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Hachette Audio announced today that they have paired up with Booktracks to create soundtracks for audiobooks.  Hachette had already done business with Booktracks, back in July this year, with one of their imprints Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. Little, Brown has fantasy and contemporary YA novellas available with Booktracks from authors such as; Kate Elliot, Kody Keplinger, Kendall Kupler, Jennifer E. Smith, and Virginia Boecker. Hachette currently has 4 books available with Booktracks from authors Laini Taylor, Jennifer Rush, Kami Garcia, and Margaret Stohl.


“Booktrack has partnered with Hachette Audiobooks!

An added soundtrack allows listeners to become fully immersed in the story by enhancing traditional audiobook narration, the characters and action taking place.

It’s like a movie playing in your head, making the story truly come to life!”

A movie playing in your head, is that a good thing?

Absolutely, I love this idea. I think it will play into even more aspects of imagination. Not only is someone telling you the story, but the story has a soundtrack. Booktracks has already created soundtracks for classics such as A Tale of Two Cities and Dracula. This might take the pain out of required reading in school. Imagine if could have just listened to the story with a soundtrack, instead of trying to actually read those books.



Experience a whole new realm of reading…

Booktrack synchronizes movie-style soundtracks of music, ambient audio, and sound effects to eBooks – creating a multi-sensory reading experience.

Customise your Booktrack experience.

  • Easily adjust the volume, and the reading speed to meet your reading needs.
  • You can choose day, sepia, or evening reading mode,and set your favorite font size so that it’s easy on your eyes.
  • Plus, seamlessly read from one device to another and pick up from the page you last read.



What does this mean for the future of books and audiobooks?

First of all, keep in mind that making audiobooks is not cheap. Adding soundtracks to audiobooks won’t be that much less expensive. No doubt Hachette is getting a great rate to spread the word for Booktracks, but I expect cost will become a huge factor. Audiobooks have already created a large market for voice-over actors. This may get musicians even more exposure. Booktracks has done a great job of keeping prices low, but I believe as their popularity grows so will their prices.

Is this the future of books? Listening to books with music sounds appealing. I have to admit being curious about what music authors listen to when they write. I recently got a newsletter from Sarah J. Mass and she went into great detail in the newsletter describing the music that she listened to while writing certain scenes. I went straight away and listened to those tracks to see if it helped to set a mood for me in reading the story. I am sure that having a soundtrack for a book will only add to the tone of the story. Think of what movies would be like without the background music.

On the other hand, I have some reservations. Remember when reading was just you and bound paper with printed words? I think reading is something personal between the words and my imagination. I personally am not sure about all of these changes. Maybe I should give it a try and see if I change my mind. Maybe audiobook soundtracks are the future of books and I should embrace the changes. I like the idea of soundtracks on audiobooks for people who can’t enjoy just reading a book.

What say you, do you like the idea of soundtracks for audiobooks? Have you or would you try them?

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