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Dungeon Delight!

We had such a blast last night at EWS! It was packed with sexy people.  Miguel and I danced till our muscles ached.  Miguel is such a good dancer and they played a lot of our favorite songs….and I had been drinking so we had to dance.  I got to dance with a sexy girl we hooked up with previously.  We met some people from out of town, we had fun.
The first time we went next door we stopped and looked in the “dungeon” room.  They have a dungeon room with an x-cross frame and some other cool stuff.  There is no door on the dungeon room and so there is always an audience.  There was a sexy female with her hands and arms “tied-up”. She had a little spandex dress on but it was pulled up over her ass and he man was whispering in her ear and he was smacking her ass. That was really hot! We got a private room and began to fuck and Miguel asked if he could invite a single guy he noticed in the hall into the room.  I said sure and Miguel got this gorgeous young black guy to come in. (To clarify this is not sport fucking….this is using someone like a dildo). I sucked his cock to life and he got the condom on and went to town. After about 8 minutes he busted a nut.
He apologized and said I “caught him off guard”
Miguel went back to fucking me a bit after he left. Before he came we stopped and got dressed and headed back to the club.

We danced and had a beer then we headed back to the lodging side.  Miguel went straight to the dungeon room to see if that cross was empty… and it was.  He told me what a bad girl I was as he strapped my arms and hands in. He pulled my tube top down exposing my breasts. Then he unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down to my knees. I still had my thong on and he stroked my pussy threw it as he smacked my ass with the other hand.  He was rubbing his cock on my ass threw his pants and I could feel his bulge growing larger and larger.  He pulled my panties to the side and was fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit.  Then he smacked my ass a few more times and reminded me that a bad girl like me deserved to get fucked.  He then pulled his cock out, pulled my thong to the side and fucked me right there.  It was so hot to be fucked in such a submissive position with an audience watching.
Miguel stopped fucking me before he came and he undid my straps. We went straight to a room and went to fucking again.  He had me in a few different positions before he had me standing up against the window with him ramming my pussy from behind.  He stopped then and asked if I wanted to invite the couple in that was standing outside.
What couple?
Really I had my eyes closed Miguel, what couple…..?
Omg! It was the sexy couple from the dungeon, the bad girl that was getting her ass smacked.
Hell yeah!

Miguel motioned for them to come in and they did.  I was already naked so I laid down on the bed.  Her husband helped her out of dress as Miguel closed the door.  She pulled some toys out of her bag and got on her knees on the bed between my legs.  She licked my slit hitting all my crevices.  I was already so wet from the fucking sessions Miguel and I were having.  She then got up and straddled my face for a hot 69. She planted her pussy on my face and I licked her deep and hit her clit from underneath with my hands.  She was really going to town on my pussy and then she reached for one of her vibrating toys and worked my clit to orgasm.  I came with her toy and then she reached it back and worked it in and out of her own pussy while I rubbed her clit with my tongue.  This 69 went on for a long time and we were both soaking wet and ready for some cock by the time she climbed off me.

I flipped myself over so I could suck Miguel’s cock while her man hammered away on the pussy. He had her doggie style on the edge of the bed and Miguel was so hot watching them go at it, his cock was shooting out pre-cum into my mouth.   He moaned and asked me to stop so he could fuck me and I turned over and opened my legs for him to get it in.  I was so slick that his cock slid right in to the hilt and he fucked me till we were both gasping.
It was such a hot time with this random couple.
I could not have planned a more perfect night.


Juicy Night

Much fun was had by all last night when we re-visited our single guy friend.  He threatened that he had a whole flat of strawberries that he wanted to suck out of my pussy, but alas…we did not do that.  This guy was a great host and made me feel very welcome in his home.  He offered us drinks and we sat and chatted for about an hour.  We talked about the dynamics of swinging as a couple, sometimes singles are just easier to play with.  He said when him and his ex used to swing they used single guys almost like a dildo, using them as a turn on to intensify their sex life.  I can totally relate to this train of thought.  I think he wanted to be my dildo for the night.
This guy was an excellent kisser and he was in great shape.

Fucking him was like participating in a high intensity sport, and we all made out like winners.  He licked and sucked my clit like a champion and had me turned and twisting to meet his tongue.  He fucked my face til his cock hit the back of my throat and I gagged and teared but I loved every minute of it.  He then instructed me to fuck his face….and I did
……..I fucked it good

He bent my body to ensure his dominance over my will and I totally submitted to it….

His cock wasn’t really large, but he certainly knew how to work it.  Mmmm, the intensity of his cock as he thrust into my soaking wet pussy……….well, let’s just say the man rocked me!
I was turned on by the guy and what he was doing to me, but what really turned me on was to think of Miguel watching some guy fuck me like that.  I wanted him to see that I could take it, I wanted him to know how much it turned me on to see him stroking his cock as he watched.  He had his finger in my ass and I came and came, I was soaking wet.  I was stretching and reaching for Miguel’s cock so he could know that he was my turn on, it was his cock I was getting ready for…..

When it came to be Miguel’s turn, his cock slid right in.  I was soaked with pussy juice and Miguel loved it. He slammed his cock into me.  His perfect cock hit all the right spots.  When he pulled out to cum, it shot all over my stomach, tits, and some even got in my hair.  My baby has a porno style cum shooting penis.  That was a waste, next time I will catch his cum in my mouth.
I am so in love with this man, who helped to turn me into a total slut.
I am his slut.
I love our lifestyle.

Hot Tamale

Last night we went out to meet some friends at a swinger club.

We had been there for a few hours.  Miguel and I went upstairs and fucked as we usually do to start the night off.  We found a little room and we left the door open.  He likes to get me wet and anticipating more.  He sucked my clit and then rammed his cock in my pussy till I got nice and hot.  We got naked in the hot tub, sucked and fingered the sexy couple from last week, and got dressed again.  Towards the end of the night I looked across the room and saw Miguel kissing a sexy Latin chic.  I made my way over to where they were and Miguel offered his lap to me.  He gathered me into his arms as I sat down and immediately the woman put her hand on my thigh.
“I noticed you last weekend in your sexy nightie, but you were busy with another couple. I wanted you then.”  We made small conversation and then she kissed me.  A long sweeping tongue into my mouth.  Sweet softness of her lips as she engulfed my inhibitions. She leaned her head down and pulled my top to the side exposing my nipple.
She licked and bit my nipple. There were couples all around us in the dimly lit patio, but I didn’t care.   She aggressively rubbed my thigh up to my panties and found my sweet spot.  Her fingers worked me and I submitted to her touch.  She was so hot and she was getting me wet for her.  He husband sat across from us and quietly watched.  He was Latin also with a sexy build.  I smiled over at him and he smiled back.  Such a handsome man, all manly and broad shoulders, and I really wanted him.

She pulled me upstairs, and Miguel and her man followed as we found a room.  I stripped down and laid back.  She laid down next to me and we kissed and fondled each others breasts.  Then she licked her way down to my snatch.   Miguel was working her pussy with his hands and her man was tonging my mouth and tweaking my nipples.  She sucked my clit and fingered my pussy till I came with loud moans in her mouth.  She turned her attention to Miguel and I rubbed her man’s cock.  He was hard and ready but I still wanted to taste him, so I licked and sucked him till he moaned.   He then licked and sucked my clit, while I listened the sounds of Miguel licking her.  Miguel moaned into her pussy and I creamed in her man’s face even more.
He sat up and reached for the condom and I watched him put it on his hard cock.  As he pushed his cock in I looked over and saw her sucking Miguel, his eyes half closed.  He slammed into me with urgency.  I hunched back to meet his thrusts and clamped my pussy muscles tight on his cock.  He grunted and licked my neck as he fucked me.  He thrust his tongue into my mouth for one more kiss before he pulled out and asked me to turn around.  Miguel and the woman were done at this point and they put all their attentions on us.  She pulled and pinched my nipples and Miguel came around to kiss my lips as I got a good fucking doggie style and some ass play with her man’s fingers.  He came after only a few minutes in that position.  I was still wanting more of her after wards and my mouth found her open thighs.  I worked her clit with my tongue and my fingers while I buried the other hand in her tight pussy.  I got her so hot jacking her off and rubbing her slit that she flipped me over and straddled me. So I tweaked her nipples and licked and sucked them as she rode out her long orgasm on me, riding me as if I had a cock to fill her.
They were suck a hot fuck.
We recovered and got dressed soon after that and she mentioned that she has a double dildo that she would love to share with me.  I told her about my strap on with the three different sized cocks.
Needless to say, we will be meeting this couple again in the near future.


Eyz Wide Shut x3

Last night was pretty fucking awesome! I drank before we left so I was buzzed the moment we walked in the door. It was a sexy scene. Most of the women that go there do not dress as provocative as I was dressed last night so I generated a bit of attention. The only dress rules for women there are that they gotta wear panties and the areolas must be covered. I met the requirements, barely…..my top kept sliding. Well my tits are pretty small, (sigh!). That is the first thing I am gonna fix if we ever get enough money…..New boobies for me! I don’t want like DD or anything. I am only a B now I just want a really full C cup. I know guys always say a handful (or is it mouthful) is enough, but I want more!

Miguel went to the bar for me all night, so I really have no idea how many beers I had….enough I guess. Everytime I needed a beer, it just showed up. We met the couple there that we were suppose to, but they were really talking to another couple. She is a little older than me and I think they were probably a more comfortable match. We met another really hot couple, they were newbies. I mean new-newbies. Everytime I saw them outside, a different couple was trying to give them newbie advice. Happy not to be there anymore! Although if you think about it, every new adventure is totally different. So you never really get out of the newbie stage in that sence. But as far as the testing of trust in the relationship, I am totally happy that phase is over.

We danced a lot! I had new shoes and this actually didn’t cause me any problems, except that it made me slightly taller than Miguel. He is 5’10″, I am 5’8″ so in a 6 inch heel, …..well you get the picture. Anyways, we didn’t hook up with anyone else…. I think we just get to this point that we wanna go fuck, and well, I didn’t wanna have to wait to see if anyone else wants to join in. We went next door to the lodging and into the big common room. There are plenty of places to fuck there and I laid back on a bed. There was another couple there fucking on the bed in the corner and we love to have company. The sheets on the bed are black leather, it feels good on my skin. Miguel takes down his pants and I lick and suck his cock till he tells me to stop. Then he gets dressed and says he wants to go back to the party. I throw a bit of a temper tantrum on the way to the door, and he gets bit frustrated with me. Ya, I am like that sometimes. It is pissing Miguel off. I love him so much I want him to read my mind, and want what I want, when I want it…..kinda ridiculous! He gets almost angry and says, “What babe, you want me to fuck you right now?”  ….YES! Right now, at least a little bit. So he throws me over a lounge type chair (gently, and I am so willing), pulls my panties to the side and fucks me right there. I have one leg on the floor and one leg cocked up so he can get it in better. He fucks me till I cum real good on his cock, then he stops and sacastically asks if we can go back to the party now? Yes we can…..

Ok so fast forward threw the party a bit, we danced, I smoked, we drank, we got really horny…went back to the lodging, and back to the big common room. This time the room was full. I mean really full. There were sex acts happening everywhere I looked. There was nowhere for us….but just then I saw what looked like a leather dentist chair. An awesome sight to me, since I was totally ready to get fucked again. I had Miguel lay back on the chair and expose his cock so I could get it mice and hard with my mouth. I pulled off my panties and straddled his cock. This position is a little comical for us since Miguel used to be a dentist’s assistant. I fucked him real good, and gave anyone who might have been looking a good show. The angle would have been perfect for anyone to see his cock, slick with my juices, sliding in and out. I went real slow, then fast them slow again till Miguel told me to stop. He wasn’t ready to cum just yet….

Fast forward again threw the party, we drank, I smoked, we danced, I was so fucking horny……went back to the lodging. This time we decided to get our own room. Miguel pulled a surprise out of his pocket….the blindfold! I stripped down and put the blindfold on. I laid on my stomach and begged him to fuck me good. He did just that, then I asked him to put it in my ass.
He did.
I worked my clit the whole time rubbing it and pinching it, I was so horny.
He got his cock nice and wet with my pussy juices.
He took his time and slowly, gently guided his cock in my ass.
Then he slowly started to work it in and out. He could go really fast or be rough cuz my ass is so tender and tight, but it felt so good.
Eventually he could take it anymore. He pulled out and wasked his cock off in the sink, then he came back and rammed my pussy. He told me to stand up and put my hands on the window as he fucked me standing up from behind. I can’t really tell you if we had an audience. I still had the blindfold on. The angle wasn’t perfect, (I should of put those shoes back on!), so he had me lay back on the bed and he rammed my pussy with his cock. The he moaned and he came inside me.
It was an awesome night.


Vodka and Blue don’t mix well!

Today was kind of a blur I kept thinking about what happened last night…..I had clinicals again today and I can’t believe tomorrow I will have completed my second whole week of clinicals. We got invited out by this really hot guy to his awesome house, and I overindulged. He was feeding me vodka thou.. I know this will come as a shock but I have NO idea when to stop when it come to vodka, so I just kept taking shots till it was too late…..


The night started off beautifully! This guy was prepared with drinks. We each made a drink and I took a few shots. We decided to sit outside since the weather was so pleasant and I could smoke. The outside of the house was just as impressive as the inside complete with a pool. Unfortunately the water was too cold for a dip. This guy was in excellent shape and so completely down to earth, despite the fact that his house was so very impressive. After about thirty minutes of great conversation I asked for the ladies and he walked me towards the door, then he kissed me… He was a great kisser!


When I got back he brought out a bowl of grapes and strawberries and we all nibbled. After a little while he helped me undress and then the guys got undressed as well. There was a lot of kissing and licking. I sat back in the chair and I started to suck his cock. He picked up a strawberry and bit into it and had me sit back in the chair, then he traced the strawberry along my labia lips and along my clitoris. Then he licked it off. He then told me how good I tasted mixed with the strawberry juice. After all this I was really ready to see his bedroom and get a good fucking. He led us inside and up the stairs to his master suite, complete with a private balcony. We were all completely naked and he gave us a quick tour of his suite then took the comforter off his king sized bed. I crawled across it and he met me on the other side so I could get back to getting his cock ready for me.


This guy was an excellent lover and changed position a few times so that I could get better access to Miguel’s cock to suck it. I did get Miguel’s cock nice and hard and even tasted his pre-cum. Things were going really great, and then I got a no-so-good feeling in my gut. My head started to swim in a no-so-good way and I had to stop everything to go to the ladies. I threw-up. Man! Leave it to me to ruin a perfect night! I came out and told the guys what happened and we stepped out on the balcony to get some fresh air. He promised that next time I come over we will fuck out there as well as on the bed. He e-mailed me today and assured me that that will not be our last meeting. I wrote him back and said I hope to see him again soon. So I guess this story is to be continued……..

Meet and Greet

Last night we went to the “meet and greet”. Miguel explained that this was an offshoot from the local website, for a specific group of people on the site…whatever. They invited over 150 people and about ten couples showed up at the bar where they met. We were the youngest (and sexiest) couple there (sigh!). We commuted about 40 mins. to get there, so we made the best of it. It was older grenades mostly, not even one possible couple. They were really friendly people. I drank heavily. I had a few shots of vodka to start. Then another couple asked if I wanted to help them finish their pitcher of beer, I happy obliged. They had karaoke at the bar and I got happy enough to sing for Miguel, he must love me a whole lot to put up with me. I was starving by the time we got home and after eating a huge plate of Thanksgiving leftovers, I passed out. I know Miguel was naked next to me on the bed, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open.
Looking at our finances today we realize that going out tonight is not possible. Depressing….Miguel is looking online for a local house party or something that will be fairly inexpensive. We could always bring the party to us later, but I really look forward to going out on Saturday night. :(

I really wanted to tell you about the guy that stood me up on Thanksgiving. He went from always being online, to never being online. It has been 2 days and he hasn’t tried to contact us at all. When I chatted with him Thanksgiving morning he was trying to get a sitter and expressed that he was excited about playing with us again. My feelings are more than a little hurt. We had such a good time last time that we played with him.Let me tell you what happened…

I found him one of the rare times I went “shopping” for single guys on a local website. He seemed eager to meet us and we started the night at a local bar. He bought us a couple of rounds of grateful dead mixed drinks. I rarely drink hard liquor, but it tasted so good. I had two drinks, two then helped Miguel finish his. Then he got a hotel room locally where we could play. It didn’t go so well….I got sick. It is funny now, but I was so embarrassed! We were naked in the room ready to play, in fact he was already eating my pussy, and I had to excuse myself to throw up. So after many apologies Miguel took me home, and we agreed to meet again. This guy was so cool about the whole thing. I haven’t gotten sick in a long time, Miguel had never seen me sick until that night.

A few days later we met him at a hotel again, this time I was much more sober. It was a really good time. He was a great kisser, which makes for a great pussy licker, lol! I stripped down when we got in the room. He had me lay down and made me cum in his mouth. I helped him undress then I engulfed his cock in my mouth and got him ready for some good fucking. He wasn’t an aggressive fucker, but his size was good. He was more of a passionate fucker. Kissing and whispering in my ear, telling me how great my pussy felt and how sexy I was. He fucked me missionary for a while, then I stopped him and got on all fours. I love for Miguel to see me like this, also I can suck his cock while I am getting fucked. I think I was more wild then he was really used to. He remembered that I told him I would love to watch a guy masturbate. He pulled out after a few minutes, took the condom of,f and laid down next to me to make himself cum. Later he apologized for not lasting too long. (I am so used to hearing that, every guy says that to me. I know if I just laid there it could go on for hours. If I never used my pussy muscle to squeeze the cock, I could delay them cumming. If I skipped licking their cocks, they would be less turned on….what fun would that be?)

Anyways, this guy was such a nice guy I decided to hook him up with a good friend of mine. I just couldn’t see why a great guy like this shouldn’t be getting laid all the time, by a sexy bitch like my best friend. They kinda dated for a few weeks, but he ended up being kinda a shit to her. After all that I still gave him another shot to play with us, cause he was fun and I enjoyed myself. He should have been more grateful. He is on my “do not call” list. Oh well, there are plenty of single guys out there just waiting for a fun couple like us…. I am sure we are gonna find some action tonight, it has been too many days for us, lol!

As I said earlier I really want this blog to be interactive. I am gonna ask you guys(and girls) if you would like to hear some of my fantasies. My blog description does not advertise this and I want to give you what I promised, but I got some great stories in mind. Also, was thinking of adding a poll or two just to get an idea of my audience. Leave your comments here or email me at [email protected]