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Last Night of the Year!

Eyz Wide Shut was packed with sexy players. On Thursday when we went, it was a smallish crowd. I don’t mind a small crowd when they are as much fun as the one they had on Thursday! I got to mingle and talk to almost everyone. At one point we had a 13 person sandwich on the dance floor. Everyone dancing just joined in and picked a side. Surprisingly, or maybe not, Miguel and I were in the middle. Two sexy couples joined in behind us, followed quickly by everyone else. At some point, Miguel yelled out for us all to turn around, so everyone got a different person to dance with. Or sandwich with, as it were. I looked in the mirror to see everyone had joined in. It was so much fun. Only swingers play like that I swear we have the best times!

Last night, Friday, got packed. We went next door to play and then everyone did! Or so it seems. I found myself on the bench again, but this time the room was packed with people coming and going. It started with just us in the room. Then there was a foursome that watched and played and made comments. The comments were very distracting. Then all of a sudden, the room was full. We were at the end of one room and the beginning of another. I had a hard time focusing on the pain. It was such a different experience than last weekend. I understand now why BDSM clubs have strict etiquette rules in their preliminaries.

Other than that little blip, we had a great time! I got a LELO Tiani yesterday. I charged it up and put it in when we got to the club. Miguel had much fun playing with it while I tried to dance. The he passed it around so some of our friends could watch me squirm. It was fun!

We are going to Eyz Wide Shut again tonight. We hadn’t planned to, but some friends convinced us that we should be there. (Thanks T & D)

This year has been a lot of fun.  I hope you are all planning a fun night! I hope this year brings you lots of sexy safe fun! I have been too busy to set any resolutions….yet. Yes, I will be posting all the promises I plan on making to myself (and probably breaking) this coming year.

I really just want to make some money in the New Year and stay committed to keeping it sexy here on KissinBlueKaren.

Thanks for hanging with me in 2011!


Monday Night Date

So much got fucked up this weekend I don’t really even want to think about it. Basically what happened was….well, I am a woman and sometimes I go a little psycho. Usually I find good outlets for my rage and craziness but Miguel took the brunt of it this weekend. So Saturday night, although we did have some fun, ended on a really bad note. Then Sunday was awkward. Just because I recognize that things are my fault doesn’t mean I can admit that right away. I am so glad I have Miguel. He hugged me at some point on Sunday after a vicious silent storm. He just gets me. I was able to forgive myself for crazy and then ask him to do the same.

By Monday morning we were completely back to normal, as far as I can tell. Yesterday Miguel text me and said I needed to figure out what to wear since we were going out. He assured me that this was a date with a newbie couple, with no plans for more than vanilla fun. We had a totally relaxed evening then we went out to The Castle in downtown Ybor City. We checked the website and they were opening up at 9pm on a Monday night. Who the hell goes out on a Monday? I guess we do now. Anyways, we got there after 9 and the club was still not open. The people there said they don’t open until 10:30. Who the hell is out that late on a Monday? We almost left right then, but I was kinda hungry so we walked around in search of a place to eat. While walking around we ran into the couple we were suppose to be meeting. So, we had a beer and chatted a bit. They were very nice and super sexy.. we then decided to stay out a little bit longer.

I would love to go on and on about this couple, but I won’t. They are new newbies and I feel disclosing thoughts or bits of our conversation will betray their trust. I really like this couple. I will tell you that Miguel and I enjoyed their company. They are fun and spontaneous. We are suppose to be meeting them again this week. I am looking forward to it. Since they are so new, it is like having vanilla friends again. I can focus on Miguel and just have fun. I know swinging is suppose to be like that. Sometimes it is not, though. More often than not, we meet a couple and there is bit of pressure to make the hook-up. I know sometimes it can drag out and the focus really should be on sex for a hook-up. I guess I have been missing vanilla dates. That is not to say that I would not consider this couple…I have considered it. I just think it was great that it didn’t have to happen last night.

Oh God, there is no one here to stop me when I go on and on like that sorry.

It was 80′s night at The Castle. I am definitely more of a 90′s girl but they kept the music really fun. There were alot of people there for a Monday night. We danced to The Cure and Devo and Culture Club and all kinds of other 80′s music…how embarrassing! The crowd was a mix of young and old freaks dancing to one-hit wonders and cult classics. It was fun, as hard to admit as that is. At least now I know there are places to go for fun on a Monday night.

We left around 12:30, I was still really hungry so I tore up some taco bell when we got home, (I <3 nacho bell grande when I have had a bit to drink!). Then we had some awesome sex. I have been needing to review a new cock ring so I poured some lube on my hand and manipulated Miguel’s cock till it was nice and hard. I stretched the cock ring out a bit and slid it onto him. It was too late at this point to maneuver it around his balls so he wore it just like that. I turned both the vibes on and he rolled me over so he could fuck me. Let me just say that the cock ring rocked, Miguel fucked me good with it buzzing away. I can’t wait to use it again. I did a full review on it today with the song Fascination Street by The Cure playing over and over in my memory. The four hours of sleep was a small price to pay for such a great night.

Until next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!

Pole Dancing

Did you know that Pole Dancing is a sport? Think about it….it is competitive, it requires strength and endurance, it requires skillz. It is a sport and some people start doing it for fitness and to feel sexy. I have wanted to be sexy on the pole ever since I saw the first girl twirl on it. Miguel knows this about me. He also knows I would not look into this myself. I did find a link on an adult store website that linked to a studio in Tampa. Until I saw the website I had no idea that people offered classes on Pole Dancing.


Okay, so fast forward a few weeks ago when Miguel called me all excited that he had something for me. It was a 5 class package at a local studio! I was really excited. I could now go and learn this sexy sport, and by luck he get me classes at one of the best studios in the area. Impulse Pole Dance & Erotic Fitness. They hold all kinds of credentials: Pole Position Certification, AFAA Certification for Group Fitness, US Pole Dance Federation, Pole Fitness Association, They were voted Best of the bay from Creative Loafing. I gotta admit that I was a bit intimidated to make the appointment for the class. I’m white, and I have no coordination. I was re-assured of this every time I took a Zumba class at my local gym. I have two left feet or something. I over-think things when I dance. I think I dance good when I am Eyz because

  1. it is dark
  2. everyone is drinking
  3. I relax my critical self when I am drinking

I made the appointment this week. I took my first class yesterday. I can see that I am going to get hooked. I loved the atmosphere of the studio and the friendliness of the instructor. The cool thing about pole dancing is that there is a pole that you can grab on to. As long as the pole doesn’t fall over all I have to do is hold on. I am definitely going back. Miguel doesn’t know it yet, but my obsessive Gemini nature is going to be all consuming about this until I get bored with it. This might end up costing us some more money. **Please don’t ask me to dance if you see me at the club. This, like everything else worth doing is going to take time and hard work. Those of you that really know me know I am determined enough to make most things I want happen.

The studio I went to also offers cheeky chair classes, foxy floor work and booty basics. I don’t think I am ready for all of that….yet. I expect you will hear more about this later. I am hoping to be able to get a pole for my house so I can work out at home. I want your opinion….


Cum Shooter

As you guys may remember I had my toy party at eyz wide shut this past Friday. I would love to tell you how great it was and how I got so many people in there. In reality I had to wait a really long time for the management to agree on a discount and then they didn’t advertise till the day of the event. As you can imagine turn out was less than spectacular. It was really not my fault and I will never be hosting a party at that venue again. I just wanna have fun, I don’t really care about the politics of running the club. Some people had promised to go since it was my party. As much as I wanted to cancel and say “Fuck It!” I really couldn’t do that to my friends. So I rushed home from work, got changed and grabbed my goodie bag, before heading out to Tampa.

We got to the door after an uneventful ride and they actually charged me to get in. I was so shocked I decided right then that I would not host any games. I did end up giving away most of my toys, to my friends that came out, and anyone who asked about the “toy party”. I actually had a great time despite all the bs from management! I drank alot. They started some new drink specials and we took full advantage. I danced with everyone. This is a good sign that I was pretty lit, I don’t like dancing with girls that much. I was really drunk enough to not feel awkward.  Most of the sexy people I would have wanted to play with only purchased bar side access, so when it came time to play, it was just Miguel and I. That was no problem because Miguel and I play great together, hehe!

Miguel and I got the “red” room with the high bed. I have had so much fun in this room with others, but tonight it was all about us. I stripped down and sucked his cock. Then he had me lay back on the bed so he could lick my pussy. He had me cumming in his mouth after a few minutes thanks to his g-spot finding fingers. Then he positioned me on my back with my ass near the edge so he could stand and fuck me. I reach for one of my toys and rubbed my clit to orgasm as he stroked his cock in and out of my soaking wet snatch. I came so hard like this. When it was his turn to cum he pulled out to cum on my stomach. He missed completely and his cum shot straight into my mouth and into my hair. His cum went like 2 feet from it’s target. We laughed that he came in my mouth. I had to wash the cum from my hair before we left the place. I had the delicious taste of his cum in my mouth the whole ride home. It was a good night!

Till next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!




Birthday Spankings and a Full Swap

We went out to Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa last night to meet a couple.

This couple drove from over 2 hours away to meet us.  I hope we met their every expectation and blew it out of the water.

It was a pretty fun night.  I started out early drinking rum and pepsi before we even left the house,  (I have decided it is better than rum and coke, lol!). I decided to wear a risque little outfit that is mostly see threw black nylon with a g-string.  I also wore my fishnet stockings and my black high heels.  I am usually a bit more conservative, but last night I felt a bit frisky!  When we got there the couple was also pulling up and so we met them in the parking lot.

He was very handsome and tall, with a nice fit frame.  She was a sexy brunette, with a nice ass.  She seemed a bit conservative in her appearance.  She was wearing jeans and a nice dress shirt.  I felt really under dressed!  It turns out that she was just a bit shy, so the fact that we met her criteria  was awesome.  She was such a hot number!!!  We had a few drinks and gave them the tour of the club and the lodging.  The DJ did a great job and he played all our favorite songs so we got to dance quite a bit.  She did something really cool and danced with Miguel.  I knew we were going to have a whole lot of fun with them once we got them next door…..and I was right!


We picked out a room after a few hours of partying at the club.  As soon as we got in we all got down to naked and swapped partners.  She really liked the lovers couch they had in the room and I chose the bed with mirrors strategically placed above and beside it.  The guy and I started off kissing  (he was pretty good at that)  and fondling each other before he planted his face in between my legs to taste my pussy and flick his tongue over my clit.  The view of him in between my legs might have been enough to get me off,  but he had great oral skills so I came all over his face a few times.  When I glimpsed over at Miguel he had his face buried in her pussy too.  She had her labia pierced but was not ultra sensitive there and Miguel really looked like he was enjoying himself.  The next time I looked over she was on him and sucking his cock like a champ.  About the same time my guy was pulling his face out of my pussy and he stood up, so I could have access to his cock.  After a few minutes the guy started fumbling around for a condom.  At this point, I got to watch Miguel and her get into a more accommodating position,  side ways on the couch,  and him begin to fuck her with gusto.  I laid back and the guy had his now condom-ed cock ready for entrance.  He was a bit longer than Miguel but his cock was thinner.  I told him to go easy on me since I was not quite used-to something so long in my pussy.  I am sure this stroked his ego and he did go easy on me,  at first anyways.


At some point Miguel and her stopped fucking and she came over to the bed.  I think she went down on me first.  She was damned good at licking clit!  I learned later that I she normally doesn’t do that,  but she wanted to for me.  *blushes*  Miguel had brought my pink paddle along and he had me lay on my stomach so I could get my birthday spankings in.  He gave me few nice swats before he gave the paddle to her.  She went really easy on my and lightly caressed my back and buttocks with the paddle before giving me a light swat.  Then she kissed and licked my back and butt, it was very sensual and a huge turn-on.  She was really fucking hot!!  When the spankings were over I got her to sit on my face a bit before turning her over so that I could finger fuck her and lick her clit at the same time.  She was shaved clean and smooth and her pussy tasted neutral.  I could have licked her clit all night,  but I know Miguel wanted to finish fucking her,  and I wanted to watch!  Afterward we learned that she likes her labia ring to be pulled,  a missed opportunity to please her!!  She was too shy to tell us, and he didn’t say anything until after the fact.   Anyways,  Miguel went back to fucking her on the bed and the guy went to fucking me doggie style…my favorite.  I had a nice view of Miguel slamming his cock into her drenched pussy.  I wish you all could of heard the sounds, it was so fucking sexy!   Miguel didn’t last long fucking her,  she was pretty vocal and such a hot chick!  The guy licked my asshole and pussy from behind then he put his cock in and he fucked me doggie style.  I had Miguel get my little vibe out of my purse and give it to me.  I rubbed that vibe on my clit and had a really awesome orgasm as he fucked me.


It was a really awesome night with a really sexy couple!  I know that Miguel and I had a great time!

Today is my birthday and we are suppose to go out to Eyz Wide Shut again.  My favorite party host is bringing in a cake for me and I think the rumor is that I might get a sexy lap dance….?  We’ll see in a few hours!!

Until next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!


Sexy Dance-ing

Last night we went to Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa, FL. I love going to this place cause the clientele is so damned sexy.

Miguel and I danced a lot last night, and got some nice compliments…..he makes me look good dancing. I am so fucking Caucasian, so having my Latin lover for a dance partner is awesome!
Some thing I can barely stand is when women ask me to dance….a pet peeve of mine. Dancing with other women always feels so forced, and I feel awkward. Worst thing is when she is only doing it to please her partner, and look sexy to him….grrrr! There are lots of girls who can do this shit effortlessly and put me to shame. I dance just because I love the song, or I wanna get closer to Miguel, not to try to look sexy. Cause lets face it, dancing ain’t really the thing I am best at, lol! Maybe this seems weird? I have actually ruined hook-ups by not dancing with the ladies.
Maybe they should try harder to turn me on and ask my man to dance, now that would turn me on! This could play out for both players too cuz what swinger wouldn’t want to see his chick dancing sexy with another guy? Sex is a form of dance right, between players?? Also, watching my man dance would make me more likely to wanna look sexy for him, by dancing with you.

….I think I am really alone on this thought trail….so I am gonna leave it….

So a girl asked me to dance with her last night, a smoking hot dark skinned girl. She radiated sexy from across the room. The first time I saw this fox, I had to try to talk to her. I felt plain jane in a room full of sexy competition, but I wanted her to see me. I hoped to get a glimpse of Miguel fucking her…her man was really hot, too! I gave her a card and tried to express to her that we were interested. She was doing all the talking at the table but I complimented her man too.
This was a few weeks ago….she remembered us, and when she saw me she asked me to dance. I obliged her request and after the dance,(which really wasn’t that awkward after all), I politely told her that I do not normally do that, and why…She said she had a hall pass that night and she wanted to use it on me. But just me. Her man likes dark skinned girls, and Latino girls….(should I mention here that her man was white?). Okay so she wanted to hook up with me and made it pretty obvious all night. But I didn’t want a hook-up last night with just a woman, especially if Miguel would only be a watcher. Last night I just really wanted some cock. I am regretting this now…..I missed out on all that sexiness. We were unprepared, I had no toys to help me out. The thing that really, I think, made it a “no” for me last night, was when she mentioned that she spied the blog and she thought I could teach her a few things……OMG the pressure! I don’t handle pressure. Yes people I am a bit of sex talker, yes I have had some fucking awesome experiences, but I am not an expert or over experienced at all. Like I said, I am almost a boobs lesbian and full of insecurities when it comes to women.
I don’t know, am I a bad swinger? I know there have to be other female swingers that are with me on this. I am with a guy because I love his cock. That’s how I get off. When we swing, I am not insecure with another man. I know how to use my mouth to please. I know how to get a guy to cum, usually….women are trickier. Our anatomy is pretty specific, and I still have yet to find my own g-spot… blah, blah, blah!

Okay, so Miguel and I went over to the lodging, sans company. I wanted to play in the dungeon. This is something that really turns me on lately….mmm, being tied up!! After a momentary confusion as to where to play, we ended up in the dungeon. At first we were alone, and got to pick where we wanted to play. We choose the cross and so I took off my shoes, pants and my panties. Miguel strapped me in. First my arms, then my legs, then he rubbed my clit, and tuned me a bit so he could smack my ass, then he kissed me aggressively…..yes that did get me a little wet.
Two more couples walked in at this point. One couple got right up on the table with stirrups (like at a doctors office), the were a young bi-racial couple. The black guy mounted the blond girl as she lay back on the table. His pants around his ankles and her dress bunched up around her waist. The were fucking and smacking the shit out of each other. She was smacking his ass and face and and he was smacking her back. It almost looked painful, but they were so fucking lost in the lust of their fuck.
They were fucking like animals.
As I watched them, Miguel went to slapping my clit and pussy, which made me even wetter. The other couple sat down across from us on the bed with the straps, and just watched. We were so ready for a good fucking session after all this sexy play. Miguel grabbed me a towel to wrap around me and undid my straps, we got in the first room we could find open. I sucked his cock, realizing how much I missed sucking his cock. It has been like two weeks. I got it so deep in my throat, I wanted it completely. He had me lay in the middle of the bed and then we fucked like animals, sans all the slapping….After an exhausting, earth shattering fuck with my legs wrapped around his waist and him hammering his cock into my tight pussy, he pulled out and came on my stomach.
After we got cleaned up and went back to the club, we met some people and I got the actual invite from the sexy girl that had been pursuing me all night…but alas, we went were fucking spent. The couple we went were super nice, and we almost went next door with them, (they were newbies!!). It wouldn’t have been our best thou, at that hour. We gave them a card, referred them to the blog, and hopefully we will be seeing them soon. We are getting up too early these days to make it an all-nighter……someday we will get back to that, hopefully!
I gave Miguel an awesome blow-job in the car. His cock was so hard it was level with his abs. I wanted him to pull over and stick it in me, but he just kept on driving. I argued with him in my mind, but he won, cuz it was really late and we were both really tired…so I layed the seat back and passed out for the rest of the ride home. I am such a bitch!

Bad Girl

Wow! I totally neglected you all on Valentine’s day….damn I am so sorry!
If it makes you feel any better, Miguel and I did not even have sex on Valentine’s Day
I know!  Unbelievable right?
Well it is just that we had sooo much fucking over the weekend, and then the baby is the best cock-block I have ever seen.  He wakes everyone else if we just let him cry in the crib, blah, blah, blah!  I know you don’t really care about that, just know that we would be fucking a whole lot more if we could.
I realized looking at the date of my last blog, that those events actually transpired on Friday night.
So, I actually still have Saturday to tell you about…..
We went back to EWS, it was crowded with sexy couples.  Miguel and I did some drinking and dancing.  It is such a turn-on to have my Miguel dance with me…so then we go next door to the lodging.
Miguel heads straight for the dungeon room.  Lucky for us the x-cross is unoccupied.  I walk over to it and Miguel whips a blindfold out of his pocket.  He covers my eyes and straps me into x-cross, this time I am facing him.  He pulls down my top exposing my breasts and then he reached and pulls my pants down to my knees.  He tells me to turn to the side and he told me what a bad girl I was, smacking my ass.  He reached down and rubbed my clit and fingered my pussy.  I know at this point we did have an audience because I heard other voices.  I was so bad getting so wet in such a submissive position.  I can’t help it, I want a man to be in control.  I want to be conquered and ordered around.  Sex is where I relinquish control of myself.  I just wanna please and be pleasured.  So when Miguel takes my arms down and tells me he is gonna take me to a room and fuck me, I get dressed enough to walk the hallway and leave the blindfold on.  I let him lead me through the crowd of people to a room.  The attendant lets us in a room.  Later she smiles at me knowing I was the bad girl who got smacked and fingered and fucked, I guess it is nothing new for her.  We go into a room and Miguel has me lay down with my knees under me so he can fuck me from behind.  When he slams his cock in my wet pussy I moan and cum right away.  I am such a bad girl when he rubs my clit as he fucks me and I moan some more, telling him “Yes, I am a bad girl”.

He asks me if I want another man to fuck me, too. Of course I do and he withdraws his cock and pulls the blindfold off.  He tells me to look to the left out the door at the man in the suit, he asks if he will do.  Yes, I tell him and he calls him in.  We thought the guy looked Hispanic and I was looking forward to hearing my Miguel  converse in Spanish about the situation unfolding.  He was Greek instead, so he spoke with an accent.  He was so handsome but his cock was pretty small. Thank God he knew how to find my clit and he played and played with it till I was shaking from orgasm.  Gonna skip right over the sex with him, cuz it was quite disappointing.  He came in the condom, and before he had the thing all the way off, Miguel was on the bed telling me to sit on his cock.  I rode his cock while handsome Greek guy played with my tits.  Miguel came in buckets in my pussy and it ran down my legs as I un-straddled him.  Hot sticky cum warm on my inner thighs.
We cleaned up and went back to the club for something to drink.  Outside we met a couple that was brand new…..they were sooo hot!  We gave them a card and tried to make them feel comfortable.  I guess we succeeded cuz they e-mailed us a few days ago.  Mmmm, hot newbie couple……awesome!  I might get to pop a cherry.


Eyz Wide Shut x3

Last night was pretty fucking awesome! I drank before we left so I was buzzed the moment we walked in the door. It was a sexy scene. Most of the women that go there do not dress as provocative as I was dressed last night so I generated a bit of attention. The only dress rules for women there are that they gotta wear panties and the areolas must be covered. I met the requirements, barely…..my top kept sliding. Well my tits are pretty small, (sigh!). That is the first thing I am gonna fix if we ever get enough money…..New boobies for me! I don’t want like DD or anything. I am only a B now I just want a really full C cup. I know guys always say a handful (or is it mouthful) is enough, but I want more!

Miguel went to the bar for me all night, so I really have no idea how many beers I had….enough I guess. Everytime I needed a beer, it just showed up. We met the couple there that we were suppose to, but they were really talking to another couple. She is a little older than me and I think they were probably a more comfortable match. We met another really hot couple, they were newbies. I mean new-newbies. Everytime I saw them outside, a different couple was trying to give them newbie advice. Happy not to be there anymore! Although if you think about it, every new adventure is totally different. So you never really get out of the newbie stage in that sence. But as far as the testing of trust in the relationship, I am totally happy that phase is over.

We danced a lot! I had new shoes and this actually didn’t cause me any problems, except that it made me slightly taller than Miguel. He is 5’10″, I am 5’8″ so in a 6 inch heel, …..well you get the picture. Anyways, we didn’t hook up with anyone else…. I think we just get to this point that we wanna go fuck, and well, I didn’t wanna have to wait to see if anyone else wants to join in. We went next door to the lodging and into the big common room. There are plenty of places to fuck there and I laid back on a bed. There was another couple there fucking on the bed in the corner and we love to have company. The sheets on the bed are black leather, it feels good on my skin. Miguel takes down his pants and I lick and suck his cock till he tells me to stop. Then he gets dressed and says he wants to go back to the party. I throw a bit of a temper tantrum on the way to the door, and he gets bit frustrated with me. Ya, I am like that sometimes. It is pissing Miguel off. I love him so much I want him to read my mind, and want what I want, when I want it…..kinda ridiculous! He gets almost angry and says, “What babe, you want me to fuck you right now?”  ….YES! Right now, at least a little bit. So he throws me over a lounge type chair (gently, and I am so willing), pulls my panties to the side and fucks me right there. I have one leg on the floor and one leg cocked up so he can get it in better. He fucks me till I cum real good on his cock, then he stops and sacastically asks if we can go back to the party now? Yes we can…..

Ok so fast forward threw the party a bit, we danced, I smoked, we drank, we got really horny…went back to the lodging, and back to the big common room. This time the room was full. I mean really full. There were sex acts happening everywhere I looked. There was nowhere for us….but just then I saw what looked like a leather dentist chair. An awesome sight to me, since I was totally ready to get fucked again. I had Miguel lay back on the chair and expose his cock so I could get it mice and hard with my mouth. I pulled off my panties and straddled his cock. This position is a little comical for us since Miguel used to be a dentist’s assistant. I fucked him real good, and gave anyone who might have been looking a good show. The angle would have been perfect for anyone to see his cock, slick with my juices, sliding in and out. I went real slow, then fast them slow again till Miguel told me to stop. He wasn’t ready to cum just yet….

Fast forward again threw the party, we drank, I smoked, we danced, I was so fucking horny……went back to the lodging. This time we decided to get our own room. Miguel pulled a surprise out of his pocket….the blindfold! I stripped down and put the blindfold on. I laid on my stomach and begged him to fuck me good. He did just that, then I asked him to put it in my ass.
He did.
I worked my clit the whole time rubbing it and pinching it, I was so horny.
He got his cock nice and wet with my pussy juices.
He took his time and slowly, gently guided his cock in my ass.
Then he slowly started to work it in and out. He could go really fast or be rough cuz my ass is so tender and tight, but it felt so good.
Eventually he could take it anymore. He pulled out and wasked his cock off in the sink, then he came back and rammed my pussy. He told me to stand up and put my hands on the window as he fucked me standing up from behind. I can’t really tell you if we had an audience. I still had the blindfold on. The angle wasn’t perfect, (I should of put those shoes back on!), so he had me lay back on the bed and he rammed my pussy with his cock. The he moaned and he came inside me.
It was an awesome night.