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Monday Night Date

So much got fucked up this weekend I don’t really even want to think about it. Basically what happened was….well, I am a woman and sometimes I go a little psycho. Usually I find good outlets for my rage and craziness but Miguel took the brunt of it this weekend. So Saturday night, although we did have some fun, ended on a really bad note. Then Sunday was awkward. Just because I recognize that things are my fault doesn’t mean I can admit that right away. I am so glad I have Miguel. He hugged me at some point on Sunday after a vicious silent storm. He just gets me. I was able to forgive myself for crazy and then ask him to do the same.

By Monday morning we were completely back to normal, as far as I can tell. Yesterday Miguel text me and said I needed to figure out what to wear since we were going out. He assured me that this was a date with a newbie couple, with no plans for more than vanilla fun. We had a totally relaxed evening then we went out to The Castle in downtown Ybor City. We checked the website and they were opening up at 9pm on a Monday night. Who the hell goes out on a Monday? I guess we do now. Anyways, we got there after 9 and the club was still not open. The people there said they don’t open until 10:30. Who the hell is out that late on a Monday? We almost left right then, but I was kinda hungry so we walked around in search of a place to eat. While walking around we ran into the couple we were suppose to be meeting. So, we had a beer and chatted a bit. They were very nice and super sexy.. we then decided to stay out a little bit longer.

I would love to go on and on about this couple, but I won’t. They are new newbies and I feel disclosing thoughts or bits of our conversation will betray their trust. I really like this couple. I will tell you that Miguel and I enjoyed their company. They are fun and spontaneous. We are suppose to be meeting them again this week. I am looking forward to it. Since they are so new, it is like having vanilla friends again. I can focus on Miguel and just have fun. I know swinging is suppose to be like that. Sometimes it is not, though. More often than not, we meet a couple and there is bit of pressure to make the hook-up. I know sometimes it can drag out and the focus really should be on sex for a hook-up. I guess I have been missing vanilla dates. That is not to say that I would not consider this couple…I have considered it. I just think it was great that it didn’t have to happen last night.

Oh God, there is no one here to stop me when I go on and on like that sorry.

It was 80′s night at The Castle. I am definitely more of a 90′s girl but they kept the music really fun. There were alot of people there for a Monday night. We danced to The Cure and Devo and Culture Club and all kinds of other 80′s music…how embarrassing! The crowd was a mix of young and old freaks dancing to one-hit wonders and cult classics. It was fun, as hard to admit as that is. At least now I know there are places to go for fun on a Monday night.

We left around 12:30, I was still really hungry so I tore up some taco bell when we got home, (I <3 nacho bell grande when I have had a bit to drink!). Then we had some awesome sex. I have been needing to review a new cock ring so I poured some lube on my hand and manipulated Miguel’s cock till it was nice and hard. I stretched the cock ring out a bit and slid it onto him. It was too late at this point to maneuver it around his balls so he wore it just like that. I turned both the vibes on and he rolled me over so he could fuck me. Let me just say that the cock ring rocked, Miguel fucked me good with it buzzing away. I can’t wait to use it again. I did a full review on it today with the song Fascination Street by The Cure playing over and over in my memory. The four hours of sleep was a small price to pay for such a great night.

Until next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!

Assholes and Anal Sex

Miguel put out an ad for something to do on Thursday. After weeding out all the undesirables and fakes he found a cute couple to meet at a local club for Friday night. The club we went to meet them at is literally right down the street. It is a local vanilla club. I didn’t even know they had clubs downtown St.Pete but there was one right across the street as well. We don’t go out to vanilla clubs normally. Being a swinger, I have a different mindset. I see a bunch of single females and think about unicorns. I see a sexy couple and wonder what their bedroom play is like. Do-able, what a sexy crowd, I wish swinger clubs had options like this every night! I am over friendly in a vanilla crowd. Miguel and I are too touchy-feely and it makes others uncomfortable. Yes, I am telling him about how much I want his cock when I whisper in his ear. Yes, he did just slide his hand up my dress to slide a finger in. This kind of behavior could get us into trouble in a vanilla setting. Once in a while we meet newbies and we venture back to vanilla settings. Last night was a rare occasion for us.

The club was suppose to open at 8, so we got there a bit after 9. I was wearing a little black dress and my fishnet thigh highs….and nothing else. I hate panty lines, Lovelies. I was almost under-dressed for the weather since it was so windy last night, but I figured we would be inside most of the night. I brought my MiMi just for the short ride home. I swear I never leave the house without this thing, thank God too because it really came in handy. We parked really close and found the club was not even open yet. The doors were open but they weren’t letting anyone in yet. It was pretty fucking lame when they asked us to form a line…the two of us ….while they got the place set up. We stood out there in the windy air for about 15 minutes. It was well after 9, we almost got in a fight about it. Then we finally agreed on waiting in the car till it opened. We probably should have just went home, but hindsight is always 20/20.

In the car I decided to use my time playing with Miguel. I made him pull his cock out so I could suck it. There we were right on the street and I am giving him a blow job as people walk past us. After a few minutes, I was ready for MiMi and gave myself an awesome orgasm rubbing it on my clit. We decided to go and see if the club was open yet after that, and it was. We were like the first people there, but they had a great drink deal so I was optimistic that it would pick up shortly. The club had a really great layout and two floors of entertainment. The DJ flat out sucked though. The couple we were suppose to be meeting text Miguel they would be there shortly, or and by the way…..”She is really shy, make it look like we just met.”


~Sigh~ Guys, please don’t do this! You are not going to “trick” your chick into swinging! She is smarter than that, hopefully. We had already paid to get in the club and so we were kinda stuck meeting this couple. I was a little more than irritated. Just on principle I would not fuck this asshole. His chick was kinda hot. I did meet her, and no, I didn’t spoil his trick. She confessed to me during the conversation that he “surprised” her by taking her to Eyz Wide Shut Halloween weekend. She was not into it. He was like an overeager kid, trying to egg-on the conversation and the sexy dancing. No wonder she wasn’t down!

After many rum and cokes Miguel and I slid out of the club. I was pretty lit, but not too drunk to fuck. As soon as we got in the car I pulled Miguel’s cock out and sucked it back to life. I alternated deep throating his cock, sucking hard on his cock head and stroking it while I fingered myself. The trip home took no time at all. As soon as we got inside we both stripped off our clothes. Miguel said he wanted to fuck my ass so he pulled out a few toys and got it ready for his cock. He got it nice and stretched out then lubed up his cock….and them impaled my ass with his cock. He fucked it hard and deep. I was laying flat on my stomach and he fucked my ass good. I came so hard with his cock fucking my ass. I am getting wet just thinking about it now. What a hot fuck! That was better than anything that couple could have delivered.

Tonight is the anniversary party at Eyz Wide Shut. I am so excited since we will be staying over in their deluxe lodging tonight. All the regulars there were invited to stay over. The after party is going to get steamy, I just know it! Also, it is a sexy swinger friends birthday tonight. Which reminds me, I have to get a gift. Yes, It will probably be a sex toy. What else would you expect me to give her?

Until next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!

Newbie Play

Eyz Wide Shut

Saturday was Eyz Wide Shut night. I do not usually pursue couples at the club. I found some friends and settled in to what I though would be a nice repeat of swaps past. A very sexy female is having a birthday next Saturday and we mused about how fun and hot it would be to make a video. The couple is getting a hotel next Saturday near Eyz so it should be a whole lotta fun!

Anyways, I was sure our hook-up would be with them. Then a very sexy couple walked in. I got a bit bold and approached them. I was very interested in the guy, she was very hot as well. I am not as suave as Miguel. My approach is basically this; “Hey, we think you are hot! Here’s our card. No pressure, but I wanna play with you both. Contact us if you are interested.” Don’t tell me how bad this sounds, I already know. I am not the social butterfly when a hook-up is on the line. Turns out they were brand spanking new, or at least she was, to swinging. Mmm, newbie couple! I literally gave them our card, and told them I hoped they had a good night. It is amazing that this approach produced anything at all

I tried to blow it off. I probably just blew it with them. We danced and drank and socialized with all the regulars. I looked over about an hour later and they were sitting with another couple. This produced a bit of lecture from Miguel about how I need to follow-through a bit more. “Ya, ya I know Babe. I see that now.” Damn it! Oh well! I was still standing next to the sexiest man in the room, I was going to get laid regardless.

We headed over to play, just the two of us. We really haven’t been having as much sex at home, so our sex at the club was so fucking hot. Miguel tried to stop short of cuming, pulled out and everything. “Let’s go back and have some more fun.” “Ya, okay. I just want to cum one more time. Could you rub my clit, Oh yeah! Just like that!” I wanted to taste him so bad, he wouldn’t let me suck his cock. He knew he would explode in my mouth, that I would not stop. I gave him a hand job as he dittled my clit to multiple orgasms. “Please let me taste it. I want you to cum all over me.” He came with a few grunts, standing next to me his cum landed all over my torso. His hand was slick with my cum, as well. It was kind of early, but we had some awesome play time. We headed back to the club to get something to eat. We ended up there for almost an hour. We were pretty spent.

Then the newbie couple approached us. “We want to take you up on your offer.” Oh shit! I looked over at Miguel, but we were already walking over to the other side. I was happy that they felt comfortable enough to approach us. Another round of play, hell yes! Round two actually didn’t go so smoothly. I did make him cum, which kinda pissed her off since when they came over to play earlier he couldn’t cum with her. He didn’t get me off with the sex and he knew it. I think it was the whole pressure of the situation, he had a hard time getting it back up for another round. He had a hard time getting it up the first time, too. Never mind that Miguel had similar problems, this guy was younger than Miguel. Much younger. I only will exert so much into trying to get a guy hard before I just give up. He was pretty determined but I was done. He was pretty embarrassed about it. I kept telling him that it was okay. That there was alot of pressure in the room. He was such a good kisser. I could have spent all night with his mouth. The fact that a dick was part of the package was just a bonus. She was very hot. Despite her saying she had no desire to be with a woman, she had an eager mouth. Her hands explored my body freely. I did not press her for more, I just let it happen. She definitely would have allowed more, but I really wanted her to have control with this first swap. Come to find out she was only 22! I wish I had been so bold at that age.

They have our card. Maybe we will get a chance for a re-match with this sexy duo. I wish Miguel would have been able to rock her more. I would have loved to see that. We watched them for a bit, but performance issues got in the way. Blame it on the condom, the location, the instability of the relationship (they seemed to not know if they were a “couple” or not), the stranger factor, the alcohol, or the fact that another man was in the room. There are so many reasons why he might not have been able to get it up. I will not hold it against him. I think he had too much else to offer and I would welcome another chance to let him rock me. I know he could.

Until next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!

Delicous Friday

We didn’t go out last weekend, at all. We stayed home and enjoyed some time with the kids. This weekend we double dipped and went out both Friday and Saturday night. Our babysitter loved us for that.

Really been meaning to get back to the Phoenix Club so we went on Friday night. Friday is a bit more economical for us since it is half price to get in this members only club. We were pretty anxious to go out, so we left really early to get there. Too early. We arrived before 8, the club open at 8. Over eager for a good time I guess. We don’t know that meany people at the club. The people we did talk to were very friendly and welcoming. Lack of friends there and the fact that there is no alcohol there to break the ice makes it a bit uncomfortable to wait. Things pick up at Phoenix around 11pm #mentalnote.

It was Fem/Dom night. We didn’t realize it at the time. Despite the theme a few traditional D/s couples were there. One of them had a case of glass cups. I am sure we missed out on all kinds of good fun. I don’t understand what was going to happen with the cups, but hopefully I will see them again. I am intrigued. Another couple had tools for needle play. They even had a bin to place the used needles into. This club is truly anything goes. I think the needle play would have been hot to watch. I so wanted to play. Miguel had instructed me not to bring the flogger. I wore my collar. I love the way if feels on me. I am owned. Although we are not the typical players in the BDSM community. I am so pleased Miguel indulges me once in a while. He is the only one I want to discipline me. I really wanted to get spanked and tied up, but it just didn’t happen. We left before play time started.

I have some massage oil candles I have been needing to review, so we went home to take care of that. The candles were really awesome. The hot massage oil felt delicious on my skin. He rubbed it all over me. I will be posting a favorable full review of them very soon. Miguel is rough when we fuck and it is such a damn turn on. He pulls my hair and I just melt. The pain mixes with the pleasure and I drift. The white hot feel of his hands spanking my ass. I always want it. We played and fucked. Miguel came but I wasn’t done yet. I got out my G-Ki and played a bit with it. Miguel helped me out by whispering like hot sex into my ear. He gets real close so I can feel his breath and his voice is so hot. He then lubed up and finger-fucked my ass. I came like gang busters with his finger in my ass the g-ki working my clit and g-spot. A delicious night.

The Fetish Party

We were so excited to go a fetish party last night! We went down to Central Ybor city and met our friends for a fun filled night of fetish fun! I had never been to The Castle Club there, but it totally reminded me of clubs I used to frequent in Orlando. It was full of long lines and weird folks walking around. As it turns out, I am not too old for this shit, I just wished I had worn more comfortable shoes!

They were 4″ heels. This looked fantastic with two exceptions….the boots were not made for walking long distances and that outfit really needed a collar! I had already walked almost a mile around central Ybor by the time we got in the club. First from the car to the bar we met out frinds at, then I got lost trying to buy cigarettes, then to the club itself.

(A funny thing happened when I went to the store. Miguel stayed at the bar since I forgot my cigs and so I walked to the store. Not only did I get all lost trying to find the store we passed, that was only one block away, but I tripped and I fell on the way in. You gotta picture me in the whole get-up, I was already a fucking spectical so people were watching me…then I tripped in pure Dena fashion on the way in to the store. I felt like it happened in slow motion! How fucking embarassing!!! The people in the store were quick to tell me that the step gets alot of people on the way in, a bit late for that now though. )

Okay so we were actually the first people in line to the club and we got in around 10pm. The club was really full soon after we got in. Wall to wall people walking around in crazy looking fetish gear and costumes. It was great except the only real seating they had was for VIP folks only. We did talk one of the VIP’s into letting us go sit with them, but by that time the show was starting upstairs. Upstairs they had professional Doms working. I volunteered myself, almost accidentally, just by playing with the equipment. Curiosity killed the cat, or maybe just whipped it to ecstasy.






Shortly after this “scene” (yup, I am picking up the fetish lingo!), the show started with some guy hanging by 2 hooks in his skin on his back downstairs. We went back upstairs to watch another show that turned out to be pretty interesting. The players in the show were nothing short of sex and the stuff they did was incredible. I would give you more details but umm the alcohol has hazed my memory. I did end up getting a collar at this event it is so nice and leather. I wore it all night and it felt really nice around my neck. It has a big ring on the front and Miguel was dragging me around by it. Unfortunatly, the only picture I have of me in it from the night was also hazed by the smoke in the room. I had to cut out the other folks in it to protect the innocent, especially the guy next to me known only as the “Senator” who was only wearing his see though short gown with his cock showing for the club to see…


It was a great night! I did end up carrying my shoes back to the car, my feet had just had enough. I passed out in the car and then again when we got home, it was a sex-less night for us. I am glad we went, I am sure we will be going to other fetish events, it just keeps feeling more like home to us. These people are just as accepting as swingers of really anything except sex. If only we could find a group that knew how to incorporate both aspects, we may have to invent it ourselves!

It didn’t feel the same without going to to Eyz Wide Shut this weekend. They had a costume contest, but the Halloween party is happening this Saturday. Coincidentally, the fetish event at Eyz is next weekend as well. We will definitely be there. Eyz Wide Shut is doing something really awesome this year in that they are not jacking up their prices for their Halloween party. It seems like everywhere else is charging more, at Eyz the price is the same as any other night. it should be a great fucking time. I can’t wait to wear my costume, thankfully, it has more comfortable shoes!

Until next time lovelies, keep it sexy!

Me Lately

So I got the day off today. My babysitter kinda overdid it over the weekend and I needed to stay home with the babies today…bummer right? Not really! I hate the job I have currently, so I am loving this time off. I would really love to work from home more but the opportunity has not presented itself….yet!

Miguel and I did not go out this weekend. It was a good thing and I got a lot of “work” done. My work reviewing and making videos. I have a bunch of new stuff on the way to review and hopefully another giveaway real soon! Miguel bought me a tri-pod a few weeks ago and I think he ordered me a new video camera, too. Making videos is fun and easy and he knows I love to do them. So I don’t really have any new adventures from this weekend to share with you, but I do have a story I haven’t shared that I am sure you will enjoy!

Miguel and I were at a swinger club two weeks ago on a Saturday. The place was pretty slow to start off, but before I knew it, it got packed! I was being my usual self and talking to everyone, drinking and dancing. I was getting pretty lit. There was a group of people going off site for something more intimate in a pool. I really wanted to go but we paid for lodging, and I wanted to get me some before we left. Miguel and I went over to the lodging side and got a place in the Hedo room. It is an open room with the lights down low and many leather covered beds and fucking furnishings. We sucked each other. Then I broke out the MiMi for some extra fun. Eventually I was riding Miguel with the MiMi working my clit. His cock felt so good filling me completely. I had my eyes closed when all of a sudden someone jumps on the bed beside us….”Hey, we are leaving now!” he shouted. OMG! He scared the shit of of us…that was the general idea thou. Miguel lost his hard on, so we got dressed to go to the after-party.

I was so turned on the whole way there. I took Miguel’s cock out of his pants and sucked his cock for most of the ride. It is a miracle we found the place following my drunken scribbled directions. We got there and the house we went to sits on 1 acre. The house we were at has a wooden fence around most of it and the other side of the street is nothing but woods. We were pretty secluded so after a few minutes of negotiation, Miguel bent me over the car and fucked me on the road. It was so hot knowing we might get discovered at any moment. His cock slid right into me. I had my jeans pulled half-way down and my heels still on. It must have been a hot sight. Miguel decided not to cum just yet and we got semi-dressed and proceeded to go and join the party. We were a bit late so everyone was already naked and in the pool. Miguel and I found ourselves a drink and stripped down to join in. Mostly everyone was standing in the pool talking. There were about 6 couples there. It was a nice mix of conversation and I floated around to everyone. Miguel had himself leaning against the wall, so I backed into him so he could get it in. It didn’t seem awkward at all to be having conversation with his cock sliding in and out, people mere feet away from us fucking. I made out with another guy and a girl while we were there. We stayed about 2 hours before tiredness kicked in and we decided to go home so we could finish what we started. It is a long drive for us from there to home so leaving seemed like the right thing to do. When we got in the car, I was determined to finish right there. We have a small car with a stick shift and bucket seats. I tried my best to straddle Miguel but after a few minutes we decided on top of the car was much easier. So once again we got out of the car and fucked on the side of the road.

It was another hot night for us! I guess we can check outdoor sex and car sex off the sex fantasy wish list. I hope our next car is a little more comfortable, with 4 doors so I can play out my cop fantasy. Mmmhmm!

Till next time, keep it sexy!

Cum Shooter

As you guys may remember I had my toy party at eyz wide shut this past Friday. I would love to tell you how great it was and how I got so many people in there. In reality I had to wait a really long time for the management to agree on a discount and then they didn’t advertise till the day of the event. As you can imagine turn out was less than spectacular. It was really not my fault and I will never be hosting a party at that venue again. I just wanna have fun, I don’t really care about the politics of running the club. Some people had promised to go since it was my party. As much as I wanted to cancel and say “Fuck It!” I really couldn’t do that to my friends. So I rushed home from work, got changed and grabbed my goodie bag, before heading out to Tampa.

We got to the door after an uneventful ride and they actually charged me to get in. I was so shocked I decided right then that I would not host any games. I did end up giving away most of my toys, to my friends that came out, and anyone who asked about the “toy party”. I actually had a great time despite all the bs from management! I drank alot. They started some new drink specials and we took full advantage. I danced with everyone. This is a good sign that I was pretty lit, I don’t like dancing with girls that much. I was really drunk enough to not feel awkward.¬† Most of the sexy people I would have wanted to play with only purchased bar side access, so when it came time to play, it was just Miguel and I. That was no problem because Miguel and I play great together, hehe!

Miguel and I got the “red” room with the high bed. I have had so much fun in this room with others, but tonight it was all about us. I stripped down and sucked his cock. Then he had me lay back on the bed so he could lick my pussy. He had me cumming in his mouth after a few minutes thanks to his g-spot finding fingers. Then he positioned me on my back with my ass near the edge so he could stand and fuck me. I reach for one of my toys and rubbed my clit to orgasm as he stroked his cock in and out of my soaking wet snatch. I came so hard like this. When it was his turn to cum he pulled out to cum on my stomach. He missed completely and his cum shot straight into my mouth and into my hair. His cum went like 2 feet from it’s target. We laughed that he came in my mouth. I had to wash the cum from my hair before we left the place. I had the delicious taste of his cum in my mouth the whole ride home. It was a good night!

Till next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!




Yes to BDSM!

Okay Lovelies, it is no big secret that I have been wanting to explore the BDSM lifestyle for a while now. I have my reasons…. starting with a whetting of my appetite by our friends at Blissful Lotus. The problem is that most swingers only dabble into the fetish lifestyle so we haven’t found a nice crossover couple to introduce us around. Something about letting go and letting someone else take control. I get everything I need when I submit. I have come to grips with the fact that a good spanking can take me there. This is pretty delicate, though. After some of our not so great experiences when we started at swinging, I knew we needed some good mentors.

Miguel has been really busy trying to find us a hot spot to “play” (when he isn’t too busy looking for that mythical unicorn, that is!). He found us a club a few weeks ago and we choose last night to go try it out. This place has everything we need to get us going in the right direction. The website was nicely laid out. We still didn’t know exactly what to expect. Honestly, after what happened at the last BDSM club we had very low expectations.

We arrived at the club sober, aware that they didn’t allow drinking on premise. Normally this would have been a deal-breaker but I think we needed to be sober for this. We were greeted at the door by a very friendly sexy couple. There were various displays of whips, floggers and other BDSM gear for aesthetic pleasure and some for sale. The couple seemed totally taken aback that we didn’t have a “sponsor” to the club. Ummm oops! We didn’t know we needed a sponsor! Oh well, then meet with one of the owners and see if you can charm your way into membership. We did, we are now members of a local BDSM club. Details about the club name and location….. (I wanna respect the privacy of the club and its members I wanna talk to the owner before I do this.)

The club itself is like a big dungeon. Half of the club was for play, with various “scene” furniture, (scenes are what they call playtime, I am trying to use the right lingo). The other half of the club had tables and chair and a small kitchen. There was an upstairs loft as well for those that desire a bit of privacy. There were quite a bit of rules, most of them for safety and to keep stupid at bay. These members have a lot of respect for others peoples play, so we felt very safe and welcome. Most of the Subs make food and bring it in to serve their Doms. There was alot of symbolism rules that I was made aware of including what color my cup should be. I guess at a place like this you will want to know right away if you are talking to the Sub or the Dom, so that makes sense.¬† As luck would have it, it was the owners birthday. We made some small talk and when we met the owner he agreed to do a “scene” with me. The owner, (like everyone except us) had a bit of luggage full of tools. He whipped out two bags and proceeded to tell me all about the variations. I stripped down to my panties and bent over a table (not sure what to call it, it wasn’t a bench it was a 2 tiered table) I was eager to have everything tried out on me! He did a great job of explaining which toys/tools gave me the best pleasure. It is all about sensation and allowing me to go there, to my happy place, while enjoying a great spanking. He had some wonderful tools, and some that were too stingy for me. He rubbed and talked me through everything, I was able to go there. I was so lucky to have this Master working on me, I really enjoyed his techniques. The owner and his Sub had to leave right after that though. Hopefully we will see them again soon!

Another couple was talking to us and they really seemed to enjoy taking us under their wing, if only for the night. They weren’t really a sub/dom couple so much as they were a power play couple. The Dom definitely was not Sub about anything, but she was much too outspoken to be meek in her demeanor. She allows him to play the Dom. That is the best way I could describe this. Totally not like from the owner and his slave. His Sub was owned and meek, a perfect sub type. The whole time he talked to us, she sat quietly by his side. Only when the conversation intentionally shifted to her did she talk. I don’t know if I will ever be that way, I am a Gemini so the urge to take-over the conversation would probably kill me! Right okay moving on…..they agreed to take us upstairs so Miguel could get a feel for the tools. They volunteered me to use them on….yes! I got down to my panties and go strapped to a St. Andrew’s Cross. The cross was not as comfortable as the table. They did alot of talking too. The most surprising thing about the whole experience was how lightly Miguel used the tools on me. He loves me alot and did not want to make it a bad experience. I love him for that. When we came home it was different though, we had rough sex. Miguel grabbed my hair and really took control, I loved it.

We learned so much about the tools.

  1. In the BDSM community limp is a good thing. (referring to the flogger folks!)
  2. A little refers to a grown up. (cuz they like their bigs alot!)
  3. A Dungeon Master has nothing to do with the game Dungeons and Dragons.
  4. Leather is something you earn.
  5. A dragon’s whip can take me there in 3 smacks.
  6. Thud is better than sting.
  7. All cats have nine tails.
  8. The more surface area the better.
  9. A “wrap” is not just a sandwich.

I think the night was a success! I am so glad we became members, so we can go back again soon. I have been trying to find all the people we met on fetlife so I can get more involved in the community. The members there were eager to tell us about all the local events so we can learn more. there is so much we didn’t know. They said there is so much going on in this area….I am sure our weekends will be full of sexy events.