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Dungeon Play

Saturday night found us at the club. It felt good to be there on a Saturday night. I have really missed going there. I have to say that now that I have my weekends back, it feels more like when we first started going. I looked around the club and saw lots of possibilities. I seem to be remembering why we go to a swinger’s club….and it is not just to dance. I noticed more than a handful of interracial couples. It is nice not be the only ones for once.

We ran into people I almost forgot about playing with. We don’t play with any one couple for too long. Playing with one couple or single only for any length of time would probably feel more like a relationship. We have enough trouble managing each other. It is not uncommon to run into people that we have played with and I can’t remember their name(s). It happens so often and it is something we can joke about. I remember the dynamics most of the time (she had a red dress on, we danced slowly then made out, he fucked me doggie-style) but not their damned names. I am worse at this than most people, just ask Miguel.


We had a great time at the club and met some new people. When it came time to play we headed straight to the dungeon. It was just me and Miguel at first. He placed the blindfold over my eyes and strapped my arms into the St.Andrew’s cross. He hiked up my skirt and pulled off my panties. I love this moment and the anticipation of my punishment. Miguel moved my feet apart and then started smacking my ass. Miguel was especially rough with me smacking more me more than usual. I heard other voices and the equipment in the room being shifted, someone else was getting strapped into the suspension cuffs. Then the creaking of the beds as people moved about throughout the room. Miguel didn’t let the audience deter him. He used his bare hands and smacked my ass really hard. He finger fucked me between smacks. His fingers jammed into my g-spot as his body held me firmly to the cross. Miguel told me over and over to cum for him as his fingers reamed me. I did. Then he smacked me some more. He released my hands from the cross after about 20 minutes. I started to pull my skirt down, but Miguel scolded me and led me backwards with my hands behind my back and directed me to sit on the couch. He then unbuckled his belt and pulled his cock out. He ordered me to keep my hands behind my back as he fed his cock into my mouth.

I sucked his cock with my eyes closed. He encouraged me to suck it good before he fucked me. He pulled his cock out and I submitted as he pushed me back on the bed. I moved my hands around to his cock to help guide him in as he moved into position. He hiked my legs up over his shoulders and held my hands together over my head as he fucked me. His eyes closed slightly after a few minutes. He looked like he was going to cum so I told him to stop. I told him I wanted finish in a private room. As I got up off the couch I got my first good look around the room. This room that had been completely empty when we started now help no less than 10 people. There was a scene going on with a bound woman getting fucked. Behind me on the same couch was another couple with the woman on all fours and the guy fucking her. There were people standing all around the entrance enjoying the show. I know I wasn’t the last girl strapped to the cross that night.

Miguel and I found a private room down the hall. I got my Mia vibe out and turned it on the highest setting. I used it on my clit and Miguel took his clothes off. Miguel laid down across the bed positioned his body under my legs and fed his cock into me. I love this position with Miguel laying sideways so I can look him in the eye as I cum all over his cock. I didn’t last very long before I came. The orgasm was still washing over me as he moved into a missionary position to fuck me. His eyes were closing as he told me how wet I was, how good it felt to fuck me. He came with a grunt and it seemed I could feel his cum shooting into me. We both laid there for a while before we cleaned up and got dressed. We left the lodging after that and went back over to the club. The crowd was much thinner at this time and we got something to eat before we made the drive back home. I know we both had a great time. The best part was that the weekend wasn’t over yet…

Stranger Sex

Eyz Wide Shut

I have no motivation today. I am sitting here with a list of shit to do today and I can’t get out of this chair. I am a bit sore from last night, my back really. I had such a good time last night, and I can check one thing off my stupid list!

There was a line out the door when we arrived last night at Eyz Wide Shut. I have never seen that. They say it got like that on New Year’s Eve, but we missed the rush by getting there late. It was packed and I had a lot of fun. By the time we went to the lodging I had lost all my lipstick, making out with people in the club. No jealousy last night, we went to have a good time and I was flirting with everyone. I actually lost track of Miguel a few times. Everything just flowed perfectly as I shifted my focus from sex with Miguel, to flirting with everyone else. I think jealous girl is gone. Everyone loved the corset too, btw…

We lost an hour somewhere, I think it was while we were busy in one of the rooms. I don’t care. It was packed last night, even the hedo room and lover’s lane were pretty full. Luckily, a couple left a room and we claimed it after it was cleaned. I stripped off my jeans and got on all fours still wearing the corset. The mirrors in the room allowed for the perfect view everywhere I looked. Miguel got up behind me and rubbed his cock on my slit, it slid right in and he pumped it into me. Miguel fucking me from behind and I got a great view of his ass as he humped his cock into me. He pulled out of my soaked pussy and started fumbling threw my bag. He found a vibrator and handed it to me. He ordered me to play with myself and slipped a blindfold over my eyes. “I am going to get you your wish, a stranger to fuck”. I had a vibrator in my hand working my clit and I came and came in anticipation.

I heard some fumbling in the room. I reached for Miguel and he guided my hand to his cock as another hand, a stranger’s hand, worked my pussy. Miguel stood next to me as a stranger’s mouth began to lick and suck my pussy. The blindfold prevented me from seeing anything with my eyes so I let me hands see for me. This man had his head buried in my snatch and I ground my pussy into his face while jacking Miguel’s cock with my right hand. I felt lips and tongue and teeth as this man devoured my flower. I was so ready for strange cock. Miguel got so hot watching he had to pull away from me stroking his cock a few times.

The guy pulled away to sheath his cock and then he impaled me with it. The curve on his cock was profound. The feeling of his pumping was so different. I was getting my wish. A stranger was fucking me. First as I lay on my back, then I was flipped over and he fucked me from behind. Eventually, the guy lay down on the bed and I got on top. He unzipped the top of my corset and tweaked my nipples with his hands as I rode his cock. We finished like that, or should I say he finished. Every time I reached for Miguel he was right there, keeping close watch. There were no words exchanged after he came. I rolled over and waited for Miguel to see him out of the room. He served his purpose, my dildo for the night. He ordered me to keep playing with myself if I wanted more, which of course I did. I slid the vibrator all over my labia and clit, rubbing it in circles hoping to orgasm. I needed a cock to help me out. I pleaded with Miguel to fuck me so I could cum on his cock. I needed his fat cock to fill me up and pump my pussy while I worked the vibrator on my clit. I was right there when he came and pulled out. I continued to work my clit. I was insatiable last night. I still wanted more. After a quick recovery, Miguel sat and watched me struggle to reach orgasm. It was taking too long, I almost gave up. Because he knew I needed it, he finger fucked my g-spot until I cried out. Waves of orgasm washing over me and I writhed on the bed my pussy clenching his fingers as he rode my orgasm out to completion.

We left out of there and it was after 3 am. The club was closed, any after parties would take place without us. We were invited but too tired to play anymore. I think next weekend a full swap is in order. Miguel gave me what I wanted, all I had to do was ask. I want to watch Miguel next time…


Eyz Wide Shut

We went out to Eyz Wide Shut last night. It was so nice getting out. I really look forward to Saturdays to cut loose have a few drinks and dance. I found a little black dress and some fishnets. I was feeling very good about myself as we headed out in our new car. Miguel was looking really hot as usual. He accompanied me to the mall yesterday. I am sure this is about his most un-favorite task in the world. I am not always an easy shopper and yesterday we went to more than 4 shops in the mall, each of which had stuff I had to try on. Yea, I tried his patience. I thanked him for his time with some head before we left the house. Then again in the car on the way to the club, verbally. His reply was “Oh yea no problem, but can we actually try swinging tonight?”

My immediate internal response was very defensive, but then I realized he was right. I really don’t try to meet new people and hook-up. I don’t do any of the shopping, so I have no idea how much time and effort he puts into meeting people just for me to go “Nah!” How frustrating it must be for my lover! Last night I did make a conscious effort be friendly, to be provocative, to make suggestions. The club has become a place where we meet a bunch of friends and fuck none of them. Why is that? I imagine it has something to do with play-timing. We are early players and all of our friends are not. I think we need to make dates with some of these people outside of the club.

Anyways, it ended up just being Miguel and I when we went next door. Every room was full, so we went to the dungeon. I had already lost my panties earlier in the night due to a provacative game that left them drenched. Miguel placed the blindfold on me and strapped me into the St.Andrew’s Cross. He hiked up my skirt around my hips, and rubbed his hand over my ass. Then the smacking started. Smacking is so much more personally than the flogger in my opinion. Anticipation, followed by sharp white pain, followed by anticipation. He surprised me with the timing and was gently when I least expected it. I always thought, ouch it’s too much, but it seemed just enough. I took my licks without complaint, and was grateful. At some point he had one hand on my wet slit and the other one working my reddened ass. He was rubbing lightly on my clit, kinda flicking it. And then it happened. I felt warmth and extreme wetness. I immediately felt like I was done. I asked him to stop right after he commented on how wet I was. “Babe, I just squirted!”

I know it was not pee, it didn’t smell and it was completely clear. I squirted, I know I did. I felt an immediate release, like cumming but not quite the same. I definitely felt like I had finished something. Some of you may know I had this debate forever about squirting. (See Squirting Mystery) I had all but decided it was pee until a friend of mine showed me how she did it. When I saw her squirt I was convinced it was something that could really happen, but I never thought it could happen to me.

So maybe we didn’t swing last Saturday, instead we squirted. Then we had awesome sex in Lover’s Lane with an audience. It is still freaken’ freaky great! So now I am going to be a very busy person trying to figure out exactly how to make that happen again. ~smirk~

As always, I would love to hear your stories. Have you ever squirted? Have you ever seen it?

On the bench

My eyes are covered by the blindfold you seem to carry with you all the time. I know what is coming when you slide it over my head. I switch off, I give you the reigns. You take my sight and you take control of me. You assist me with taking the desired articles of clothing off. I can’t see and my balance wavers in my high heels. You steady me as you slip my skirt and panties down and off of me. You leave my thigh high stockings on. They make me look even better when we are fucking. I know you like the way they feel on your back as I wrap my legs around you. But not yet, first I need to get on the bench.

You guide me over to the bench and place my hands on the end of it. It is difficult but I manage to get myself into position while blindfolded, for my punishment. My knees rest along either side on the padded bars. My chest is flatten down against the leather. I am strattling this leather bench with my ass exposed. I put my head to the side and wait for you. You ask me if I am comfortable. I assure you that I am and I hear the straps of the leather falling on the flogger as you set it down. Sizing me up, you see my corset covers too much skin. You have me take it off hook by hook while blindfolded, then you strap me in. First my hands then my feet are bound. I am completely vulnerable, naked, exposed and blindfolded. Your voice and movements are all I am thinking about as I lay on the bench.

The first strikes of the flogger hit my ass and you move the licks up my back until you find a rhythm. The falls hit my skin at all the right spots, no wraps tonight. My eyes close under the blindfold. I am slipping away to a place full of white sparks and nothingness. If you are saying anything now, I can’t hear you. I am an empty shell upon that bench. My mind is focused on the next strike, the next blast of white light. I am home here. I have no need of the safe word right now. None of the straps cut into my flesh, they just leave a dull aching sting behind. The rate and intensity is perfect. Just as I start to come to and focus back on you, you stop. I can fell you cock rubbing on my ass, it is hard and now covered in my wetness. You slide it up and back before plunging inside of me. With you cock rocking my insides you smack my ass. I am so intune with every sensation. It is bliss as you use the flogger on my back as you fuck me.

You stop thrusting just long enough to untie my straps and guide me over to the bed. The blindfold comes off the reveal an empty room. We are the only ones here right now. If I listen hard enough, I can hear moans of passion coming through the walls, but I don’t try to hear. All I want is your breath in my ear as your cock thrusts into me. I want it hard and fast. So rough now, you pull my hair and thrust into me. I am drenched and the sound the wetness makes as you fuck me is enough to fill the room. You lean close and whisper Spanish into my ear. I don’t know what you’re saying but the words make me cum. You pull your cock out just in time to cum on my stomach.

I love every bit of energy you give me on the bench. I took it all from you tonight. I feel renewed in my passion for you. You give me pleasure with a bit of pain. You rock me till I cum and never leave me unfulfilled. I would do anything you asked of me, I know you would never ask too much. I look forward to the next time you put me on the bench.




Late, I know, but I wanna tell you what happened last Saturday night. We went out to to Eyz Wide Shut, no big surprise there. This time we remembered to pack the flogger….

I’m gonna skip right over the dancing, drinking, games and potential hook-ups that didn’t happen to tell you about the sexy stuff that actually went down. We went over to the lodging side. I was sure we were gonna head straight over to the dungeon—but no! Miguel wanted an audience. We went into the “Hedo” room, which is full of beds covered in black leather and bondage furniture. The bondage furniture is not really a big attracting feature. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone play on the furniture. I had to admit I had not even noticed it really, (but you have to consider how much I usually drink). Miguel remembered seeing the benches there, though. He even remembered which one of the two benches had straps.

So he pulls the blindfold out of his pocket and puts it on me. There are at least eight other couples in the room. He helps me out of my skirt, shirt and bra. Then he leads me over to the bench and he straps me in. I am now strapped onto the bench wearing only my panties, my thigh high lace top fishnets and my high heels. I am blindfolded and he brushes the flogger over my back and ass. I am totally relaxed knowing what is coming next. I am finally going to get the flogging I deserve. He alternates hitting my left and right side as he flogs my ass, thighs and back. I would be in heaven at this point except for the stupid fucking girls giggling in the corner with their hook-ups. It gets quiet finally and all I have to listen to is the door opening and closing behind me, Miguel’s footsteps as he circles around me and the slap of the flogger on my skin. Now I can go to that place, the white sting of bliss. I am butter.

Miguel undoes my straps and helps me to stand up and guide me over to a bed. I lay back and open up for him. How long did I entertain, I don’t know. Miguel later tells me we had an audience of at least twenty people. This makes me happy. I know spanking is sexual, but it is also so much more than that. It is a quick release for all the shit I carry around. For countless minutes I let go, I gave him control. I blindly trusted him to deliver the sting of my redemption.

We had mad crazy sex after this. I was so ready for a good fucking. I was still blindfolded as he guided his cock in. I came on contact. He pulls the blindfold off of me so I can see how close we are to a couple engrossed in passionate sex right next to us, they are still fucking well after we are done. A stranger approaches and touches my leg, but Miguel pushes him away. It is just us tonight. Another man is 6 feet away jacking off while he watches us. Single men are not allowed in this room and I can only assume that he was invited by a couple and stayed after to enjoy the show. I don’t care if he watches. He asks if I will suck his dick after we get done, but I decline. He was uninvited. He gets dressed and so do we. This is the end to a great night.

It is nice to have a place so close by that we can play at. We are looking to purchase another flogger. Miguel really wants to florentine. I can hardly wait! It is Friday already, so we might have to go to Phoenix. Phoenix is another club, it is even closer to home. It is a true private club in every sense and they do not allow alcohol or sex on premises. I guess we’ll just wait and see where we end up tonight!

Till next time Lovelies, Keep it Sexy!

Double Penetration

Monday was really rough for me at work. I was hungover and so tired from all our fun over the weekend. Saturday night was very nice, but I am going to skip right over it and tell you about our hot date on Sunday night. I almost said no, when Miguel asked if I wanted to do something Sunday night. I though I might have been too tired from all the partying we did over the weekend. I am glad I didn’t.

Miguel was online at craig’s list looking for a male that I could peg. See, I got this new strap-on from California Exotics and the dildo glows in the dark. I really wanted to fuck a guy with it. Miguel enjoys a bit of prostate massage from time to time so it would have been a turn on to watch me fuck him! Miguel actually found a great looking guy that had no problems with being pegged. Unfortunately, I didn’t even take the strap-on out of the bag, so I will have to review that some other time….damn, I know right?

We met the guy at his house and right away he was a great host. We brought a 6-pack, thinking it would be an early night. But Oh Shit! He had crown royal and cock, oops! I mean coke, a little Freudian slip there! He was in great shape! A runner too, how about that? Anyways, we had great conversation. He was intrigued about the website, instead of being intimidated, yeah! So after a few drinks I got comfortable enough to get naked. We all stripped down and went to the bedroom. I showed him all my toys and he pulled out some handcuffs. Since this was my show I put the blindfold and handcuffs on him. I had him on his back and handcuffed him to the headboard. I lubed up both my prostate massagers and alternated working them in his ass. Then I got out some of my favorite glass toys for anal play and fucked his ass with them. I stroked his cock and licked and sucked it so he would really enjoy himself. After about 30 mins of play, he asked for a break. It had been a while since he got ass fucked. So we went back and had another few drinks and stood around naked talking about …umm somthing, I don’t really remember, oh well!

We went back to the bedroom and then I handcuffed him back to the bed. I sucked his cock so it got good and hard. We had this great idea to have Miguel fuck his ass. Miguel tried to enter him while he had his legs up high but it was too tight. While they were working it out I sat on the dresser and worked the MiMi on my clit. I was so wet watching Miguel dominate another man I came almost instantly. Miguel said I looked like I needed so cock so they abandoned their efforts. Miguel helped him put the condom on him while I got ready to ride him. I rode his cock leaning way forward, he was a great kisser and I wanted that mouth. Miguel saw his opportunity and slide first one, two, then three fingers into my ass while I rode his cock. He then slid his cock into my ass. I got my first dp and it was ecstasy! Miguel said he could feel his cock in my pussy and it was such a fucking turn-on. Miguel had knee issues and so we un-cuffed him. We thought it would be easier if I rode Miguel’s cock while the guy fucked my ass. So I got ass fucked and cock fucked both ways, by both guys. I could feel both of their cocks scissoring my holes and I came and came. Miguel was laying on is back and I was riding his cock, while this guy fucked my ass. I sat up and had a great view in the mirror of all three of us in our lust. He was grabbing my tits and Miguel was telling me how hot it looked.

Then, he got a phone call…bad timing right? He stepped out to take the call and Miguel and I went to fucking. Miguel fucked me good, knowing all the ways to make me cum. Then the guy came back and apologized for the phone call, but he would love to suck Miguel’s cum out of pussy to make up for it…okay! Miguel came a big load in my pussy and I laid back and let him lick some of it out. When he couldn’t get anymore, he had me sit on his face so he could get it all. I rode his face and he cleaned all the cum out of me. I think we tried to fuck some more after that. He assured me that he needed help to cum so he laid on the bed and masturbated while I egged him on. I wanted him to cum so bad so I licked an pinched his nipples and when that didn’t work I licked his balls while he stroked his cock. This was what he needed and he came all over his stomach. He apologized for having whiskey dick, but umm we all came and it was a lot of fun! It was the fuck of my life! Miguel got his wish and it couldn’t have went better. I know we will be meeting this guy again for more fucking fun very soon!

Till next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!