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Eyz Wide Shut

Last night we went out to the club. Due to a series of unfortunate events I will be working the next few weekends. Working weekends=no Saturday night out fun. Bummer, I know! I was promised this is just temporary. Don’t even get me started about what happened. Let’s just say I like my job a lot less these days. Moving on…

So we go out to the club last night, Thursday night. I had very low expectations for the crowd and I was right. The crowd was really small but surprisingly we met some new people and had a few established friends in the crowd. When we first got there Miguel headed straight to the bar to get us some drinks. I went to harass the DJ and when I met up with him I was mauled by a familiar female. This girl is never that touchy so right away I knew something was rotten in Denmark. As soon as she spoke I heard the slur and smelled the alcohol. This chic was wasted. Not only that, but her eyes were puffy meaning she had been crying. This was a complete surprise. I have seen people get drunk at the club, hell even I have gotten a bit sloppy drunk, but this was waaaaasssted drunk.

Miguel and I tried to be polite. “Ooh my, what happened?” But I really shouldn’t have asked. It was a bad break-up. Hey! We have all been there, right? I have been that chic, but I don’t have to like seeing it. Painful to watch, really. The worst part was that in the middle of everything she invited us to a party she is hosting tonight. We couldn’t go even if we wanted to. I am sure today will be another drunk, crying party delaying the inevitable sober reality check. Fuck! I have so been there and it totally sucks, but there is a time and a place for that kind of drama. It is not at the club on my night out. Gah! Anyways, she verified she had my correct phone number. Then at like 1:30 am, we were at home and just about asleep, my phone rings. It was her and I let it go to voice-mail. WTF could motivate someone to call at that time and at that stage of drunken night out? I already know because, well, let’s just say I have family like that. Nothing good comes of those phone calls. I loose my cool and usually just end up telling them to go ahead and slit their wrists so I can get some fucking sleep. (I am not going to be getting any prizes for patience anytime soon, but I just have no room in my head for anyone’s pity party, grow the fuck up!)

It is almost a joke when we go out to the club. People that know me, know about my blog. They always joke about stuff that is “blog-worthy”. Some people are sure I am going to run home and type up a report of their stuff, and some really hope I do. Not that I am even anything major, but I put it out there on the net for anyone with a computer to see. I am discreet to a point, I never blast anyone’s name. I am even careful about describing people, lest everyone who follows me be able to connect the dots. I kiss and tell, and I tell I tell. That being said, my blog is mine. If you want me to write nice things about you, then just behave better.

This morning I check my messages and I am hoping that call was not intentional and more like a butt-dial. It was just a bit ridiculous.

Now that I have that off my plate, let me tell you about something cool that happened last night. A chic we have seen there a few times, a Unicorn, answered a few questions for me. I am always curious about the motivations of a Unicorn. (BTW a Unicorn is a single female in the “lifestyle”, they are so rare they are almost a myth) We have had three types of unicorns and none of them were that great. One Unicorn was really only interested in me, another was only interested in Miguel, and the other wanted us to be exclusively with her. So I had to ask her what being a unicorn is like. This chic is living the life, I’m telling you. If Miguel ever dies, (cause ya, he will have to be dead to be rid of me) I am gonna become a Unicorn. She said whenever she is not in a relationship, she swings. Inside of a relationship, she is exclusive. I asked her about jealousy and she said that she doesn’t get exclusive with couples, she doesn’t want the baggage. She also said that she gets to know the couple for a while before she plays with them. Her playmates are her good friends. That is an excellent policy. She just cuts ties with people that want her all to themselves. I am very curious about a person that controls themselves like that. I bet she is enjoying the best of both by keeping them separate. But I wonder….if she had to choose either swinger or exclusivity, which would it be? Swinging for a Unicorn is different. I have even seen single males who have been playing for years, drop completely out of the lifestyle for the right woman. I don’t think, well, I actually don’t ever want to find out. Being part of a couple in the lifestyle is hard and requires work, but I think I would prefer it to any other set up.

A Birthday Party

Last weekend Miguel had to work all day Sunday. He told me he had to get up early and we didn’t plan on going to the club Saturday night. I also had to get up early and drive him to work. Three swinger friends were all celebrating a birthday this month so they had a big party at a friend’s house on Saturday night. We are pretty good friends with all three birthday people so attendance was kinda mandatory. We both wanted to go but it was going to be an early night. The party was held at another mutual friend’s house. We had never been there before, I guarantee if they have another party at their house, we will be going back.

These people had the kick-ass house on a large plot of land. Pulling into the large drive we noticed most of the cars belonged to people we knew. Near their detached garage we marveled at their extra large RV and 35 ft. boat. Their extravagant house was better than a model home and came complete with a pool and hot tub. They had a pool table in their formal living room. I am not usually so impressed with wealth but FUCK! Miguel and I dream of owning toys like these. The really nice thing is that you would never know the couple lived like this, they are just so damned down to earth and approachable.

There is a clique at the club that is about 6 consecutive couples. They attend each others kids birthday parties and shit like that. Anyways, pretty much the whole “clique” was there. Are we part of the clique? Not really. Most of the time these people invite us out, but we can’t hang. They always want to take the party somewhere else and they play really late. We are more like “side dish” friends. We  rarely go to their after parties. Not only are they really late, we live on the opposite side of town. They are all really great people though. There were about 30 or more people at the party and Miguel knew every one of them. I meet new people every time I hang out with these guys because I drink more than him, lol! We walked in a bit late but we were well received.

They had about 8 different liquors including a full dispenser full of chilled and mixed margarita spread out on a table on the patio. They also had beer on tap on their mini-bar. Inside they had a table full of food and cakes. More than half of the people there were pretty drunk. The crowd was loud and flirty and stumbling. I got very friendly hugs and groped by people not normally so friendly. This party started around noon for some of these people though. In fact the female host was going to pass out for the night when we arrived at 8:30. We didn’t see her the rest of the night. A few other people had to be put to bed while we were there. It was just too much fun for some folks. The pool looked so fucking inviting. About an hour into our stay another female and I got naked and into the pool. Then we moved into the hot tub. Every one else was fully clothed, but I had done a few shots and I knew most everyone else was plastered, or damned near anyways. It was pretty nice to be so comfortable naked. With these folks I feel no rejection or judgment. The girl and I got pretty busy with each other in the hot tub. Kissing and touching and fingering….it was a good time. We had a bit of an audience.

After I came, the girl got out of the hot tub. After a few minutes I realized no one else was going to get in with me, so I got out. At this point in my drunkenness I decided not to put on my pants. I wore jeans to this party? My legs were wet and my jeans were skinny, not a good combo. I ran around in my tee shirt and tried to convince everyone else that it was “no pants time”. It worked for some people and I felt better as I was not the only one without pants on. Then Miguel said it was time to go. We were there over 3 hours and no one was fucking yet. No really, that is not the reason we left. We both had to get up so fuckin early. One of the birthday boy’s noticed the lack of sex as well and pointed out that the RV was there specifically for that. I got dressed and we headed out to the RV, we invited him but he seemed to think we were kidding about it. We weren’t.

The RV was nothing short of awesome with it’s amenities, albeit a bit smaller than their house. We looked around for about a whole minute before I got down on my knees and helped Miguel out of his shorts. I sucked his cock to life and then he had me turn around and bend over so he could fuck me. I was kinda leaning over on the bed with my pants around my ankles. We didn’t get up onto the bed, but were able to finish fucking right there. Miguel fucked me fast and furious in that RV until he came with a grunt. We left right after that. It was a great fucking night with good friends.

Me Lately

So I got the day off today. My babysitter kinda overdid it over the weekend and I needed to stay home with the babies today…bummer right? Not really! I hate the job I have currently, so I am loving this time off. I would really love to work from home more but the opportunity has not presented itself….yet!

Miguel and I did not go out this weekend. It was a good thing and I got a lot of “work” done. My work reviewing and making videos. I have a bunch of new stuff on the way to review and hopefully another giveaway real soon! Miguel bought me a tri-pod a few weeks ago and I think he ordered me a new video camera, too. Making videos is fun and easy and he knows I love to do them. So I don’t really have any new adventures from this weekend to share with you, but I do have a story I haven’t shared that I am sure you will enjoy!

Miguel and I were at a swinger club two weeks ago on a Saturday. The place was pretty slow to start off, but before I knew it, it got packed! I was being my usual self and talking to everyone, drinking and dancing. I was getting pretty lit. There was a group of people going off site for something more intimate in a pool. I really wanted to go but we paid for lodging, and I wanted to get me some before we left. Miguel and I went over to the lodging side and got a place in the Hedo room. It is an open room with the lights down low and many leather covered beds and fucking furnishings. We sucked each other. Then I broke out the MiMi for some extra fun. Eventually I was riding Miguel with the MiMi working my clit. His cock felt so good filling me completely. I had my eyes closed when all of a sudden someone jumps on the bed beside us….”Hey, we are leaving now!” he shouted. OMG! He scared the shit of of us…that was the general idea thou. Miguel lost his hard on, so we got dressed to go to the after-party.

I was so turned on the whole way there. I took Miguel’s cock out of his pants and sucked his cock for most of the ride. It is a miracle we found the place following my drunken scribbled directions. We got there and the house we went to sits on 1 acre. The house we were at has a wooden fence around most of it and the other side of the street is nothing but woods. We were pretty secluded so after a few minutes of negotiation, Miguel bent me over the car and fucked me on the road. It was so hot knowing we might get discovered at any moment. His cock slid right into me. I had my jeans pulled half-way down and my heels still on. It must have been a hot sight. Miguel decided not to cum just yet and we got semi-dressed and proceeded to go and join the party. We were a bit late so everyone was already naked and in the pool. Miguel and I found ourselves a drink and stripped down to join in. Mostly everyone was standing in the pool talking. There were about 6 couples there. It was a nice mix of conversation and I floated around to everyone. Miguel had himself leaning against the wall, so I backed into him so he could get it in. It didn’t seem awkward at all to be having conversation with his cock sliding in and out, people mere feet away from us fucking. I made out with another guy and a girl while we were there. We stayed about 2 hours before tiredness kicked in and we decided to go home so we could finish what we started. It is a long drive for us from there to home so leaving seemed like the right thing to do. When we got in the car, I was determined to finish right there. We have a small car with a stick shift and bucket seats. I tried my best to straddle Miguel but after a few minutes we decided on top of the car was much easier. So once again we got out of the car and fucked on the side of the road.

It was another hot night for us! I guess we can check outdoor sex and car sex off the sex fantasy wish list. I hope our next car is a little more comfortable, with 4 doors so I can play out my cop fantasy. Mmmhmm!

Till next time, keep it sexy!

Cum Shooter

As you guys may remember I had my toy party at eyz wide shut this past Friday. I would love to tell you how great it was and how I got so many people in there. In reality I had to wait a really long time for the management to agree on a discount and then they didn’t advertise till the day of the event. As you can imagine turn out was less than spectacular. It was really not my fault and I will never be hosting a party at that venue again. I just wanna have fun, I don’t really care about the politics of running the club. Some people had promised to go since it was my party. As much as I wanted to cancel and say “Fuck It!” I really couldn’t do that to my friends. So I rushed home from work, got changed and grabbed my goodie bag, before heading out to Tampa.

We got to the door after an uneventful ride and they actually charged me to get in. I was so shocked I decided right then that I would not host any games. I did end up giving away most of my toys, to my friends that came out, and anyone who asked about the “toy party”. I actually had a great time despite all the bs from management! I drank alot. They started some new drink specials and we took full advantage. I danced with everyone. This is a good sign that I was pretty lit, I don’t like dancing with girls that much. I was really drunk enough to not feel awkward.  Most of the sexy people I would have wanted to play with only purchased bar side access, so when it came time to play, it was just Miguel and I. That was no problem because Miguel and I play great together, hehe!

Miguel and I got the “red” room with the high bed. I have had so much fun in this room with others, but tonight it was all about us. I stripped down and sucked his cock. Then he had me lay back on the bed so he could lick my pussy. He had me cumming in his mouth after a few minutes thanks to his g-spot finding fingers. Then he positioned me on my back with my ass near the edge so he could stand and fuck me. I reach for one of my toys and rubbed my clit to orgasm as he stroked his cock in and out of my soaking wet snatch. I came so hard like this. When it was his turn to cum he pulled out to cum on my stomach. He missed completely and his cum shot straight into my mouth and into my hair. His cum went like 2 feet from it’s target. We laughed that he came in my mouth. I had to wash the cum from my hair before we left the place. I had the delicious taste of his cum in my mouth the whole ride home. It was a good night!

Till next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!




Swapping Fun Minus One

We went out to the beach bar to meet a couple. I was of course over-dressed because I misunderstood where we were going. I had on my sexy little black dress with stilettos, and no panties. This dress is almost too short for that, but I wasn’t planning on wearing it that long.

We arrived at the little bar and the couple was sitting at a table on the porch/deck. The table was bar height so I had to fight the whole time to keep my dress from sliding up too much, lest I share my kittykat with the whole vanilla crowd. I eventually just kicked my shoes off and resigned to crossing my legs to keep some discretion.

The couple was very casual and we shared a few drinks and a few stories. At some point I got up to use the bathroom, and wouldn’t you know it? My monthly friend paid me a visit. Damn it! It was not full-on but just enough to create a spotting nuisance! I confessed to everyone that I was now out of the game. They were great hosts thou, and invited us back to their hotel anyways. This hotel was more like a motel with separate little bungalows and a big courtyard with chairs for enjoying the Florida sun. They had drinks on hand and we all got pretty lit. As luck would have it, they had the motel pretty much to themselves. We got pretty loud and no one complained. Just talking and telling stories with us girls outside chain-smoking and the guys inside mixing the drinks. We talked for hours and really got comfortable with each other. Eventually it came time for us to leave, but then we didn’t. We almost left again and then we all decided not to waste the night and let the playing begin, even if we were one person short. This was fueled by the fact that I had brought toys. One to share and one for my own pleasure, so we were guaranteed to have some fun!

I think she got naked first. I went to licking her clit and labia and she was “neutral” tasting for an added bonus! She tasted so good and rewarded my efforts by moaning and twisting to meet my hungry tongue. Then I got a toy out and worked her clit. She didn’t seem so into this until I finger fucked her and stroked her g-spot. The result was awesome as her juice spilled onto my hand. The guys were taking turns fucking her open mouth. She made the sexiest sounds as she sucked each of them in turn. Each of the guys took turns fucking her and she responded with moans and milking their cocks till they came. I love to watch a live fuck and I got my toy out and played with my clit as I sucked whichever cock was not busy in her cunt. I love to watch couples fuck. It is so much more intimate than you can imagine seeing two people who love each other sweating and grinding into each other. The sounds of bodies slapping together and hot breathe as they please their desires in familiar body language and positions. Watching a foursome I can always pick out the couples vs. the strangers. I know this is true when Miguel and I are getting it on and he knows all my favorite things that will send me over the edge. The best part of this night was when Miguel got to fuck her last as she sucked her man’s cock. I got their camera out and took pictures. I haven’t seen them yet; I hope I got a good shot of how sexy it was. This couple is fast becoming one of my favorites and I do hope for more swapping fun in the future.

Until next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!

Oops! I Did It Again!

I wanna tell you about our adventures Monday night.


We had nothing really planned to do, but of course Miguel was “shopping” on the internet. He went to all the usual places and I noticed he found a couple on craig’s list that he was exchanging e-mail with….then e-mails with pics……then texting back and forth. This is the usual progression of a hook-up. I was encouraging him on, especially after he showed me a quick pic of the two of them.


To be honest thou, I was a bit apprehensive when we got in the car to go to their house. You never really know what you are getting into with craig’s list. A funny thing happened too when we got there. We couldn’t see the numbers on the houses and we assumed we were in front of the right house. MIguel texted the guy and he said he was coming out. So when a guy came down his driveway, we assumed it was him. Miguel got out to meet him. The guy looked really puzzled. Then we hear someone a few houses down shout “Miguel!” We went in front of the wrong house, almost approached the wrong guy, Awkward! It was dark, we couldn’t verify this was the guy from the pictures without getting a closer look….


Fast forward>>>The couple was really nice. Just moved here from…somewhere, I can’t remember now. We had a few drinks. They had a pool, it was almost too cold, but we went in anyways.  They admitted that they were a bit apprehensive about craig’s list too. It was kinda late on a Monday night, so they didn’t think they would get any action. She was a sexy brunette, a bit shorter than me. He had blond hair but was built like Miguel. This couple was a great match for us. They were really easy to talk to. They asked us a ton of questions about the lifestyle, they were kinda newbies. They had some regular friends that turned into playmates, but had never hooked up with strangers. We answered as much as we could about how we meet people and told them about some fun clubs in the area. I showed them my box of toys….I brought every toy out and showed them what it was used for. I felt kind of like a hostess at one of those toy parties. This ended up being funner than that thou! I got to use my strap-on on her! She was super hot with nothing on! Nice little nipples and her pussy tasted neutral, bonus! This was gonna be a full swap and we managed to swap partners and then…..it hit me!


I had had too much to drink.


Did I eat today at all?


Oh God! I am really nauseous! I think I gotta go get sick!


So I go in the bathroom, and I am suffereing from the spins and so…for me the night is ruined! I really don’t know why I keep over-indulging in alcohol. Oops! I did it again!

I get out of the bathroom and her man is fucking her, while she is giving a blowjob to Miguel. They stopped long enough for me to explain that I was now too sick to participate. Then (with my encouragement), Miguel got to fuck her. I love to watch him fuck!


Funny thing happened when they got done. I had to re-assure them that I was really sick! Ya, whenever she is not feeling a potential match, she will pretend sick to get out of it. She said she had to do this a couple of times. So she naturally assumed I was faking it!I felt like such an ass! Now not only was I a bit embarrassed, but now I am having to re-assure them that I really had to much to drink. Miguel knew I was really sick, and so he regaled some of my previous blunders to this couple. Hmmm, ya now I really am embarrassed. We will be making this up to them….hopefully tonight!!!


NO people, I will never fake sick. I will flat out tell Miguel that this is not going to happen. Ya, so he can get the full responsibility for ending the game.


It got me thinking thou, if anyone else had ever thought that about me. I guess it doesn’t matter because every single time I have been sick, I got the chance to make it up to the guy. (It has only happened so far to single guys, oh and now with this couple).  How do other people get out of disaster matches? Do my readers have a good story they would like to share??

Oh and we did some take some good pics, but the couple has said they would rather not me post them here. We will work on some discreet angles, cause you know I love to share with you!


Until next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!