasies about this every time we have sex.   I cant
blame her.

So…….my question for you is should we go forward with this single guy or
would it end up with my wife going behind my back?

I am afraid once she has sex with another guy she might start wanting to
meet up with him during the day without me knowing.

She was a virgin when I married her and so she has never even touched or
seen another mans dick.    Also, she is a stay at home mommy who gets bored
and may want to play without me there.     What do you think?

Karen Says~

Wow!  That is some predicament!  Have you expressed to your wife how you feel about this?  I would start up with going over with her the reasons you and her had for swinging in the first place. Have you expressed to her that going behind you back would be grounds to end the marriage?
Do you think this guy could be making her feel like she is really desirable?  This is probably a new concept for her since you were her first.  Make sure you are re-affirming that she is indeed the goddess of you world,  the sexiest and best lay you have even had.   Express that you can’t wait to share her with other guys,  because you are so proud of her skills.  She may need to hear from you, that she is the queen of you life and not that you are looking for a replacement when you swing.
I would say I was a bit confused about the blurry line between cheating and swinging at first too.  Miguel made it clear to me that cheating would be doing it behind his back and why cheating in the lifestyle just doesn’t make sense.  Explain to you wife that she can have this guy anytime…when you are there to enjoy it to.  Once Miguel explain his zero tolerance for cheating I had more respect for the relationship we have.  Your wife sounds like she is enjoying herself,  but needs to focus more on having you enjoy it to.  I would express the amount of trust it takes to have actually started to swing,  and what it is going to take to continue the lifestyle.  This shouldn’t be just about her,  it should be about the both of you enhancing your relationship and exploring new things together.

Miguel Says~

You and your wife need to be on the same sheet of music.  Swinging is a together thing.  Her wanting to fuck the guy without you is not swinging.  You should tell her how you feel.  If she chats with the guy more than she chats with you,  then she has the swinging concept all wrong.  If you and your wife still want to swing you should both agree which guy she should fuck.
This guy,  is just a human fuck toy;  she shouldn’t be getting too close to her human sex toy. A swinger should be trying to enhance physical needs and desires.  She should not be trying to fulfill her emotional desires with her fuck toy,  that’s your job!
That’s just my opinion.


New Domain!

Hey Lovelies…those of you that made the move with me that is….

Google has deleted my kissingblue blog.

Bastards! I just happened to “find” all my content on a google reader, because Miguel subscribes. So that actually saved my ass!

Now that I got my own domain I am free to advertise for whomever I choose and whatever I choose. That was something I always worried about with google. Now I am free!

Sorry to all my Kindle subscribers for the repeat postings. You might see something you didn’t notice before. Yesterday and today I spent re-posting everything.

The good news is that today is Friday. TGIF Lovelies!!!

I think we are going to a house party tonight, with a certain couple that owes us a re-match! Don’t worry I will share all the sexy details with you.

Till next time….keep it sexy Lovelies!

Cum Communication

Went out to Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa, FL on Friday night. It ended up being a weird night, thou.
We were suppose to meet the couple that cancelled on us earlier this week.
(losing track? so am I really, that’s why Miguel does all the scheduling)
Anyways, it was a bit slow there at Eyz Wide Shut. We played some pool and then sat near the DJ up stairs. The couple walked in and they were looking so fine….she in her black tight skin tight pants and he had just had a haircut, as if I thought he could look any better, he did thou actually!
Unfortunately, Miguel and I had communication issues.
We actually had a bit of drama in our relationship…it was just a weird night, and our game was all fucked up.
We always advertise “no drama”. We don’t fight in public, but when I am upset, I give him the silent treatment. Annoying, I know. I have a really sharp tongue and after years of cutting people to pieces with it, I have come to realize silence is golden.We worked it all out, don’t worry. A good fuck can fix any problem in our relationship….(sorry boys, no chance I will be solo anytime soon).
We saw the smacking couple from last weekend, with their clothes on, on the club side this time….they looked just as sexy when they aren’t fucking the shit out of each other…..They were really friendly. I heard from a pretty reliable source that they are a soft swap couple. We kind of did this already with them, hehe!
We did get to know some other “regulars” at the club a bit more. They were all advertising Caliente Resort on the first weekend of the month, due to an unbeatable entry fee of only $20. That place is like 49 miles from our house.
Maybe if we could stay over….it is so tempting, but I won’t be the one driving back after a long day at the pool and partying half the night. Plus, it is a nudist resort and I would have to buy everyone sunglasses so they could stand the sight of my pasty white skin.
So anyways, that is where everyone was hanging out last night. Everyone but us, that is.
We did have some ridiculously hot sexxx that night at the club. We got a room on the lodging side after some awkward silences between us in the club. Miguel and I picked a room with mirrors strategically placed on the ceiling, wall on the side, and the foot end of the bed. It is so hot to watch Miguel fuck me, I was so fucking turned on. Oh, I almost forgot about the saw bench thingy that we started out on…it was in the room too! I laid on it first on my stomach with my legs supported on the benches on each side. This was pretty hot but I couldn’t see. So I flipped onto my back and balanced myself there for a few minutes while he hammed his cock into my wet snatch. We eventually moved to the bed where we fucked like animals. Mid thrust Miguel asks me if I want some strange cock.
(there is always a few single guys in the hallways, hoping to get a peek in a room or, if he’s really lucky, get asked to join in the sex play)
I whispered yes into his ear. I seemed to remember a sexy Latin single guy out there somewhere. Miguel got up (butt naked) and asked him if he wanted to join in. I had on my little black dress and my fishnet thigh high stockings. I didn’t even bother to take anything but my panties off. So I was laying on the bed with my dress pulled up over my ass and my stockings still on. Miguel said something to him in Spanish and then Miguel walked over and put his cock back in my mouth. The guy was Cuban. He told Miguel in Spanish that he had to go get some condoms.
He never came back…
Stellar performance big guy!
That’s okay, Miguel took care of business! We didn’t wait for him to come back, we just went right back to fucking. I laid on my back and watched him thrust into me via the ceiling mirror. My baby is so hot! I played with my clit as he fucked me. I coated his cock with my cum. Then, I reached around and rubbed his perineum just to watch his face. Waves of pleasure on his face. So then I gingerly rubbed him around his anus. His face told me he was loving it. So then I carefully inserted my finger in his ass to stimulate his prostate, and he came loudly a few strokes after that.
Like I said, a good fuck fixes everything! No communication issues here.

Epic Fail

One night in the not too distant past Miguel and I went creeping on craig’s list for some swinger fun….

It was getting kinda late and we really wanted some quick no strings attached fun with a couple. We found a sexy looking couple who said they could host. This was perfect for us since we couldn’t. We exchanged some e-mails with pictures, then our numbers and got their address. Lucky for us they lived pretty close….so we got some sexy cloths on and headed out.

We got there in no time really. They were very polite. She explained that they had kids and we had to be pretty quiet, but that they had done this a few times and it would be cool. We sat on their porch and talked a while first. Something on their ad on craig’s list mentioned something about “bareback” being okay. I explained to them that we only play with condoms on and that there would be no exceptions (ok, well i mean except for oral play…because condoms taste gross). Anyways, we were already there…..so they said okay to the condom rule. So we passed the inspection and so did they. Cool! it was pretty obvious to both of us that she was the one that does all the “shopping“. We discovered that swinging was indeed her idea in their relationship. I thought this was rather odd, but whatever! This works for them, right??

We went inside finally….

Pictures can be a bit deceiving. He wasn’t so hot. In fact he reminded me of my ex-husband…She was pretty cute thou. She had a little extra on her hips, but really she was cute. She was wearing this little red see through nightie shirt and a black skirt. She might have been Indian or Mexican even, she had a nice ethnic look to her. I knew Miguel wanted to fuck her. I didn’t think of this as me taking one for the team, cause I hadn’t seen his cock yet. I thought a girl this cute has gotta be with this guy for a reason, right? Her man sat in a recliner kinda facing away from the action. There was another chair that didn’t recline and a couch. Miguel was kinda standing there. I sat beside her on the couch and she explained that because the kids were so close to their bedroom they usually play right there in the living room. I thought okay and leaned over to kiss her. She was a great kisser….

She got on her knees in front of me and helped me out of my clothes while we made out in front of the guys. Miguel is never very shy so I was not surprised when I looked up to find him naked already. She was licking and sucking on my breasts and I was pinching her nipples through her little red nightie she had her ass facing Miguel and he was loving the view….I have to admit the scene was pretty hot. Miguel was saying something to the guy and then I noticed that this guy wasn’t even watching. He looked nervous. We all kinda stopped and looked at him, to address the fact that he was still fully clothed. I guess he felt the pressure and so I went over to help him out. I got down on my knees in front of him and helped him free his cock (have you noticed that I always have to do this….guys just need help getting out of their clothes, lol!). He was not even the littlest bit of hard. I felt really bad cuz Miguel was fully erect and this girl was going to town on his cock with her mouth. He stopped me and took all his clothes off. He directed me over to the other big chair and I laid back spread eagle with a leg over one of the arm rests. I looked over and Miguel now had this girl bent over and was fucking her good on the opposite side of the couch. The guy played with my pussy a little and licked and bit my clit. The he got the condom on and then. . . . he ran into problems. He tried for a while to get it in but it just wouldn’t go. Miguel noticed his dilemma and brought his wife over to fuck her doggie style right next to the chair. Man they looked so hot, the little faces she was making, and her noises/ But he could not get hard enough to fuck me. He played and pointed it at my hole, and rubbed and …damn it!!! It just wouldn’t happen.


he couldn’t get hard


she was cute and all but DAMN!

what did i do wrong?

i am not gonna let this bother me

obviously this guy had issues

maybe we should ask every couple if ED is an issue for them from now on?

thank god i have miguel to take care of me when we got home

He did take care of me when he got home and assured me that she wasn’t so great and even got kinda dry. (I don’t care if he was just saying that because it made me feel better)


This is it, sometimes it is not so glamorous.We don’t ask every couple if he has erectile dysfunction, but it should be implied.


Miguel texted me today and asked that I do some shopping for the weekend. There is something Miguel and I do called shopping….it is not what it should be. We have a profile set up on multiple sites and we make friends in the swinging community. We have hundreds of friends on the internet. Some of them are much too far away, some are not really real people, some just wanna flirt, a few get to meet us in person and end up on my blog. I hate shopping, it can be discouraging. I don’t expect perfection, but honesty would be nice…. Like a picture that is not 10 years old on your profile. Don’t say you are 5’6” and 130 when I know damn well your ass in the picture screams 190! Miguel is always shopping. He is always chatting with new people and if they seem cool he gives them my yahoo IM. Some days I get a text that says, hey chat with this person they seem cool. No details, I have to go through the whole thing about who are you and how did you and Miguel meet. It is not so bad, cause at least he does most of the screening for me. The nice thing about the sites is that people can certify/recommend other people on them, so they are certified a real person. We have a “few” certifications, lol.

The other way we meet people online is threw craig’s list. This is a more unreliable method. So many fakes on that site. Pic collectors! But if we wanna meet a single guy or a new couple, sometimes it is the best way. On craig’s list you can be really specific, and people will still answer with whatever they got. You say send a pic and they send plain text, it is ridiculous! Like this guy I was just talking to who said he was part of a couple, even invited us over, then admitted that they “just broke up”. Yup! And I just exchanged hot pics, with another pic collector I’m sure. What did he think was gonna happen? We were gonna be so horny to meet another couple that we would settle for half?

Which actually reminds me….we met this sexy couple at the club. That night we already had a “date” with another couple all lined up, so we exchanged numbers. She had a nice curvy figure and short blond hair. Something about this guy just had me ready to get it on. So we agreed to meet him at the bar a few days later. He said he usually screens people but that she would be meeting us at the bar later if she got off early. Well she didn’t. He assured me that she wouldn’t mind any play up to oral, but no actual sex. I really wanted to play with this couple. He had nice eyes and a cocky smile. So we fooled around a bit and made out and when he walked us to the van I played with his cock a bit. Miguel watched and I told the guy that I really wanted to play by her rules, so that we could all play together soon. I sucked Miguel’s cock almost all the way home. I was really turned on.

The next week he met us at a different bar by the house. I really wanted this guy and after some suggestive play at the bar we took him home. He reminded me of him and his wife’s agreement of no actual sex and I promised him that it would not go that far. I stripped down as soon as we got in the door and so did the guys. He ate my pussy for a long time. I sucked his cock really good, and then Miguel’s, and then his some more. We were all really horny, but I remembered that his wife didn’t want him to fuck me behind his back, so we stopped. At that point he was begging to fuck me, he promised not to tell her. But I told him no, and that we would all get together as soon as she could join us. Two days later he called and said his girl wasn’t interested in playing with Miguel. . .yea right! Whatever, I got good head…and at least I climaxed!

Halloween weekend at the club

(Please excuse the mess in the background of this picture…we all actually live in our house and it is not a museum, lol!)


Yesterday was a busy day for me. I was given a ton of homework this weekend including; an ATI practice test, a group project, an individual project, a care plan, and I have to study for a weekly quiz. My only saving grace is that I have no school on Monday. I had to take my kids to a fall festival yesterday, mandatory fun! And I also promised to help my friend move. All of this and I really was ready for a few beers and go out and have a great time. I was pretty excited to go out in my sexy costume with Miguel, but something weird happened when we got to the club. I was called out by a couple we were potentially gonna hook up with. The girl said that I looked a lot better now that I had put on some weight…..hold on!
The last time I saw this couple I was a few weeks pregnant!
Needless to say, this really through me off my game. I started thinking, “wow do I look fat??, how rude!, I don’t wanna play anymore….”
I walked into the restroom to clear my head and blow it off, then I hear Miguel talking, about me, to this couple. I can’t tell you exactly what was said, but it infuriated me. Somehow my opinion of this couple had taken a backseat to securing the match. GRRRR!
Ok, so fast forward a few awkward moments and we are back at the bar and I explain this to him, poor Miguel! He is just a boy after all. The whole next drink was spent by him trying to smooth over the situation, and keep drama at bay. I hate drama! That is our number one thing, to not end up being like that, with our whole relationship hanging out in public.
Sometime later, a certain Latin unicorn decided tonight to finally meet us. She arrived at the club with another unicorn in tow. Well the night was really looking up at this point. We talked for a while and then her and her friend disappeared. I kinda forgot about her and Miguel and I searched around for an open room. I was really just wanting Miguel at this point, but while I was in the bathroom, he called her to join us. In case you guys are keeping track that would be mistake #2. She was really hot and this ended up being a really good hook up. She was pretty good and watching Miguel fuck her was a real turn-on! Later she texted Miguel that her friend was full of questions and seemed interested in the lifestyle. She said she had a great time and promised next time she would not be so shy with us.
So, (even though I am a stupid girl who allowed a little personal issue ruin a potential hook up), I still got game! Hoping that maybe after trick-or-treating with the kids I can make it up to Miguel.