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Something I lost. This is a great topic, but should I go serious, or talk about a mundane list of shit I have lost?

The mundane list sounds funner, but each of them needs and explanation:

  • My mind. If you find it, I really need it back. Big $$ reward if found.
  • I lost my whole set of keys one day. My car, my house, my mailbox, everything! My daughter threw them across the room, and they disappeared. Like, we tore the house up, and they never turned up. I am blaming that one on the gnomes.
  • I had a dog that went missing once. His name was Lucky, he was a husky lab mix, with one blue eye and one brown. He was out in the backyard on a runner lead and he disappeared. I am pretty sure he was stolen, and it sucked for me to loose him.
  • The ring my first boyfriend gave me. It was a really pretty pinkie ring. I set it on the sink at my job in the bathroom and it disappeared. That was a sad day for me.
  • Recently, my bird Bubbles. He was a beautiful green cheek conure. He got out of his cage and flew away. I really miss him.

Gosh, that was depressing. I should now do a what we won prompt to balance this out a bit. But, alas, the schedule is already up. I hate loosing things. But yet I keep doing it. I refuse to think it is just me. It has to be those GOD DAMN GNOMES!

Have you ever lost something? Wanna share? We can cry about it together.

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