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I have this theory that people will be certain things in front of certain people. For example: if front of friends a person a person may seem cool and aloof; but in front of co-workers that same person may seem responsible and empathetic. Both views are right because that person is more than just cool, aloof, empathetic and responsible. We are many things and can seem different to each person we know.

I admire people for many different things. No matter how they are in different situations outside of how I know them, I admire them for the person they seem to be to me.

I admire the nurse who trained me at Hospice. Her name is Ruth. She is retired now, but I think about her every single day. She had the patience of a saint and took everything seriously. I know that sounds mediocre, but this woman had to work with me everyday for over two months and I never witnessed her being impatient with me or with any families. She was consistently awesome with everyone (including me) every single day.

I admire my Miguel for his confidence. I admit to being very attracted to arrogance. My Miguel has a talent for not caring about what other people think of him. Even if deep down I know he does care a little, he would never let the world see that. I admire that and wish it would rub off on me.

I admire a lot of bloggers for the excellent & consistent content they publish. These blogs blow my mind and are always entertaining. Please see my blogroll for the full list. I will be updated it today.

As far as famous people I admire:

  • Stephen King (he is the king and he still takes time to read and review new authors works)
  • Veterans (all who sacrificed for the greater good)
  • Ronald and Nancy Reagan (they had a love like no other)
  • Steve Irwin (the crocodile guy, who took the time to explain how cool animals could be)
  • Malala Yousafzai (who was shot by the Taliban and still fights for every girl’s right to education)
  • Jillian Michaels (she kicks my ass and doesn’t take any excuses)

I am sure I have forgotten a lot of people, but that’s my list for today.

Who do you admire and why?

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