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Today we are talking about sexy characteristics that we look for in a partner.

This is not a wish list, or something I look for in bookish boyfriends. This is for real, like the things I look for in the person sleeping next to me. I just thought it would be fun to talk about those features we love. These can be physical feature or some aspect of their personality. I am kinda picky. When it comes to a life partner I NEED certain things to be happy.

The most important thing to me is attitude. To me everything else is negotiable, but I like a guy who is confident and a bit snarky. I am pretty much attracted to the biggest prick or bitch you ever met, that would be the person for me, (ya, that’s right people, I am attracted to both sexes).

I came to realize this about 10 years ago. I am really attracted to people that are so confident it comes off as arrogance. I like it when I am with the person that seems completely unapproachable.

Oh they wouldn’t actually be a dick to me, but everyone else would think they would be. If they speak fluent sarcasm, that’s a big plus. I don’t mind verbally sparing with someone once in a while. In fact that is a turn on, someone who can stand up for what they believe.

Also big on my list of things a partner should have are:

  • some definition in their arms (I am big on this. strong arms are such a turn on)
  • intelligence (this relates back to that verbal sparing I mentioned)
  • funny personality (that is so subjective, but smart+funny is a plus)

So that’s my list.

What characteristics do you think are sexy?

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