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P-Spot Play and Massage

The month of November is prostate cancer awareness month. Movember is a moment meant to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other male cancer and associated charities. You can register over at http://www.movember.com and then just let your mustache grow showing the world you care about men’s health. Miguel already has a mustache, so we aren’t really participating. While I am on the subject of men’s health, I thought I might use this opportunity to talk about prostate play. There is a reason there are so many toys made specifically for prostate play. Don’t neglect your prostate! There are actually two ways to massage the p-spot.

  1. External massage requires only to massage the perineum (the area between the scrotum and anus). The external massaging of this area during a blow job will enhance the sensation and stimulate the external prostate. This is great for a man that is too intimidated to try internal massage.
  2. Internal massage not only feels wonderful, but it also helps to release the toxins stored inside of the prostate. In fact, doctors recommend prostate milking for any guy who has issues with their prostate, or wants to avoid issues in the future.

Anatomical aspects:

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located between the bladder and the penis. The prostate is just in front of the rectum. The prostate secretes fluid that nourishes and protects sperm. During ejaculation, the prostate squeezes this fluid into the urethra, and it’s expelled with sperm as semen. Men with enlarged prostates have a hard time releasing urine through the urethra since it also goes through the prostate. After the age of 50 virtually ALL men have BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia). Not to scare anyone, but for most guys it is just a matter of when they will experience BPH. Prostate massage is useful for prostatitis, and inflammation of the prostate caused by blocked ducts in the prostate gland. It is not for acute prostatitis, because it could be dangerous.

Highly Recommended Prostate Toys:



Rocks Off Limited



Lux Male (BMS Enterprises)



Once you get your toy all picked out, get yourself,(or your partner), into a comfortable position. Get some lube on the head of the massager and slowly rub it on the anus. Try external prostate massage to help relax the sphincter muscles. Once it relaxes slowly slide it in. You can pair this with a hand job or blow job for extra fun. His response will probably be, “Best orgasm ever!”

Most men that have tried prostate massage will tell you that it produces some of the strongest orgasms they have ever felt.

Some men find that vibrations are too intense for initial prostate massage. I suggest starting off with something not vibrating for first contact. Prostate massage can also be done manually. Just lube up a finger and slide it in. Feel for the “bulb” towards the front of the body about 1″ above the sphincter and then stroke it in a “come here” motion, (be sure that your nails are trimmed). Sounds a bit similar to the g-spot for women right?

Once you establish that you have correctly located the prostate you can explore vibrations and various pressures to achieve the desired stimulation.

Obviously, once a man has explored prostate massage and fells it’s awesome power he will be more open to it. The Get-a-Grip prostate massager(by evolved) is one of my favorites because is small and non-threatening. It is thinner than the width of a finger and it won’t get accidentally turned around during play. This toy is pretty inexpensive as well, so if you (or your partner) hate it, you won’t have thrown out a bunch on money. It can be used with a partner or solo. I recently reviewed the Helix Syn (aneros) and found this manual toy to provide excellent p-spot massage. The other toys lines I suggested are recommendations from fellow reviewers.

What is really great about some toys is that it also consider the external perineum. The external perineum is located between the scrotum and the anus. Do not think that this erogenous area on the male anatomy should be ignored. A firm knuckle or two finger massage on the sensitive area between the anus and scrotum will enhance a hand job or blow job and help take his orgasm to the next level.

Yin Wang Anal Beads


Anal beads are a great way to enjoy anal play. These Yin Wang Anal Beads by Hustler are made for beginners to advanced players. These anal beads start off small and gradually get bigger.

Materials: Silicone

Dimensions: 9″ x 1″ (7.25″ insertable)

If you are new to anal play, anal beads are a great place to start. These anal beads have a nice variety of size going from the smallest to the largest. There are six beads in all. The are comfortable going in and feel wonderful when pulled out. They stayed in placed during play very well and only came out when I intended them to. The handle has a small loop to aid in retrieving the beads, I found it easier to just grab the whole ring and pull then to try and loop a finger through. The loop is in the shape of a Yin Yang and has HUSTLER engraved in the silicone. The loop feels secure and even after several uses it shows no sign of wear.

The material between the beads is the same silicone that the beads are made of. The silicone is matte black and has a slight drag to it. This material will pick up hair and lint so be sure to clean it before and water use. These beads are very safe for anal play because silicone is non-porous and does not harbor bacteria like other materials can. The smallest bead is 1/2″ wide (1 1/2″ circumference) and the largest is 1″ wide (3 1/2″ circumference). The beads do have a small seam on both sides that I could feel with my fingers but I was not able to feel the seam at all during insertion or when pulling the beads out.

Inserting the is a bit tricky as they are flexible in between each bead. I recommend going slow and using lots of water-based lubrication. 1 They are also very comfortable between beads of you feel you want to stop before getting to the last one. The flexibility of these beads makes them fit better inside since they will contour to the cavity space. Once the beads were all the way inserted Miguel reported he could feel them inside me during sex and it aided in his pleasure as well. The beads felt cool initially at room temperature and with the lube all over them, but they warmed up quickly to body temperature.

Pulling them out felt crazy good when timed with my climax. There really is nothing like anal beads for sensation during orgasm. These beads have just enough difference in size to feel fantastic when they are pulled out. I did not use these vaginally, but that is certainly an option for those who want to feel the beads “pop” at the vaginal entrance. Since they are so flexible they are not good for thrusting in and out vaginally or anally. They are meant to be inserted and then pulled out fast. These beads can be used on a man or a woman, just be sure to clean them good between partners and orifices.

The material of these beads makes them body safe and easy to clean. Silicone can be washed with soap and water, a 10% bleach and water solution, a sex toy cleaner, boiled for 3 minutes, or thrown into the top rack of the dishwasher to disinfect them. Silicone is very durable and if properly cared for, will last a very long time. I don’t store these beads in the container they came in, since it was a large plastic clamshell. I just store them with my other anal silicone toys in a bag, in a drawer.

I think the Yin Yang was a very fitting design for these anal beads since they can be used on a man or a woman. The only problem with these beads I could find was that they were a bit tricky to insert due to the flexible nature of the connecting silicone. I imagine this is tricky for all anal beads though, so I don’t think it is big problem. I found these beads to be very pleasurable and they have a great price point.

These beads can be purchased at Eden Fantasys. Use the code SYM at checkout for 15% off.

product picture
Beads by Hustler
Material: Silicone
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.
  1. Only use water-based lubrication with these beads since it is made of silicone

Luscious -Book Review

cleis press

I was so excited to read this book! I love anal sex, to me a book about it would be dirty and full of sexy stories. This book had some of that, and a whole lot more. The good news is that this book will appeal to wide variety of readers. The players in these stories come from all walks of life and enjoy much variety in their sex play.

This book was edited by Alison Tyler and includes a Forward by Tristan Taormino. The book includes 26 stories by various authors including the editor.

  • Cherry Bottom by Shanna Germain
  • The Hole That I Have by Joy St.James
  • Edward’s Experiments by Saskia Walker
  • Trophy Wife by Kate Dominic
  • Natalie by Michael Hemmingson
  • Something Dirty by Erica Dumas
  • Off the Rim by Ayre Riley
  • Making Whoopie by Marilyn Jaye Lewis
  • Antonia’s Beast by Dante Davidson
  • How Can I Help You? by Sage Vivant
  • Roger’s Fault by Eric Williams
  • You Want It? by Jolie Du Pre
  • Don’t Wait by Felix D’Angelo
  • Impressionable by Chris Bridges
  • Butterflies and Myths by Greg Wharton
  • Sometime’s It’s Better to Give by Bryn Haniver
  • Tanya’s Tongue by Thomas S. Roche
  • Second Breakfast by Xavier Acton
  • Selling Point by Carl Kennedy
  • Cindy’s Dowry by Jean Roberta
  • The Captain’s Walk by Dominic Santi
  • Room Service by N.T. Morley
  • Worth It by Alison Tyler
  • Anal Sex in Montmartre by Lavie Tidhar
  • The Missing Kink by Sophia Valenti
  • Anal Submission…or Not by D.L. King

While everyone of these stories did not appeal to me, some of them are still standing out in my mind. They were some of the hottest anal sex stories I have read, which were very well written. The very few stories I didn’t enjoy were sandwiched between some of the hottest anal smut I have read in a very long time!

Roger’s Fault is one that I really enjoyed. This story had three players and all of them enjoyed anal sex. This story starts with a guy in trouble for being late, and he makes a detour to buy his wife a little something at a local sex toy shop. This guy was set up to finally enjoy his fantasy, thanks to his wife and his best-friend, what a night!

Trophy Wife is another story I refer back to in my fantasies. I loved the players, they are so typical and then such a surprise. This butch knows how to treat a trophy wife, giving her exactly what she fantasizes about right there in the garden. This story is hot and very well written!

Selling Point revealed another naughty story about a man buying a house. The realtor gets a bit more than she bargained for when she happens upon the basement’s secret. Spanking and anal play in this story for bondage lovers!

The Captain’s Walk revealed another surprisingly different kind of fantasy anal sex story. This story involves ghosts and a man finding his destiny in the bed and breakfast he inherits. The author spells this story out in a delicious display of penetration imagery. I loved it!

I could go on since there were quite a few that really get me hot, including Edward’s Experiments, Room Service, Second Breakfast, Worth It and Butterflies and Myths. I recommend this book for the anal sex lover!

This book is available from Cleis Press for $15.95.

Review Summary
A great collection of well written anal smut!

I received this product from Cleis Press free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

Ryder Silicone Plug

Tantus sent me this medium sized anal plug for review. I have never had an anal plug but I enjoy anal play quite a bit so I thought “why not?” I had no idea what I was missing! This little plug has added so much to my sex life.

Materials: Silicone

Dimensions: 4.5″ x 1.5″

This plug fits me so perfectly, I now get what all the fuss was about. We don’t do anal very often. More often than not, I need a bit of a warm up with a small toy for the main event. This plug seems large, but fits comfortably. A little water-based lube helps. Being pure silicone, it is only compatible with water-based lube. The rounded, slightly graduated shape helps this plug slide right in and stop right where it should. I didn’t have any problems with the Ryder slipping in or out during sex or wear.

Best of all, this plug is very comfortable. I felt like I could wear it all day. There are no seams on the insertion portion at all. The only marking on this plug is a small etching on the side of the base that says Tantus. The silicone is shiny and smooth. The Ryder is firm with a slight squishy feeling. The material is a bit tacky so you will want to store this away from dust and lint. Be sure to wash it before and after use. This toy could last a very long time with a bit of care. You can clean this toy easily by using a 10% bleach solution, boiling for 3-5 minutes, cleaning with a sex toy cleaner, or using antibacterial soap and water. Silicone is non-porous and completely body safe. It will not harbor germs like some other materials, so the Ryder is a totally shareable toy.

The Ryder is almost invisible when worn under clothes. The thin base fits very comfortably between the cheeks. I walked around with the Ryder in place for a while and it felt really naughty. It doesn’t give an overly-full feeling while it is inside, which makes it ideal for wear during sex. It does have a bit of weight at 0.5lbs. It felt really comfortable even when I sat down too hard or clenched my anal muscles. I imagine this will work for p-spot stimulation very nicely, but we haven’t tried it for that….yet!

Now that we know how much fun anal plugs can be, we are hoping to get and a Large Infinity or a Flirt from Tantus. I think the Ryder is a great toy for anal beginners, although some may need a little practice to get it in the first time. Remember to use a lot of lube and patience for first time anal play. Experienced players will find the Ryder to be a very nice fit and appreciate the safe and seamless design.

The packaging for the Ryder was very simple, just a clear plastic bag with a Tantus tag on it.

This is a great anal plug and it is on closeout right now at Tantus for $35.99.

Review Summary
Material Safety
The value of toy for the price.

I received this product from Tantus free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

Assholes and Anal Sex

Miguel put out an ad for something to do on Thursday. After weeding out all the undesirables and fakes he found a cute couple to meet at a local club for Friday night. The club we went to meet them at is literally right down the street. It is a local vanilla club. I didn’t even know they had clubs downtown St.Pete but there was one right across the street as well. We don’t go out to vanilla clubs normally. Being a swinger, I have a different mindset. I see a bunch of single females and think about unicorns. I see a sexy couple and wonder what their bedroom play is like. Do-able, what a sexy crowd, I wish swinger clubs had options like this every night! I am over friendly in a vanilla crowd. Miguel and I are too touchy-feely and it makes others uncomfortable. Yes, I am telling him about how much I want his cock when I whisper in his ear. Yes, he did just slide his hand up my dress to slide a finger in. This kind of behavior could get us into trouble in a vanilla setting. Once in a while we meet newbies and we venture back to vanilla settings. Last night was a rare occasion for us.

The club was suppose to open at 8, so we got there a bit after 9. I was wearing a little black dress and my fishnet thigh highs….and nothing else. I hate panty lines, Lovelies. I was almost under-dressed for the weather since it was so windy last night, but I figured we would be inside most of the night. I brought my MiMi just for the short ride home. I swear I never leave the house without this thing, thank God too because it really came in handy. We parked really close and found the club was not even open yet. The doors were open but they weren’t letting anyone in yet. It was pretty fucking lame when they asked us to form a line…the two of us ….while they got the place set up. We stood out there in the windy air for about 15 minutes. It was well after 9, we almost got in a fight about it. Then we finally agreed on waiting in the car till it opened. We probably should have just went home, but hindsight is always 20/20.

In the car I decided to use my time playing with Miguel. I made him pull his cock out so I could suck it. There we were right on the street and I am giving him a blow job as people walk past us. After a few minutes, I was ready for MiMi and gave myself an awesome orgasm rubbing it on my clit. We decided to go and see if the club was open yet after that, and it was. We were like the first people there, but they had a great drink deal so I was optimistic that it would pick up shortly. The club had a really great layout and two floors of entertainment. The DJ flat out sucked though. The couple we were suppose to be meeting text Miguel they would be there shortly, or and by the way…..”She is really shy, make it look like we just met.”


~Sigh~ Guys, please don’t do this! You are not going to “trick” your chick into swinging! She is smarter than that, hopefully. We had already paid to get in the club and so we were kinda stuck meeting this couple. I was a little more than irritated. Just on principle I would not fuck this asshole. His chick was kinda hot. I did meet her, and no, I didn’t spoil his trick. She confessed to me during the conversation that he “surprised” her by taking her to Eyz Wide Shut Halloween weekend. She was not into it. He was like an overeager kid, trying to egg-on the conversation and the sexy dancing. No wonder she wasn’t down!

After many rum and cokes Miguel and I slid out of the club. I was pretty lit, but not too drunk to fuck. As soon as we got in the car I pulled Miguel’s cock out and sucked it back to life. I alternated deep throating his cock, sucking hard on his cock head and stroking it while I fingered myself. The trip home took no time at all. As soon as we got inside we both stripped off our clothes. Miguel said he wanted to fuck my ass so he pulled out a few toys and got it ready for his cock. He got it nice and stretched out then lubed up his cock….and them impaled my ass with his cock. He fucked it hard and deep. I was laying flat on my stomach and he fucked my ass good. I came so hard with his cock fucking my ass. I am getting wet just thinking about it now. What a hot fuck! That was better than anything that couple could have delivered.

Tonight is the anniversary party at Eyz Wide Shut. I am so excited since we will be staying over in their deluxe lodging tonight. All the regulars there were invited to stay over. The after party is going to get steamy, I just know it! Also, it is a sexy swinger friends birthday tonight. Which reminds me, I have to get a gift. Yes, It will probably be a sex toy. What else would you expect me to give her?

Until next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!

Delicous Friday

We didn’t go out last weekend, at all. We stayed home and enjoyed some time with the kids. This weekend we double dipped and went out both Friday and Saturday night. Our babysitter loved us for that.

Really been meaning to get back to the Phoenix Club so we went on Friday night. Friday is a bit more economical for us since it is half price to get in this members only club. We were pretty anxious to go out, so we left really early to get there. Too early. We arrived before 8, the club open at 8. Over eager for a good time I guess. We don’t know that meany people at the club. The people we did talk to were very friendly and welcoming. Lack of friends there and the fact that there is no alcohol there to break the ice makes it a bit uncomfortable to wait. Things pick up at Phoenix around 11pm #mentalnote.

It was Fem/Dom night. We didn’t realize it at the time. Despite the theme a few traditional D/s couples were there. One of them had a case of glass cups. I am sure we missed out on all kinds of good fun. I don’t understand what was going to happen with the cups, but hopefully I will see them again. I am intrigued. Another couple had tools for needle play. They even had a bin to place the used needles into. This club is truly anything goes. I think the needle play would have been hot to watch. I so wanted to play. Miguel had instructed me not to bring the flogger. I wore my collar. I love the way if feels on me. I am owned. Although we are not the typical players in the BDSM community. I am so pleased Miguel indulges me once in a while. He is the only one I want to discipline me. I really wanted to get spanked and tied up, but it just didn’t happen. We left before play time started.

I have some massage oil candles I have been needing to review, so we went home to take care of that. The candles were really awesome. The hot massage oil felt delicious on my skin. He rubbed it all over me. I will be posting a favorable full review of them very soon. Miguel is rough when we fuck and it is such a damn turn on. He pulls my hair and I just melt. The pain mixes with the pleasure and I drift. The white hot feel of his hands spanking my ass. I always want it. We played and fucked. Miguel came but I wasn’t done yet. I got out my G-Ki and played a bit with it. Miguel helped me out by whispering like hot sex into my ear. He gets real close so I can feel his breath and his voice is so hot. He then lubed up and finger-fucked my ass. I came like gang busters with his finger in my ass the g-ki working my clit and g-spot. A delicious night.